Lasko 5307 vs 5309 – How to Choose?

Lasko is one of the well-renowned brands when it comes to space heaters. Lasko produces high-quality and reliable space heaters with superior heating performance.

The two most popular models of the brand are Lasko 5307 and Lasko 5308. If you have come across these two space heaters, then this comparison will help you to choose a better one.

Lasko 5307 vs 5309

Lasko 5307 vs 5309 – Comparison Table:

FeaturesLasko 5307
Lasko 5307 vs 5309
Lasko 5309
Lasko 5307 vs 5309
Heating ElementCeramicCeramic
Wattage1500 Watts1500 Watts
Heat Control SettingsHigh, Low, and Fan Only ModeHigh and Low
Cord Length6 feet6 feet
Adjustable ThermostatYesYes (65 – 85 degrees)
Overheat ProtectionYesYes
Cool Touch HousingYesYes
Remote ControlNo (Built-in controls)No (Built-in controls)
Build MaterialPlasticPlastic
Tower Height16 inch16 inch
Dimensions16 x 6.75 x 6 (Inches)16 x 6.75 x 6 (Inches)
Weight4.48 lbs4.48 lbs
Warranty3 Year3 Year
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Lasko 5307 vs 5309 – Similarities

Build Quality

Both the Lasko 5307 and Lasko 5309 space heaters have a building material made of plastic. This suggests that they have similar durability and sturdiness. While plastic is generally lightweight and portable, other materials, such as metal, are more robust.

Power Output

Both models have a wattage rating of 1500 Watts, which means they provide the same level of heating power. This wattage is commonly used in space heaters and is capable of effectively heating small to medium-sized rooms.

Heating Element

Both the Lasko 5307 and Lasko 5309 feature a ceramic heating element. Ceramic heaters are known for their quick heating capabilities and energy efficiency. They offer even and consistent heating while maintaining a safe surface temperature.

Energy Efficiency

Since both models utilize a ceramic heating element, they are generally energy-efficient. Ceramic heaters are designed to transfer heat quickly and effectively, ensuring that minimal energy is wasted during the heating process. This helps to optimize energy consumption and reduce electricity costs.

Safety Features

Both models come equipped with essential safety features. They include overheat protection, which automatically shuts the heater off if the temperature exceeds the specified limit, preventing the risk of fires or damage.

Additionally, both heaters have a cool-touch housing, making sure the exterior remains cool even when the heater is operating at high temperatures.

Noise Levels

The brand doesn’t mention the noise levels of both electric space heaters, so it is uncertain how much noise both models produce. However, as per our testing, both models operate silently without much noise.


Both the Lasko 5307 and Lasko 5309 feature oscillation capabilities. This means that they can rotate from side to side, distributing the heat more evenly across the room.


Neither the Lasko 5307 nor the Lasko 5309 includes a built-in timer. This means that you would need to turn them on and off manually based on desired usage time.

Cord Length

Both models come with a 6-foot cord length, allowing for flexible placement and convenient access to power outlets. The length of the cord is adequate for most situations and provides versatility in positioning the heater.


The Lasko 5307 and Lasko 5309 both have an adjustable thermostat. The Lasko 5307 offers a broader temperature range from low to high, while the Lasko 5309 allows you to set the temperature between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ease of Use

Both models are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. They come with built-in controls that allow you to adjust heat settings and thermostat levels with ease.


Both the Lasko 5307 and Lasko 5309 space heaters come with a 3-year warranty. This indicates that the manufacturer has confidence in the quality and reliability of their products.


Since both models are tower heaters, they are relatively compact and lightweight. Furthermore, both model weighs around 4.48 pounds, which makes them exactly similar in terms of portability.

Lasko 5307 vs 5309 – Differences

Heat Control Settings

The Lasko 5307 offers three heat control settings: High, Low, and Fan Only Mode. On the other hand, the Lasko 5309 has two heat control settings: High and Low. The inclusion of the Fan Only Mode in the Lasko 5307 allows it to operate as a fan during warmer months without the heating element activated.

Lasko 5307 vs 5309 – Pros and Cons

Lasko 5307
Lasko 5307 vs 5309
Lasko 5309
Lasko 5307 vs 5309
● Compact and Portable
● 3 Heat Control Settings
● Energy Efficient
● Safety Features
● Adjustable Thermostat
● Oscillation Feature
● Lightweight design
● 3 Years Warranty
● No Remote Control
● No Timer
● Only 2 Heat Control Settings
● No Timer
● No Remote Control
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Lasko 5307 vs 5309 – Which One is Better?

The winner here is Lasko 5309 space heater, as it comes with 3 heat settings instead of two heat settings. You get an additional speed setting which is the Fan Only mode, that lets you use it during warmer months. Apart from that, there is no difference between the two space heaters.

So, if you don’t prefer fan mode, then you can choose any of these two space heaters, whichever you get at a cheaper price.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Lasko Space Heaters Safe to Use?

Yes, Lasko space heaters are completely safe to use as they are equipped with many safety features.

Is Lasko a good brand for heaters?

Yes, Lasko is one most popular and well-established brands for space heaters.

Is Lasko a Chinese Brand?

No, Lasko is an American brand, and it was established in the city where the Independence Declaration was signed in the USA.


In short, both the Lasko space heaters are portable, compact, efficient, and perform pretty well. While both the models are exactly similar, there is only one difference based on which you can make your choice.

If you want the Fan mode in your space heater, then you can go with the Lasko 5309, else you can choose the Lasko 5307. Both models perform similarly, and there is no other difference that you find between these two Lasko space heaters.

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