Agaro Ace vs Karcher WD3 – Which Vacuum Cleaner is Best?

Agaro Ace vs Karcher WD3 – How to Choose?

Agaro Ace vs Karcher WD3

There are numerous vacuum cleaner models available on the market. The Agaro Ace and Karcher WD3 are two of the most popular and reasonably priced models. These two vacuum cleaner models are extremely popular in most households.

However, deciding which of these two is the best is a complicated matter. So here is a comparison of the Agaro Ace and the Karcher WD3 to help you decide which is the best.

Agaro Ace vs Karcher WD3 – Comparison Table

ProductAgaro Ace
Agaro Ace vs Karcher WD3
Karcher WD3
Agaro Ace vs Karcher WD3
Motor Power1600 Watts1000 Watts
Suction Power21.5 kPa200 Air Watts
Clean SurfaceWet and DryWet and Dry
Cord Length5 meters4 meters
Voltage240 Volts240 Volts
Auto-Filter CleaningNoYes
Dust Bag Capacity21 litres17 litres
Dust Bag IndicatorsNoNo
Smart LED IndicatorsNoNo
Onboard StorageNoNo
FilterStandard ClothCartridge type
Total No. of Accessories715
Water SprayerNoNo
Noise ProductionUp to 60 dBUp to 75 dB
Net Weight7.22 kg5.8 kg
Dimensions42.6 x 42.6 x 54.3 cm38.8 x 34 x 50.3 cm
Warranty1 year1 year
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Agaro Ace vs Karcher WD3 – What’s the same?

Cleaning Surface

Both the Agaro Ace and the Karcher WD3 can clean a variety of surfaces. For example, both vacuum cleaners can effortlessly clean both the outside and inside of your home. Not only that, but both vacuum cleaners can clean both dry and moist surfaces. Whether you want to clean your bathroom or remove dust and debris, these vacuum cleaners can do it.


Another similarity between the Agaro Ace and the Karcher WD3 is the blower feature. You can use the blower feature to blow dirt and debris off your balcony or sidewalk, so it doesn’t come into your house when you sweep it up later. This feature is comparable in both vacuum cleaner models and comes in handy when there is a lot of dust or snow outside during the winter months.

LED Indicators

The LED indicators are another element that these two versions share in common. Both vacuum cleaners lack a LED indicator, whether it’s a Smart LED indicator or a Dust Bag indicator.

Noise Production

When it comes to noise production, the Agaro Ace outperforms the Karcher WD3. It produces roughly 60dB of sound, which is quieter than the Karcher WD3, which produces 75dB. However, you might not detect the difference in noise output in real life, which is another similarity between these two vacuum cleaners.

Cord Length

The Agaro Ace cord is 5 meters long, while the Karcher WD3 cord is 4 meters long. Both have a good length for cleaning your house, but if you want to clean a large area, the Agaro Ace is superior because its cable is longer than the Karcher WD3.


Both of these vacuums come with a one-year part and labour warranty. If something fails within the first year of ownership, either manufacturer or a third-party contractor who specializes in servicing their product line will fix it for free.

Agaro Ace vs Karcher WD3 – What’s so different?

Motor Output

The Agaro Ace features a 1,600-watt motor, while the Karcher WD3 has a 1,000-watt motor. This indicates that the Agaro Ace has stronger motor output than the Karcher WD3. You will be able to clean more deeply and effectively with the Agaro Ace in comparison to Karcher W3 because of better motor output.

Suction Power

The Karcher WD3 has a suction power of only 200 Air Watts, while the Agaro Ace has a suction power of 21.5 kPa. This represents that the Agaro Ace has stronger suction power than the Karcher WD3.

Furthermore, as compared to the Karcher WD3, the Agaro Ace vacuum cleaner will be far better at sucking up trash, dust, debris, and dirt. Not only that, but the Agaro Ace has far more suction power than many regular vacuum cleaners in this price range.

Tank Capacity

The Agaro Ace vacuum cleaner has a tank capacity of 21 litres, while the Karcher WD3 has a capacity of 17 litres. They both have a large tank capacity. When you need to clean a larger area on a daily basis but don’t want to clean the tank, the Agaro Ace vacuum cleaner is a better choice.

Filter Type

The Karcher WD3 has a cartridge cleaning filter, whereas the Agaro Ace has a conventional textile cleaning filter of average quality. It’s possible that you won’t notice a difference. The Karcher WD3 filter, on the other hand, is likely to last longer than the Agaro Ace filter.


Both vacuum cleaners come with a selection of accessories that may be used to clean a variety of locations in your home. However, the Karcher WD3 has a lot more accessories (15 accessories), so you’ll be able to clean in the corners more efficiently than the Agaro Ace, which only has 7 standard accessories.

Agaro Ace vs Karcher WD3 – Pros and Cons

Agaro Ace
Agaro Ace vs Karcher WD3
Karcher WD3
Agaro Ace vs Karcher WD3
● Bigger tank capacity
● Better suction power
● Powerful motor output
● Excellent build quality
● Lightweight design
● Decent tank capacity
● Cartridge filter for longevity
● Suitable for long use
● Filter quality is average
● Fewer accessories
● Slightly heavy
● Requires dust bag every time
● Cartridge filter gets dirty easily
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Agaro Ace vs Karcher WD3 – Which one’s the best?

The Agaro Ace is generally better because it comes with a powerful vacuum with a huge capacity and dependable construction. The Karcher WD3 is another nice alternative for those looking for something small and portable, but it lacks the power of the Agaro Ace.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Agaro Ace vacuum cleaner steel drum catch rust?

If you clean the drum properly after using the vacuum cleaner, it won’t catch any rust.

How can you extend the hose in the Agaro Ace Vacuum cleaner?

Well, you cannot extend the hose directly. You have to use the accessories that come with the cleaner to extend the hose.

How much warranty is being offered on the motor in both vacuum cleaners?

You get a total of a 1-year brand warranty on both Agaro Ace and Karcher WD3 vacuum cleaner.


Both vacuum cleaners have good suction and powerful motor, with the Agaro Ace slightly surpassing the Karcher WD3 in this department. Depending on the price, both vacuum cleaners offer competitive pricing, greater value for money, and the best features.

However, both cleaners are nearly the same price, the choice is based on features, and Agaro Ace takes the top spot.

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