Vitamix A3300 vs 750 – Which One is Best?

While there are a lot of brands and models, not most of them will fit your needs and budget. The Vitamix A3300 and Vitamix 750 are two of the best blenders that come at a reasonable price and offer great features.

So, we have compared the Vitamix A3300 with 750 to help you choose a better one. Let’s jump into the comparison!

Vitamix A3300 vs 750

Vitamix A3300 vs 750 – Comparison Table:

ModelVitamix A3300
Vitamix A3300 vs 750
Vitamix 750
Vitamix A3300 vs 750
Motor2.2 HP2.2 HP
Wattage1440 W1440 W
Pitcher Size64 Ounce64 Ounce
Blade MaterialLaser-cut stainless-steel bladesLaser-cut stainless-steel blades
Variable Speed ControlYesYes
On/Off ToggleYesYes
Pulse ControlYesYes
Preset ModesNoYes, 5
Self-Cleaning & TimerYesYes
AccessoriesMotor Base, Container, Tamper, and CookbookMotor base, Low profile container, Cookbook, and Low-profile tamper
Dishwasher SafeYesNo
Noise ReductionQuietQuieter
Weight11.86 Pounds13 Pounds
Color Variants2 Colors2 Colors
Control TypeTouchscreen, Physical buttons, and dialerPhysical Switches and dialer
Noise Level70 to 80 dB88 dB
Best FeaturesTimer, Wireless Connectivity, Touch Interface, and Self-detecting containersAutomated blending, Easy Cleaning, and Low-profile container
Warranty10 Years7 Years
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Vitamix A3300 vs 750 – Similarities

Motor Output

The Vitamix A3300 and 750 blenders come with the same amount of motor output. Both machines have a peak output of 2.2 horsepower, which is more than sufficient for blending most of the ingredients.

The Vitamix A3300 and 750 are capable of grinding coffee beans and whirling up the milkshakes and nuts in seconds.


When it comes to the wattage or power requirement, then both of these blenders require at least 1440 watts of power from the operator. While they are not highly powered and efficient, they do not have high power consumption as well, and they won’t add up much to your electricity bills.

Pitcher or Container Size

The Vitamix A3300 and 750 have a similar pitcher which can hold the same amount of ingredients. Both the blender containers are 64 ounces in size, which is more than enough to blend and grind large or medium-sized batches.

Blade Quality & Performance

Blade quality and performance is the most important aspect of any blender. The Vitamix A3300 and 750 both have the same quality blades, which perform identically to each other.

The Vitamix 750 and A3300 have laser-cut stainless-steel blades that can smoothly grind and blend the toughest ingredients.

Trigger Speed & Pulse Function

Both blenders come with variable trigger speeds. Depending upon the ingredient’s blending or grinding requirement, you can increase or decrease the speed.

On top of that, the Vitamix A3300 and 750 have a pulse function that allows you to use the machine at the highest speed as long as you press the button.

Self-Cleaning & Timer

Apart from variable speed, the Vitamix A3300 and 750 have a self-cleaning functionality which allows you to clean the containers effectively. On top of that, you can select between a 30 or 60 seconds timer to clean the containers.

Color Options

The Vitamix A3300 and 750 both come with only 2 color options. The Vitamix A300 comes with a Black and Brushed metal finish. On the other side, the Vitamix 750 comes in Pearl Grey and Black colors.


When it comes to the attachments, both the blenders have almost identical accessories like a motor base, a low-profile container, a cookbook, and a low-profile tamper.

Vitamix A3300 vs 750 – Differences


The lineup is the first difference to notice between the VitamixA3300 and 750 blenders. The Vitamix A3300 comes under the Ascent series, which has a higher price segment and better features. On the flip side, the 750 comes under the Legacy lineup, which has affordable options and basic features.

Preset Modes

The Vitamix A3300 has no preset button. Where the Vitamix 750 only has about 5 basic presets, which is the best part of the Vitamix 750

Control Panel

The Vitamix A3300 comes with a touchscreen that is easy to use and read. Moreover, it has physical switches and a dialer to control the unit.

While the Vitamix 750 only has physical switches and a dialer to control the blender. Vitamix 750 doesn’t have any touchscreen feature.

Dishwasher Safe

The Vitamix A3300 comes with dishwasher-safe functionality, which allows you to eliminate the need to wash the container manually. While the Vitamix 750 is not dishwasher compatible.

Noise Levels

The Vitamix A3300 comes with quiet operation as it produces only 70 to 80 dB of sound. While the Vitamix 750 produces about 88 dB of sound.


In terms of portability, the Vitamix A3300 is the clear winner as it weighs around 11.86 pounds in comparison to the 13 pounds of Vitamix 750.


When it comes to the warranty, the Vitamix A3300 offers a 10-year long warranty. On the other hand, the Vitamix 750 offers a 7-year long warranty.

Both of these machines offer a reliable warranty, and you can replace the unit if you find out any issues.

Vitamix A3300 vs 750 – Pros and Cons

Vitamix A3300
Vitamix A3300 vs 750
Vitamix 750
Vitamix A3300 vs 750
● Lightweight and portable
● Touchscreen control
● Low noise production
● App support
● 7 years warranty
● Affordable and budget friendly
● Self-cleaning feature
● High-quality blades
● No preset modes
● Noisy
● Basic control panel
● Overpriced
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Vitamix A3300 vs 750 – Which is Better?

The Vitamix A3300 is a clear winner as it offers the most premium features. From a long 10-year warranty to the touchscreen controls, the Vitamix A3300 has it all.

Moreover, the Vitamix A3300 has a total of 17 programs with app support, which makes it easy for you to prepare meals with ease. Also, it has low noise production, around 70 to 80 dB.


So far, you have got all the information regarding the Vitamix A3300 and 750 blenders. Hopefully, you will now be able to make your choice based on the comparison.

If you have a low budget and looking for a reliable blender with all the required features, the Vitamix a3300is a great choice. However, if you can extend your budget a bit, the Vitamix 750 is a better option.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the cord of Vitamix A3300 and 750?

Vitamix A3300 has a 4 feet long cord, while the 750 has a 6 feet long cord.

What is the diameter of the blades of these two blenders?

The laser-cut stainless steel blade measures around 4 inches in diameter.

Can you reprogram the timer in Vitamix A3300 and 750?

The Vitamix A3300 allows you to reprogram the timer, but the 750 doesn’t.

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