Ecovacs N8 vs 950 – Which Robot Vacuum Cleaner is Best?

Ecovacs N8 vs 950 – How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

Ecovacs N8 vs 950

Portable vacuum cleaners are in high demand and it seems that everyone in the market is buying one to clean their house automatically. So, we compared the Ecovacs N8 and 950, two great devices from the same brand with similar features, making it very difficult for the casual user to decide which one to choose.

Before we make a suggestion, here’s everything you need to know:

Ecovacs N8 vs 950 – Comparison Table:

ProductEcovacs N8
Ecovacs N8 vs 950
Ecovacs 950
Ecovacs N8 vs 950
Generic NameRobotic Vacuum CleanerRobotic Vacuum Cleaner
Body ColorWhiteBlack
Cleaning ModesAuto, Area, CustomAuto, Area, Custom
Mopping ModesWet & DryWet & Dry
Navigation TechnologyTrueMappingSmart Navi 3.0
Vacuum ComponentsMain Brush, 2 x Side Brush, VacuumMain Brush, 4 x Side Brush, Vacuum
Power AdjustmentAuto & ManualAuto & Manual
Carpet DetectionYesYes
Floating Main BrushYesYes
Dustbin Capacity420 ml430 ml
Dustbin DetectionYesYes
Battery TypeLi-ionLi-ion
Battery Size3200 mAH5200 mAH
Noise Value67 dB66 dB
Working Time110 Minutes200 Minutes
Charging Time4 Hours5 Hours
Power Consumption40 Watts40 Watts
Working Voltage14.4 Volts14.4 Volts
Auto ChargingYesYes
Water Tank240 ml240 ml
Water Level AdjustmentYesYes
Voice ReportYesYes
Time SchedulingYesYes
Wi-Fi ConnectionsYesYes
InterfaceApp & VoiceApp & Voice
Suction Power2300 pa2300 pa
Auto Empty StationYes, Sold separately
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SurfacesHard Floor & CarpetsHard Floor & Carpets
Compatible Smart Home SystemsGoogle Home, Amazon EchoGoogle Home, Amazon Echo
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dimensions353 x 353 x 94 mm350 x 350 x 93 mm
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Ecovacs N8 vs 950 – What’s the same?

Vacuum Type

Ecovacs N8 and 950 are two smart robotic vacuum cleaners that can remove dust and dirt from your room without manual effort. It is ideal for people who need more convenience by using a smart device to manage all the cleaning tasks at home. Both devices work with hard floors and carpets to clean any surface without leaving dirty spots or stains.


Each robot vacuum can be used in wet or dry mode to mop floors in any of the settings for a full cleaning of your room. The cleaning mode installed on the device is also the same, as you get a total of three modes on both. Auto, Area, and Custom are the options that each customer can choose to vacuum a specific area of ​​the house.


Equipped with the same motor, both robot vacuum cleaners consume an average of 40 watts of power, which is used to control all cleaning functions and tasks. Both devices charge automatically and they smartly connect to a power station once in a while to keep them ready for cleaning at all times. Plus, people can adjust the power settings manually to make the device use less energy and save electricity bills at the end of each month.


In both Deebot vacuum cleaners, you get a button that turns the device on and off to use it manually. All other functions can be controlled using iOS or Android apps available for smart devices such as phones and tablets. This app uses Wi-Fi, a secure connection, to connect to your vacuum cleaner and apply all settings. Another option that most users like is to control the device using voice commands from Google Home or Amazon Echo.


The Deebot N8 and 950 are available with a built-in suction motor that has a power of 2300 pa to remove dust and dirt from your home. The device can also remove pets/human hair from the floor, and other small items that get stored in the trash. The suction isn’t too strong to suck up larger items, so everything stays safe inside and nothing is thrown away without the user’s permission.

Ecovacs N8 vs 950 – What’s so different?


While comparing Ecovacs N8 and 950 in design we found some things that are easy to differentiate. Starting with color, the first device comes with a white body while the other has an opposite black frame. Plus, the Deebot N8 only comes with two side brushes while the Ecovacs 950 features four. Overall, the size and weight of Ecovacs N8 are larger which looks like subtle changes but when combined becomes a completely different device for users.

Bin Size

People who need more capacity to clean a bigger place should choose the Ecovacs 950 automatic vacuum cleaner. The water tank capacity of both devices may be similar but you get 10 ml of more storage capacity on Ecovacs 950 making it better for large places.


Ecovacs 950 comes with a bigger 5200 mAH battery that not only lasts long but also gives you more working hours with a single charge. The charging time of Ecovacs N8 might be one hour short but you get only 3200 mAH battery size which only gives you a working time of 110 minutes while the other device doubles the time.


Both smart vacuum cleaners come with their navigation technology to find the way around your house efficiently. The first device has TrueMapping and the other comes with Smart Navi 3.0. Both are better at identifying obstacles and help the robot make a visual map of your house when cleaning.


Noise is also not a big issue with Ecovacs vacuum cleaners as they are mostly silent around your house. If you are worried about small details then Ecovacs N8 makes one level more noise than the 950, making it slightly better than the other.

Auto Empty

This is an exclusive feature only available for Ecovacs N8 to help you clean the dustbin automatically. You may need to purchase a separate smart vacuum tank cleaning station, but this will help you completely automate the cleaning process and you won’t have to do anything. This function is not supported in Ecovacs 950 because you need a special dustbin to work with empty stations, which is not included.

Ecovacs N8 vs 950 – Pros & Cons

Ecovacs Deebot N8
Ecovacs N8 vs 950
Ecovacs Deebot 950
Ecovacs N8 vs 950
● Strong suction power
● App & voice controls
● Works with any floor
● One year of warranty
● Multiple cleaning modes
● 5200 mAH battery size
● Wet & dry mopping
● Makes less noise
● Smart navigation technology
● More side brushes
● Less battery power
● Less dustbin capacity
● No support to an auto empty station
● Takes more time to charge
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Ecovacs N8 vs 950 – Which one’s the best?

After comparing the Ecovacs N8 and 950 on a deep level we have a final winner. The Ecovacs 950 comes with more dustbin capacity, battery life, and smart navigation features to clean every corner of your house without missing any spots on the ground. So, everyone should choose the Ecovacs 950 to get the extra benefits at the same price tag.

General FAQs

Q. Can I reuse the mop?

Yes, the wet and dry mops are reusable.

Q. Does it work at night?

The vacuum cleaner has sensors that help navigate at night.

Q. Can I use floor cleaner liquids inside the robot?

Yes, but make sure that the liquid is not too thick.

Q. Where can I get more mopping clothes?

You can get them from Amazon


Overall, the Ecovacs N8 and 950 are perfect devices for people who want a smart robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans their home automatically. However, if you need a vacuum cleaner at the best value, choose the second option because of its better features and portable design. And if you need the automatic emptying tank, the Ecovacs N8 remains your only choice between the two devices and maximizes your comfort.

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