Duromax XP13000EH vs XP13000HX – Which One is Best?

Duromax XP13000EH vs XP13000HX – How to choose the Best?

Duromax XP13000EH vs XP13000HX

Doromax makes cheap, powerful, and portable generators to help you get electricity in the event of a power outage. The Duromax XP13000EH and XP13000HX are two great devices from the same brand with similar features.

So, we made this comparison to help you find a better one. Here are the results:

Duromax XP13000EH vs XP13000HX – Comparison Table:

ProductDuromax XP13000EH
Duromax XP13000EH vs XP13000HX
Duromax XP13000HX
Duromax XP13000EH vs XP13000HX
TechnologyDual FuelDual Fuel
Fuel TypeGasoline/PropaneGasoline/Propane
Tank Capacity (Gasoline)8.3 gal8.3 gal
Tank Size (Propane)40 lbs40 lbs
Engine Size500 cc500 cc
Engine Type4-Cycle-Air-Cooled Spark-Ignition4-Cycle-Air-Cooled Spark-Ignition
Engine Speed3600 rpm3600 rpm
Amperage87.50A / 43.75A87.50A / 43.75A
PhaseAC SingleAC Single
Voltage120V / 240V & 12VDC120V / 240V
Frequency60 Hz60 Hz
Peak WattageGasoline: 13,000 Propane: 12,350Gasoline: 13,000 Propane: 12,350
Running WattageGasoline: 10,500 Propane: 9,975Gasoline: 10,500 Propane: 9,975
Oil Capacity1.2 Liters1.2 Liters
Start TypeElectric / RecoilElectric / Recoil
Ignition SystemNon-Contact TransistorNon-Contact Transistor
Noise Levels74 dB74 dB
EPA CertifiedYesYes
CARB CertifiedYesYes
Runtime (Gasoline at 50% Load)8 hrs8.5 hrs
Runtime (Propane at 50% Load)6 hrs6.5 hrs
Push To StartYesYes
Front Fuel SwitchYesYes
Idle ControlsYesYes
Auto ShutoffYesYes
Power Outlets2 x GFCI Outlet
1 x 3 Pin Twist Lock
1 x 4 Pin Twist Lock
1 x Heavy Duty Outlet
4 x GFCI Outlet
1 x 3 Pin Twist Lock
1 x 4 Pin Twist Lock
1 x Heavy Duty Outlet
Weight236 lbs240 lbs
Warranty3 Years3 Years
Dimensions (L x W x H)29 x 30 x 26”30 x 29 x 26”
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Duromax XP13000EH vs XP13000HX – What’s the same?

Type & Display

The Duromax generator is a dual fuel device that you can use with gasoline or propane to generate electricity. They feature a digital display on the control panel so you can view important device statistics. These statistics include output voltage, frequency, and hours of maintenance to keep an eye on the device at all times.

Tank Capacity

The overall tank size of both Duromax generators equals a capacity of 8.3 gallons to store more than enough fuel for a long day. The recommended propane tank size for both generators is also 40 pounds which keeps the engine running more efficiently and produces less noise while working.


Both generators are available with air-cooled 4-stroke engines with the main fan mounted at the rear of each motor. This engine can generate power in excess of 500cc and 3600 rpm to provide more than enough electricity to run every appliance in your home.


Since the same engine is used in both dual fuel generators, you get the same power for both gasoline and propane. Gasoline has a maximum power of 13,000 watts but makes more noise, while propane stays at 10,000 and emits fewer pollutants into the air.


The Duromax XP13000EH and XP13000HX are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board) certified. Therefore, they follow all the rules and regulations set by the government to emit very little air pollution.

Pust-to-start & Auto-off

You get a simple push-to-start function that lets you start the generator with a single click. But there’s also a recoil starter for those times when the weather is too cold and the button starter doesn’t work. Auto-off is another feature that helps you keep the generator in good condition by turning it off when it runs out of oil to protect internal parts.

Duromax XP13000EH vs XP13000HX – What’s so different?

GFCI Outlet

The overall power outlets of the two Duromax generators are not the same as you get two extra GFCI (ground fault circuit breaker) ports on XP13000HX. So, if you are working with power tools connected to a generator, you can use this connector to manage multiple devices at the same time. The GFCI also helps you by turning off the power automatically if there is a fault in the ground connection during setup.


When we tested the generator at 50% load, the first unit lasted up to eight hours, but the second one exceeded the 8.5-hour limit. Even the Duromax XP13000HX on propane gas gets half an hour extra runtime to give customers better overall results.

DC Port

Only the Duromax XP13000EH has a DC charging port that lets you charge your phone, tablet, or other smart devices without electricity. The 12-volt output is even strong enough to charge a car battery, making it very useful in times of need.


Although both generators have the same design, the overall build is different. The Duromax XP13000HX is bigger and heavier than other generators, so you’ll need more storage space when you’re not using it. You also get propane hoses with both generators and copper winded motors to last over a long time.

Duromax XP13000EH vs XP13000HX – Pros & Cons

Duromax XP13000EH
Duromax XP13000EH vs XP13000HX
Duromax XP13000HX
Duromax XP13000EH vs XP13000HX
● Runs on Gasoline/Propane
● All metal builds
● Powerful 500cc engine
● Portable in size
● Electric/Recoil start
● Long life span
● ECO Friendly
● Copper winded motor
● Comes with wheels
● Multiple power outlets
● Less runtime
● Fewer GFCI outlets
● Expensive than the other
● No DC charging port
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Duromax XP13000EH vs XP13000HX – Which one’s the best?

Clearly, the Duromax XP13000HX is the best device between the two generators because of a higher runtime. This will help you save fuel while doing the same job on other devices. Other features such as dual fuel options, large tank capacity, powerful motor, and peak voltage make it ideal for your home or workplace.

General FAQ

Q. Does it work with natural gas?

No, you can only use gasoline or propane as fuel.

Q. What kind of oil to use?

They use 10w30 engine oil.

Q. Is it quiet?

No, both generators make a decent sound.

Q. Which hoses to use for propane tanks?

Hoses are included, but you can also use a standard gas or grill hose.


The only major difference between the two Duromax generators is the total runtime. So, if you want a slightly longer runtime, go for the much higher-priced XP13000HX. However, one can make a wise decision by choosing the XP13000EH as you get almost all the features for a much lower price.

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