Singer 1306 vs 2250 – Which Sewing Machine is Best?

Singer 1306 vs 2250 – How to Choose?

Singer 1306 vs 2250

One of the most helpful equipment is a sewing machine since it allows us to express our creativity by crafting living room decor, showcases, arts, and other things in addition to sewing our clothes.

Singer is one of the popular and reliable brands for the best sewing machines in India. The Singer 1306 and 2250 Singer 2250 are 2 of the most popular sewing machines that come with similar features and pricing.

So below is the comparison of Singer 1306 and 2250 to help you out choosing the right one.

Singer 1306 vs 2250 – Comparison Table:

ProductSinger 1306
Singer 1306 vs 2250
Singer 2250
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Speed700 SPM800 SPM
MaterialAlloy SteelABS
Calibration DialYesYes
Warranty2 years2 years
Weight4.3 kg6 kg
Power Consumption80 Watts70 Watts
Stitch Pattern SelectorYesYes
Stitch Length ControlYesYes
Thread CutterYesYes
Dimensions (L x W x H)43 x 22 x 35.2 cm‎43 x 22 x 35.2 cm
Stitch Functions1926
Stitch Patterns610
Pattern SelectorRound DialRound Dial
Max Stitch Width4 mm4 mm
LED LightYesYes
Buttonhole Style4 Step4 Step
Accessories StorageYesYes
Bed Type Free ArmFree Arm
Twin Needle SupportNoNo
AccessoriesAll-purpose foot, Seam Ripper / Lint Brush, L-screwdriver, Spool pin felt, Buttonhole foot, Pico foot, Darning Plate, Bobbins, Pack of Needles, and Zipper FootAll-purpose foot, Button Stitch foot, Pico Foot, Bobbins, Edge / Quilting Guide, L-type screwdriver, Zipper foot, Buttonhole foot, Seam Ripper / Lint Brush, Needles, and Darning Plate
ApplicationsLace, fixing, Quilting, Smocking, Rolled, HemmingLace, fixing, Quilting, Smocking, Rolled, Hemming
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Singer 1306 vs 2250 – Similarities


Both the Singer 1306 and 2250 sewing machines have a storage compartment that allows you to store your needles and threads inside the compartment.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, then the Singer 1306 and Singer 2250 are highly similar, as both of these offer similar features and functionality. Both of these machines are very easy to use and do not require any tutorial to start stitching with them.


The free demo is being provided by Singer for both of these sewing machines. You can contact Singer India Limited for the demo. You can contact the toll-free no of the company to get a free demo.

Twin Needle Support

The Singer 1306 and Singer 2250 don’t offer Twin Needle Support which is a downside for both of these sewing machines. As both of these are budget sewing machines, you cannot expect to have twin needle support in these.


When it comes to the warranty, then the Singer 1306 and Singer 2250 both come with a 2-year long warranty. In 2 years, if you find out any fault or issue in the machines, then you can contact the brand for a free replacement.

Singer 1306 vs 2250 – Differences

Build Quality

The Singer 1306 and Singer 2205 both are different sewing machines when it comes to build quality. The Singer 1306 offers alloy steel build, while the Singer 2250 comes with an ABS build. So, clearly, Singer 1306 is the winner in terms of build.


Speed is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing a sewing machine. The Singer Start 1306 comes with a 700 SPM speed.

On the other hand, Singer Tradition FM 2250 offers 800 SPM speed. So, 2250 is better when you want to better speed.


Even with the alloy steel build, the Singer 1306 is a lightweight sewing machine as it only weighs around 4.3 kg. On the other hand, 2250 weighs around 6 kg with an ABS build.

Power Consumption

While Singer 1306 only offers 700 SPM of sewing speed, it consumes around 80 watts of power. On the other part, 70 watts are consumed by 2250 for the speed of 800 SPM. So, 2250 is better in terms of power consumption.

Stitch Function

The Singer 1306 offers a total of 19, while Singer 2250 offers a total of 26 stitch functions. With Singer 2250, you can do a lot of extra stitching such as overlapping, decorative, and other stitching with ease.


While Singer 1306 and 2250 offer similar accessories, there are some accessories that are different. The Singer 1306 doesn’t come with a stitched foot. Apart from that, there are no differences in terms of accessories.

Singer 1306 vs 2250 – Pros & Cons

Singer 1306
Singer 1306 vs 2250
Singer 2250
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● Made up of high-quality ABS steel
● Compact and lightweight design
● More stitch patterns
● Storage Compartment
● Better speed
● Less power consumption
● More stitch functions
● Easy to use
● Lower speed
● Average build quality
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Singer 1306 vs 2250 – Which One is Best?

The Singer 2250 offers alloy steel build, a greater speed of 800 SPM, and comes with a lightweight design. Hence, it is the best sewing machine when you have to choose between the Singer 1306 and 2250.

Not just that, it consumes less power than 1306. On top of these features, you get a total of 26 stitching functions with Singer 2250, which is another advantage of having this sewing machine as your primary sewing machine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do these sewing machines have LED light?

Yes, both of these machines come with an LED light which helps you to see the stitching.

Can you do embroidery with these sewing machines?

Yes, you can. Both of these models can do embroidery with ease.

Can you do reverse stitching with the Singer 2250 Sewing machine?

Yes, Singer 2250 is capable of reverse stitching.


Both of these sewing machines are ideal for standard and modern sewing. Not only you can do sewing, but embroidery and a lot more.

When it comes to choosing the best, the Singer 2250 is a superior choice over the Singer 1306. Singer 2250 comes with better build quality and doesn’t weigh as much as Singer 1306. Also, it has more sewing functions, and it offers a greater speed of 800 SPM in comparison to the 700 SPM of Singer 1306.

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