Eureka Forbes Ultimo vs Bold – How to Choose?

Eureka Forbes Ultimo vs Bold – Which One is the Best?

Eureka Forbes Ultimo vs Bold

To make a logical choice between the Eureka Forbes Ultimo & Bold vacuum cleaner, you need to know what features they offer, basic specs and other important details.

That’s why we’re doing an in-depth comparison between the two products here to help you make the right decision. Hold tight and read on below to find the best device among them.

Eureka Forbes Ultimo vs Bold – Comparison Table:

ProductEureka Forbes Ultimo
Eureka Forbes Ultimo vs Bold
Eureka Forbes Bold
Eureka Forbes Ultimo vs Bold
TypeVacuum CleanerVacuum Cleaner
Capacity20 Liters20 Liters
SurfaceDry, WetDry, Wet
Double FiltersYesYes
Filter TypeHEPA & Sponge FilterHEPA & Sponge Filter
Blower FunctionYesYes
Reusable Dust BagYesYes
Air Flow32 Liters/second 32 Liters/second 
Suction2000 mm of WC (20 KPA)2000 mm of WC (20 KPA)
Motor1400 Watt1400 Watt
FrequencyAC 50HzAC 50Hz
Operating Voltage230 Watts 230 Watts
Cord Length5 Meter5 Meter
Noise Levels<83 db<83 db
AttachmentsExtension Tube, Hose Pipe, Wet Floor Head, Dry Brush, Upholstery Brush, Crevice ToolExtension Tube, Hose Pipe, Wet Floor Head, Dry Brush, Upholstery Brush, Crevice Tool
Weight7.5 Kg7.5 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dimensions (W x D x H)35 x 35 x 52 cm35 x 35 x 52 cm
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Eureka Forbes Ultimo vs Bold – What’s the same?


Eureka Forbes Ultimo & Bold are dual-surface vacuum cleaners that allow you to easily clean wet and dry places around the house. They are powerful, fast, energy-efficient and ideal for any modern home. Plus, the five-meter-long cable gives you great reach for easy room-to-room cleaning without much effort.


Both vacuum cleaners have dual-filter systems installed to keep the air clean around the house. One of the filters is HEPA, which removes dust, dirt and contaminated particles before blowing air back from behind. And the other is a regular sponge filter which acts as a first layer to extend the life of the other filters and get rid of the larger particles early on.


Unlike other vacuum cleaners, both Eureka Forbes devices use a container instead of dust bags. They also offer the same 20-litre capacity for easy storage of liquid or solid items when cleaning at home. This makes working with water very easy as the device is safe to use near water, allowing you to clean both dry and wet surfaces.


For proper cleaning, both Eureka Forbes vacuums are perfect. They have strong suction and you get more control with attachments specific to each model. The hose on each device also allows people to control suction and clean corners more efficiently.

Motor & Power

Another similar feature of the two Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaners is the electric motor. Since they use the same 1400-watt motor, the power consumption also remains the same. However, you cannot use the powerful vacuum cleaner on a car’s battery as it requires constant AC power from the wall outlet.


Mobility is one thing that people forget before buying a vacuum cleaner. Both the Eureka Forbes Ultimo and Bold come with four wheels at the base of each device. You also get a five-meter-long cable to reach every corner of your room with ease. Moreover, these vacuum cleaners are light and easy to move, so anyone can use them to clean multiple floors.

Noise Levels

Speaking of noise, every vacuum emits its fair share of sound while cleaning your home, but it’s not unbearable. In the vacuum cleaner space, the louder the device, the better the suction power. To achieve high suction power, you have to deal with the overall noise made by both models.


If you discover a manufacturing defect after delivery, Eureka Forbes will repair or replace the vacuum cleaner free of charge as long as you are within the one-year warranty period. Both devices have this added benefit, so you can rest assured that the device is of the highest quality.


Eureka Forbes offers the same attachment with Ultimo & Bold vacuum cleaner. They help you get to tight spots like corners, air vents, sofa cushions, and more places. There are also accessories for optimally cleaning carpets and other textiles around the house with the same machine.


Both vacuum cleaners have stainless steel bodies with some ABS plastic parts to keep things light and portable for storage. Each vacuum machine is equipped with four wheels for easy movement around the house. Moreover, the overall dimensions & weight of the two devices are also the same, so it becomes very difficult to tell them apart.

Eureka Forbes Ultimo vs Bold – What’s so different?


After comparing them from head to toe, the only difference we can find between the two vacuum cleaners is the overall colour. The main colour of the Eureka Forbes Ultimo is red and silver, while the Bold vacuum cleaner comes in a combination of blue and silver.

Eureka Forbes Ultimo vs Bold – Pros & Cons

Eureka Forbes Ultimo
Eureka Forbes Ultimo vs Bold
Eureka Forbes Bold
Eureka Forbes Ultimo vs Bold
● Large storing capacity
● Flexible hose for cleaning tricky places
● Three years of warranty
● Portable & light in weight
● Capable to clean large areas
● Works well on carpets and curtains
● Heavy-duty suction motor
● Easy and quick operation
● Motor gets heated easily
● Noisy operation
● Motor gets heated easily
● Noisy operation
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Eureka Forbes Ultimo vs Bold – Which one’s the best?

As you can see, both Eureka Forbes Ultimo and Bold are identical vacuum cleaners from the same brand. Neither takes the lead as there isn’t much difference between the two models. Surprisingly, the features, design, suction, capacity, power consumption and other functions are the same on both devices.

General FAQ

Q. Is there a dust bag?

No, both are bagless vacuum cleaners.

Q. Do they run on car batteries?

No, just direct power.

Q. Can the filter be washed?

Yes, on both models.

Q. Can I use it on floor tiles?

Yes, they work on tiles.


The Eureka Forbes Ultimo & Bold is a fantastic vacuum cleaner. They share the same design and build quality. They also have the same price and general features to help you clean your room quickly and efficiently. So, choose any device as there is no difference between the two modes to clean your home quickly.

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