TP Link Deco M9 Plus vs X60 – How to Choose the Best?

TP Link Deco M9 Plus vs X60 – Which Wi-Fi Booster is Best?

TP Link Deco M9 Plus vs X60

TP Link is a global network equipment manufacturer best known for making portable routers for offices and homes around the world. It is a great choice for people who are looking for an inexpensive network solution such as WIFI routers.

In this post, we have compared the TP Link Deco M9 Plus vs X60 based on range, speed, capacity and many other factors to help new buyers make informed decisions.

TP Link Deco M9 Plus vs X60 – Comparison Table:

ProductTP Link Deco M9 Plus
TP Link Deco M9 Plus vs X60
TP Link Deco X60
TP Link Deco M9 Plus vs X60
BrandTP LinkTP Link
Router TypeMeshMesh
Connection TypeWirelessWired
Control MethodApp, Voice commandsApp
Coverage4,500 Sq. Ft.7,000 Sq. Ft.
Speed2134 Mb/s3,000 Mb/s
Total Connections100150
Parental ControlYesYes
WPA3 EncryptionYesYes
Weight0.87 Kg2.01 Kg
Wireless Type802.11a, 802.11ac802.11ax, 802.11ac
Warranty3 Years3 Years
Broadband CompatibilityEthernetEthernet
Frequency2.4 GHz, 5GHz2.4 GHz, 5GHz
Frequency BandTriDual
Total Ports42
Number of USB Ports10
Programmable ButtonsNoNo
Dimensions14.4 x 14.4 x 4.6 cm11 x 11 x 11.4 cm
Accessories2 x Deco M9 Plus units, RJ45, Ethernet Cable x 2, Power Adapters, Quick Installation Guide2 x Deco X60 units, RJ45 Ethernet Cable, 2 x Power Adapters, Quick Installation Guide
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TP Link Deco M9 Plus vs X60 – What’s so similar?

App Control

Both routers come with inbuilt TP Link Deco apk support that lets you quickly install and manage all your settings remotely. You can make changes to your home network from anywhere around the world with a click of a button from a phone or tablet.


Unlike other routers, the M9 and X60 pass security tests with features like parental controls, WPA3 encryption, antivirus, QoS, and intelligent connection manager. Now you no longer have to worry about losing personal data from your device while using home Wi-Fi and never have to change passwords due to leaks.


There are three years of manufacturer warranty available on both devices making them ideal for long term use in home or small office areas. The warranty can be used in case of damage to device, antenna and power supply failure to deal with any defects on your router.


The router is compatible with wired ethernet offered by most brands in the US and India, but some small network companies can cause problems. To check if your modem is compatible with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), just search on google or make a call to customer care.


Both routers work at 5 GHz frequency to offer better transmission speeds and to minimize interference from third parties. Over short distances, you can get faster uploads and downloads wirelessly on any device so you don’t lose touch with the online world.

TP Link Deco M9 Plus vs X60 – What’s different?


Oddly enough, the M9 Plus has more connections than the X60. The X60 has 2 ports while the M9 has 4 ports, one of which is a USB port for the direct connection of smart devices such as tablets and mobile phones.


The M9 launched with Bluetooth in 2018, but the 2020 X60 doesn’t offer it. This allows users to transfer data over short distances while remaining connected to multiple devices at the same time in M9. You can even control the router when you connect it to Alexa and other assistants over voice mode.

Total Connections

The total number of connections on the two devices is not the same. With the M9 Plus, you only get 100 connections, whereas the X60 outputs 150 connections without buffering.


As expected, the Deco X60 offers more space than the M9. The X60 comes with a range of 7,000 square feet while the M9 only has 4,500 square feet covered on average. People who live in larger homes can use the X60 router as it can cover your entire home with fewer hubs.


When comparing the TP Link Deco M9 Plus with X60, we noticed a huge download and upload speed difference among the devices. The X60 offers speeds of up to 3000 mb/s, while the M9 only has a total speed of 2134 mb/s. If you need more speed, you can opt for the expensive variant but lose out on other options.

Connection Type

TP Link Deco M9 Plus comes with a wireless connection so users can use the internet anywhere in the house while X60 only works on a wired connection. You can even place network hubs in different locations as needed and get optimal speed even around corners with M9.

TP Link Deco M9 Plus vs X60 – Pros & Cons

TP-Link Deco M9 Plus
TP Link Deco M9 Plus vs X60
TP-Link Deco X60
TP Link Deco M9 Plus vs X60
● Budget-friendly
● Low power consumption
● Allows 100+ connections
● Portable device
● Easy to manage
● Light in weight
● Allows 150+ connections
● Huge coverage area
● Less coverage area
● App is needed to change settings
● No status indicators
● Little expensive
● No Voice control
● No Z-wave support
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TP Link Deco M9 Plus vs X60 – Which one’s the best?

After comparing the speed, channels, compatibility, security and some other specs, we suggest all people choose the TP-Link Deco M9 Plus. Even at higher speeds, the Deco X60 is less useful for normal users as there is no Bluetooth connection or voice control to manage your device remotely. Plus, there are several features that the X60 doesn’t have, making the M9 a better model at a lower price.


With a simple and easy setup, you can turn your home into a smart hub, but choosing between TP Link Deco M9 Plus vs X60 is tough. Therefore, the above guide covers all the details like range, security, speed and performance to make your decision easier. Get your TP Link WiFi router today and enjoy a great combination of security and convenience while surfing the Internet.

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