Greenworks 40V vs 80V Trimmer – How to Choose?

A string trimmer cannot just trim down the grass on your lawn, but it is a powerful handheld tool that offers great reliability, so you can use it on the go.

There are a lot of options available in the market, but the Greenworks 40V and 80V trimmers are the best budget options with nearly almost identical features. Below is the comparison of Greenworks 40V and 80V string trimmers to help you make a better buying decision.

Greenworks 40V vs 80V Trimmer

Greenworks 40V vs 80V Trimmer – Comparison Table:

ProductsGreenworks 40V String Trimmer
Greenworks 40V vs 80V Trimmer
Greenworks 80V String Trimmer
Greenworks 40V vs 80V Trimmer
Voltage40 V80 V
Coverage Area⅓ AcreUp to 1 Acre
Brushless MotorNoYes
Runtime30 Minutes45 Minutes
Battery Capacity2.0 Ah2.0 Ah
Cutting Path13 Inches16 Inches
Trigger SpeedVariableVariable
Max RPM80005500
Charging Time120 minutes120 Minutes
Attachments CapableNoYes
Rotating Head90 degree90 degree
Weight9.213.62 Pounds
AttachmentsTrimmer, Battery, Charger, and ManualTrimmer, Battery, Charger, and Spool Assembly
Warranty3 Years (Including Tools and Battery)4 Years (Including Tools and Battery)
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Greenworks 40V vs 80V Trimmer – Similarities


The first similarity between the Greenworks 40V and 80V trimmers is their power source. Both trimmers do not require an active power source to operate. Both of these trimmers are cordless, and both are equipped with a battery to operate.

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is another major similarity between the Greenworks 40V and 80V trimmers. Both the Greenworks trimmer comes with a 2.0 Ah battery which will easily last for an hour or more. Moreover, both of these trimmers have removable batteries, so you can replace them with a new one when needed.

Trigger Speed

Both the Greenworks trimmer supports variable speeds. You can change the trimmer speeds as per your requirements. Depending on the speed setting you choose, the RPM will vary. Both tools can achieve very high RPMs when it comes to speeds.

Charging Time

Charging time might be one of the important considerations when choosing a Greenworks trimmer. This is due to the fact that we frequently forget to charge the machine after use, and when we need to use it again, there is no charge left, and we hope that the machine can charge quickly.

In this regard, the Greenworks 40V and 80V are both similar. Because both machines take about 120 minutes or 2 hours to fully charge, both machines do come with a standard charger, and there is no fast or rapid charger included in the box.

Rotating Head

When it comes to the rotating head of Greenworks 40V and 80V, then both are similar again. Both trimmers come with a 90-degree rotating head, which can efficiently cut the grass.

Greenworks 40V vs 80V Trimmer – Difference

Voltage Requirement

When it comes to the voltage requirement of Greenworks 40V, then it requires around 40 volts to run. On the flip side, the 80V requires 80 volts to operate. The operating range of these tools should not vary largely, as they will be damaged when used on higher voltage.

Coverage Area

If you have a small lawn or a large yard, you have to choose the Greenworks trimmer according to the size of your lawn. The Greenworks 40V can cover up to 1/3 acres of area. On the other side, the Greenworks 80V can cover up to 1 acre of a large lawn, so it could be a better deal.

Brushless Motor

The Greenworks 40 comes with a standard motor that won’t last as long as a brushless motor. On the other hand, the Greenworks 80V comes with a brushless motor which will easily last years without any issues. So, there is a major advantage of having a Greenworks 80V trimmer with a brushless motor.

Maximum RPM

A major drawback of Greenworks 80V is that it has a maximum RPM of 5500, which is significantly less in comparison to Greenworks 40V. The Greenworks 40V offers 8000 RPM, which makes it much more effective.

Attachments Capable

The Greenworks 40V cannot add additional attachments. While the 80V is attachment capable, which means you can add additional attachments to it. Adding attachments to the trimmer will make it much more effective in cutting the grass.


When it comes to portability, the Greenworks weighs around 9.2 pounds, while the 80V weighs around 13.62 pounds. The Greenworks 40V is much more compact, and it has a lightweight design.


The Greenworks 40V comes with basic attachments in the box, while the 80V comes with an additional attachment that is a Spool Assembly.


The 40V comes with a 3-year long warranty. On the other side, the 80V comes with 4 years warranty. Both tools offer a warranty on their battery and tools.

Greenworks 40V vs 80V Trimmer – Pros and Cons

Greenworks 40V String Trimmer
Greenworks 40V vs 80V Trimmer
Greenworks 80V String Trimmer
Greenworks 40V vs 80V Trimmer
● Lightweight design
● Maximum RPM
● Excellent performance
● Decent coverage area
● Brushless motor design
● 4 Years warranty
● Attachment capable
● Greater coverage
● Not capable of adding attachments
● The motor is not brushless
● Heavyweight design
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Greenworks 40V vs 80V Trimmer – Which One is Better?

The Greenworks 80V is a better option as it comes with a brushless motor that is much more durable and will easily last longer. Moreover, this tool comes with 4 year of long warranty.

The best part about the Greenworks 80V is that it is attachment capable, so you can add aftermarket accessories to it. However, if you want superior performance, then the 40V is a better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to clean the Greenworks trimmer?

You need to regularly wipe the machine after every use. Moreover, you can use cleaning detergent to clean the machine.

How often should you clean the trimmer?

It is recommended that you clean the machine after every single use.

What type of battery is provided with the Greenworks trimmer?

You will get a lithium-ion battery with the Greenworks trimmer.


The Greenworks 40V is ideal when you want great performance and want to clean a small yard. At the same time, the 80V is ideal for large yards. The 80V comes with a 4 years warranty along with attachment capability and a brushless motor which makes it the best choice.

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