TP Link AC1200 vs AC750 – Which Router is Best?

TP Link AC1200 vs AC750 – How to Choose the Best Router?

TP Link AC1200 vs AC750

Modern work revolves around the internet and you need a good Wi-Fi connection to do all your online tasks without any delays. We compared TP Link AC1200 vs AC750 to see which product has the best features on a budget. Before making a decision, we tested the speed, performance, range, and control of both wireless routers to pick an ideal device for every customer searching for a new router.

Here are the results:

TP Link AC1200 vs AC750 – Comparison Table:

ProductTP Link AC1200
TP Link AC1200 vs AC750
TP Link AC750
TP Link AC1200 vs AC750
Generic NameRouterRouter
Speed867 Mbps, 300 Mbps750 Mbps, 300 Mbps
Control MethodApp, WebpageApp, Webpage
Frequency2.4 GHz, 5 GHz2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
Frequency BandDual BandDual Band
Antenna TypeExternalExternal
Total Antenna43
Power12V = 1A9V = 0.6A
Connection TypeWi-FiWi-Fi
Warranty3 Years3 Years
ButtonsWPS/Wi-Fi, Power On/Of, Reset ButtonWPS/Wi-Fi, Power On/Of, Reset Button
Number of USB Ports00
Ethernet Ports55
ProcessorQualcomm CPUSingle Core CPU
VPN SupportOpenVPN, PPTPNot Specified
SecurityWPA, WPA2, WPA/WPA2-EnterpriseWEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA/WPA2-Enterprise
Guest Network SupportYesYes
ProtocolsIPv4, IPv6IPv4, IPv6
Parental ControlURL Filtering, Time ControlsURL Filtering, Time Controls
AccessoriesRouter, Power Adaptor, RJ45 Ethernet Cable, ManualRouter, Power Adaptor, RJ45 Ethernet Cable, Manual
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TP Link AC1200 vs AC750 – What’s the same?

Build & Design

Both routers have a similar design with a checked square on top, which looks good from the outside and makes the living room more aesthetic. The wireless devices are thin, light, and easy to move from one corner of your home to another as they are made of plastic which is strong enough to last a long time.

Router Type

When we compared the TP Link AC1200 Vs AC750, the first thing that came to mind was that both devices are wireless and dual banded. This means that you can run two frequencies at the same time for different types of users. 

Parental Control

Yes, parental controls are enabled on both devices so parents can protect their children from unwanted content on the Internet. This app lets you manage device surfing time and shorten the time your kids spend online. URL filtering is another option available to parents to help prevent unwanted websites from opening on Wi-Fi networks.


In the box all costumes get the same accessories with wireless routers, so they don’t have to buy anything else from the market. A Power Adaptor, RJ45 Ethernet Cable, and Manual are provided with every purchase you make with TP Link.

Protocols & Guest Network

TP Link AC1200 and AC750 support IPv4 and the latest IPv6 protocol to let you access an infinite number of web addresses on the global level. They also have support for guest networks to make separate access points in both routers at dual channels.


Setting up the wireless network in your home is quick and easy with built-in web panel controls that you can access from any smartphone, laptop or pc. Also, people who need a user-friendly management option can download the TP Link Tether app and make changes to their routers on the air.


The TP Link AC1200 and AC750 use Windows as their primary operating system to run commands and distribute networks around your home. Every command you run from an application or web page goes to the router’s operating system, which is then sent user data to the correct destination.


Each router has 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port, which you can use to connect all local networks to your wireless router and access your home network. You can also connect computers, laptops and printers without Wi-Fi to stay online to the Internet all the time.

TP Link AC1200 vs AC750 – What’s so different?


Speed of TP Link AC1200 at 5Ghz connection is 826 Mbps and 2.4Ghz connection is 300 Mbps. The Ac750 speed only goes up to 750 Mbps in 5Ghz and 300 Mbps at 2.4 GHz connection. This makes AC1200 faster and perfect for streaming high-quality data on your home Wi-Fi network.


The TP Link AC750 uses less power in comparison with the AC1200 wireless router. The AC1200 consumes 12V of electricity on average while AC750 only uses 9V which helps you manage electricity costs in the long run.


In terms of range, the AC1200 wins between the TP Link AC1200 vs AC750 dual-band wireless router. The first set comes with more antennas to help you control the router’s range better and more power to distribute the network through the walls.


On both routers, you get adequate protection and a pre-enabled firewall to protect you from data leaks and network hacks on your system. The built-in VPN is only available on the AC1200 and the option to choose between OpenVPN and PPTP on your home network.

TP Link AC1200 vs AC750 – Pros & Cons

TP Link AC1200
TP Link AC1200 vs AC750
TP Link AC750
TP Link AC1200 vs AC750
● Fast and secure
● Proper parental control
● Better coverage with 4 antennas
● Features Qualcomm CPU
● Equipped with firewall and VPN
● Easy to manage for beginners
● Cheaper in comparison
● Uses less power
● Three years of warranty
● Guest network support
● Higher price than other
● Takes more power
● Lower speed
● Less coverage with 3 antennas
● No VPN available
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TP Link AC1200 vs AC750 – Which one’s the best?

Small and medium-sized households can easily access the Internet without compromising the speed or quality of the AC1200 and enjoy a network that can operate more than 20 devices. The TP Link AC1200 is more powerful, more secure, and takes up less space in your home for an overall seamless Wi-Fi experience.


People who need a premium Wi-Fi router with more speed, range and connectivity can choose the TP Link AC1200 gigabit wireless router. Only choose the AC750 Wi-Fi router if you are on a budget or need to cover a large area on your home router network with multiple devices.

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