Shark NV352 vs UV725 – Which Vacuum Cleaner is Best?

Shark NV352 vs UV725 – How to Choose?

Shark NV352 vs UV725

Shark NV352 and UV725 are the two base models of upright vacuum cleaners from the same brand. They have a clean design, similar features, and general use. Hence, it becomes very difficult for new buyers to choose between the two.

That’s why we made this handy detailed comparison to make your choice easier by summing up all the important features in one article. Read on to find the best device for you.

Shark NV352 vs UV725 – Comparison Table

ProductShark NV352
Shark NV352 vs UV725
Shark UV725
Shark NV352 vs UV725
TypeUpright Vacuum CleanerUpright Vacuum Cleaner
MaterialABS and PP PlasticsABS and PP Plastics
Motor Power1200 Watts800 Watts
Clean SurfaceDryDry
Cord Length25 ft.30 ft.
Interface3 Buttons3 Buttons
ControlsPower ON/OFF, Bare Floor, Brush Roll ONPower ON/OFF, Bare Floor, Brush Roll ON
Voltage120 V120 V
FrequencyAC, 60 HzAC, 60 Hz
Dust Cup Capacity1.1 Dry Quarts0.9 Dry Quarts
Removable Dust CupYesYes
Removable HandleYesYes
Removable CordYesYes
Blower FunctionNoNo
Filter TypePre-Motor Filter, HEPA FilterPre-Motor Filter, HEPA Filter
Washable FiltersOnly Pre-Motor FilterOnly Pre-Motor Filter
LED HeadlightsNoYes
Total Accessories98
Accessories NameHandle with Stretch Hose, Accessory Holder, Extension Wand, Detachable Canister, Motorized Floor Brush Nozzle, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, 24” Crevice Tool, Pet Upholstery ToolPet Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, C Pet Hair Tool, Wide Upholstery Tool, Pet Multi-Tool, Anti-Allergen Dust Brush, Under-Appliance Wand, Large Accessory Bag
Net Weight12.5 lbs13.37 lbs
WarrantyLimited, 5 YearsLimited, 5 Years
Dimensions45.5″ x 11.4″ x 15″45.28″ x 13″ x 12″
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Shark NV352 vs UV725 – What’s the same?


The Shark NV352 & UV725 are portable, robust, and upright vacuum cleaners. They’re working on a corded electric design so you can get more suction when cleaning around the house.

Even in smaller places like cars or behind large pieces of furniture, you can turn the vacuum cleaner into a handheld device with minimal cleaning accessories.


Both Shark vacuum cleaners use a combination of HEPA and foam filters to control the air escaping your unit. The filters have a long life to protect your home from dust and dirt suspended in the air.

You can even wash the front motor foam filter from time to time and keep the suction power maximum for years.


When we compared warranties, we found that each Shark vacuum comes with a five-year limited warranty period. Warranty must be claimed by contacting Customer Service within 10 days of delivery of your product.

Also, the warranty does not cover water damage and accessories that came with the vacuum cleaner, which should be considered before selecting a unit for your home.

Shark NV352 vs UV725 – What’s so different?

Motor Power

The main difference between the two Shark vacuum cleaners is the overall motor power. The first device is equipped with a 1200-watt motor, which offers customers more suction power but consumes more electricity for cleaning. However, the Shark UV725 uses only an 800-watt motor, which while having less suction power than the others, runs on less electricity at home.


Each vacuum cleaner is equipped with a dust cup that catches all dirt and debris while cleaning any location. The Shark NV352 comes with more storage space, so you can cover more area before you have to empty it again.

Also, both devices have a removable dust container, so you can easily wash and clean them to properly maintain your device.


Only the Shark UV725 vacuum cleaner has LED headlights that reflect dirt, dust, cobwebs, and other debris during operation. This gives you a lot of free-range, so you can easily reach under furniture and dark places to better vacuum whatever you need to clean.

Power Cord

The Shark UV725 also has a long power cord to provide customers with better coverage at home. Now you don’t have to constantly change plugs to clean more areas. This makes the whole process quicker and less time-consuming, especially for people who live in large houses.


Shark NV352 comes with more accessories that can be used for various cleaning purposes such as carpets, hardwood floors, stairs, blinds, and furniture.

These accessories also become more important for people who do more work from vacuums than by hand, reducing the workload and helping you clean more places and things at once.


Shark NV352 and UV725 are completely different in design. One is available in purple while the other is finished in plain black and silver color.

Also, the Shark UV725 vacuum cleaner is a heavier and wider device, which puts more weight on your hands when cleaning. So, if you need to clean multiple spots at once, go for the Shark NV352 because of its lightweight exterior.

Shark NV352 vs UV725 – Pros & Cons

Shark NV352
Shark NV352 vs UV725
Shark UV725
Shark NV352 vs UV725
● Elegant design & built
● Powerful electric motor
● More storage capacity
● 5 Years of warranty
● Equipped with many accessories
● Removable dust cup
● Free accessory holder bag
● Dual long-life filters
● Strong after-sales service
● More reach with longer power cable
● Short power cord
● No LED headlights
● Less overall capacity
● Less powerful motor
 View on Amazon View on Amazon

Shark NV352 vs UV725 – Which one’s the best?

Shark NV352 will win the hearts of most customers. The vacuum cleaner is made from a combination of ABS and PP plastic to provide a sturdy design that will last for years.

It also offers more dust storage capacity and a powerful suction motor to handle long working days at ease. You also get an easy-to-use interface and more accessories to take full advantage of the vacuum cleaner. 

General FAQs

Q. Is the device pre-assembled?

No, you have to do it yourself.

Q. How about hardwood floors?

Special attachments are available for different floors.

Q. Are they bagless?

Yes, both vacuum cleaners use dust cups.


The two vacuum cleaners are very different. Shark NV352 has a better design, more capacity, and a powerful motor. Shark UV725 is a more budget-friendly device that gives users more reach and LED headlight lamps to clean dark places easily.

So, depending on your need you can choose any one of the two upright Shark vacuums.

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