AO Smith SDS vs SGS – Which One is Best?

AO Smith SDS vs SGS – Which Water Heater is Best?

AO Smith SDS vs SGS

Today we compare the AO Smith SDS and SGS water heaters to see which is better and why. If you are new to the world of water heaters, A. O. Smith is a USA based company that makes water-related products.

Often people get confused and buy the wrong product based on a similar name, so we have made a complete comparison between the AO Smith SDS vs SGS Water Heater. Read on to find the best water heater among them.

AO Smith SDS vs SGS – Comparison Table

FeaturesAO Smith SDS
AO Smith SDS vs SGS
AO Smith SGS
AO Smith SDS vs SGS
Brand NameAO SmithAO Smith
ModelSDS Green SeriesSGS Green Series
TypeStorage GeyserStorage Geyser
Capacity15 Liter15 Liter
Power SourceACAC
Safety ValveYesYes
Outer MaterialMetalMetal
Inner Tank MaterialSteelSteel
Dimensions52.2 x 44.4 x 42.237.3 x 37.3 x 34.8
Power Consumption2000W3000W
AccessoriesManual, Mounting ScrewsManual, Mounting Screws
ColourWhite & BlueWhite & Red
Rating5 Star5 Star
Rod TypeAnodeAnode
Temperature ControlYesYes
Safety ValveYesYes
Thermal CutoutYesYes
Weight9 Kg9 Kg
Pressure8 Bars8 Bars
Warranty7 Years7 Years
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AO Smith SDS and SGS – Similarities


SDS and SGS are both storage geysers that can hold multiple litres of water at once. Unlike gas geysers, these devices are safe, easy to use, cause no pollution, give steady heating, and do not need proper ventilation.


You can warm up to 15 litres of water at once to fulfil all your day to day needs from these electric geysers. They convert electric energy to heat and make your water warm for cold days without wasting any additional energy.

Power Source

The water device uses AC power which normally works in your home as it is ideal for Indians because the heater supports 50 Hz power supply to function normally. So do not connect the devices with a 60Hz or DC supply in your area and consider buying a converter.


The AO Smith SDS and SGS water meters are made of two types of materials. The outside is made of metal and plastic, while the inside is made of steel to provide better conductivity when heating water.


Each buyer receives a 7-year warranty on the inner tank and an extended warranty on the glass lining for another two years. So, if you run into problems in the future, you have the option to repair them for free or completely replace them with a newer model.

Rating & Rod Type

The BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) has given both boilers a 5-star rating, meaning that they use less energy and perform all tasks efficiently. Plus, you get a built-in anode rod in the device, which protects it from rust, corrosion and mineral damage from water, ensuring a long product life.


The interior of both devices is also coated with a blue diamond glass coating to extend the life of the heating element and allow you to use the heater for long periods without any problems.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is every boiler primary setting and the AO Smith SDS and SGS offer three levels of control: low, medium, and high.

Consumers can choose the water temperature depending on the season or the outside temperature so there is no need to take a cold shower.


All you have to do is order the water heater for your home and once the device arrives you can call the AO Smith customer support to get free installation in any part of your house.


All AO Smith geysers feature PFU injection technology, which gives you an equal distribution of high-density foam in 8 bar pressure hot water. Now you can shower properly without waiting for the water to heat up and never be late for work.


Even with different frame sizes and body shapes, the AO Smith SDS and SGS shells weigh the same beyond 7 kg. Thanks to its lower weight, people can easily clean the device and make their arrangements without the need for a technician.

AO Smith SDS and SGS – Differences


Although the weight is the same, the size of the two water heaters is different. The SDS water heater has a larger frame and body shape while the AO Smith SGS has a smaller dimension making it more portable for an average user.


The only difference in design when comparing AO Smith SDS vs SGS is the colour difference. The SDS water heater has a white design with blue panels and the SGS Geyser has a white design with red panels.

Power Consumption

The SDS water heater consumes a low power of just 2000W, but the SGS model consumes an average of 3000W per day despite having many similar specifications.

If you are price conscious, you can choose the first device to save money in the long run and not get a big bill after the first month of usage at your home.

AO Smith SDS vs SGS – Pros & Cons

AO Smith SDS
AO Smith SDS vs SGS
AO Smith SGS
AO Smith SDS vs SGS
● Low Price
● Energy Efficient
● 7 Years of Warranty
● Long-Lasting Anode Rods
● Smaller In Size
● Faster Than Other
● More Water Pressure
● Glass Coated Elements
● Bigger In Size
● Slow In Comparison
● High Price
● Takes More Energy
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AO Smith SDS vs SGS – Which one’s the best?

After a complete analysis and comparison between AO Smith SDS vs SGS, we encourage consumers to purchase the SDS variant for the highest quality product without paying a premium price for other options.

This decision is made by comparing the price, build quality, functionality, accessories, installation options, and water retention capacity of the device. It is not ideal to pay more and just get a better size and design while increasing energy consumption.


The AO Smith electric water heater is great, and we compared the two premium models above to help you choose the better geyser for your home. It’s hard to make a recommendation between AO Smith SDS vs SGS, but we decided to offer the SDS variant for the everyday shopper.

Now you can relax and buy an AO Smith SDS water heater for any of your homes and enjoy hot showers every day.

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