Vitamix A3300 vs E320 – Which Blender is Best?

You’ve probably heard of Vitamix models if you’re in the market for a new blender. Budget, midrange, and premium segment blenders are all available from Vitamix.

The A3300 and E320 are two of the manufacturers’ best-known blenders. We have therefore compared the Vitamix A3300 and E320 in order to simplify your buying decision.

Vitamix A3300 vs E320

Vitamix A3300 vs E320 – Which One is Better?

The Vitamix A3300 is a great blender as it comes with almost all the features which you will need in a premium range blender. For instance, it comes with an easy-to-use control panel that includes a touchscreen.

On top of that, the Vitamix A3300 has 17 program support through the app. which allows you to blend any ingredients with ease. Moreover, it has a 10-year long warranty.

Vitamix A3300 vs E320 – Comparison Table:

ModelVitamix A3300
Vitamix A3300 vs E320
Vitamix E320
Vitamix A3300 vs E320
Motor2.2 HP2.2 HP 
Wattage1440 W1440 W
Pitcher Size64 Ounce64 Ounce
Blade MaterialLaser-cut stainless-steel bladesLaser-cut stainless-steel blades
Variable Speed ControlYesYes
On/Off ToggleYesYes
Pulse ControlYesYes
Preset ModesNoNo
Self-Cleaning & TimerYesNo
AccessoriesMotor Base, Container, Tamper, and CookbookMotor Base, Container, Tamper, and Cookbook
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
Noise ProductionQuietSlight noisy
Weight11.86 Pounds10.5 Pounds
Color Variants2 Colors2 Colors
Control TypeTouchscreen, Physical buttons, and dialerPhysical buttons and dialer
Noise Level70 to 80 dB98 dB
Best FeaturesTimer, Wireless Connectivity, Touch Interface, and Self-detecting containersBPA-free container, Laser Cut blades, and Metal drive system
Warranty10 Years7 Years
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Vitamix A3300 vs E320 – Similarities

Motor Output

When it comes to the motor output of the Vitamix A3300 and Vitamix E320, then both have the same motor output of 2.2 Horsepower. Both of these machines can offer variable output as per the requirement.


Another similarity between the Vitamix A3300 and E320 blenders is their wattage. Both machines consume around 1440 watts of power.

Pitcher or Container Size

The pitcher size or container size of Vitamix A3300 and Vitamix E320 is also the same. Both offer a 64-ounce large container in which you can make smoothies, soup, and more.

Trigger Speed & Pulse Control

The trigger speed on the Vitamix A3300 and Vitamix E320 is also variable, so you may adjust it as necessary. Additionally, both blenders include the pulse functionality that is necessary to blend various ingredients.

Blade Quality

Blade quality is another important consideration as you would require to blend some tough ingredients. The Vitamix A3300 and E320 come with laser-cut stainless-steel blades, which will allow you to efficiently blend most of the toughest ingredients.

Dishwasher Safe

Because the containers and other accessories for both blenders are dishwasher safe, you may wash them without worrying that they will break or get damaged.

Color Options

Both the Vitamix A3300 and E320 blenders have two color choices. The A3300 comes in brushed metal and black finishes. On the other hand, the E320 comes in two color options: Red and Black.


Last but not least, the Vitamix A3300 and E320 blenders both have the same types of accessories in the box. You get a motor base, a low-profile tamper, a low-profile container that is around 64 ounces in size, and a cookbook that you can use for different recipes.

Preset mode

Both Vitamix A3300 and Vitamix E320 don’t come with preset mode.

Vitamix A3300 vs E320 – Difference


The Vitamix A3300 and Vitamix E320 are both manufactured under a different lineup. The Ascent lineup under which the Vitamix A3300 is manufactured is a mid-range lineup that is known for its premium features. The Vitamix E320, on the other side, is part of the Legacy lineup, which is older but more affordable.

Self-Cleaning & Timer

The best part about both Vitamix blenders is their self-cleaning functionality, by which you can clean them very easily. Also, there is a timer functionality in this blender which is missing in the E320. And E320 also doesn’t have any self-cleaning feature.

Control Panel

Having a functional control panel is one of the most important aspects of any blender because, without a functional control panel, you won’t be able to use the blender effectively.

The Vitamix A3300 offers an intuitive control panel that has a touchscreen, physical buttons, and a dialer. On the other hand, the E320 doesn’t have any touchscreen as it is a budget blender.

Noise Production

The Vitamix A3300 operates quietly with not more than 80 dB sound production. On the flip side, the E320 is slightly noisy as it operates on 98 dB of sound.


The Vitamix A3300 blender offers a 10-year long warranty which is more than sufficient. On the other hand, the Vitamix E320 offers a 7 years brand warranty which is also quite long. You can report to the brand in case of any manufacturing defect.

Vitamix A3300 vs E320 – Pros and Cons

Vitamix A3300
Vitamix A3300 vs E320
Vitamix E320
Vitamix A3300 vs E320
● 10 Year warranty
● Touchscreen controls
● Operates quietly
● App support
● 7 years warranty
● High-performance motor
● Easy cleaning
● Lightweight design
● Slightly expensive
● No preset modes
● Touchscreen is missing
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Vitamix A3300 be used for commercial purposes?

No, the Vitamix A3300 is specially designed for household use.

Do these blenders have cooling functionality?

Yes, both of these blenders have a radial cooling fan and a thermal protection system for cooling.

Are Vitamix blenders made in China?

No, Vitamix blenders are completely designed and manufactured in the USA.


To conclude, both of these blenders are great options to have in any kitchen, whether it be a standard kitchen or a modern kitchen. You have to determine your needs and budget to find out which one suits you the best.

If you are on a strict budget, then go with the Vitamix E320. It is one of the most popular blenders from the brand that has impressive features. However, if you don’t have budget issues, then go with the Vitamix A3300, as it offers you the most advanced features.

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