Durafit Heavy vs Heavy Hike – Which One is the Best?

Durafit Heavy vs Heavy Hike – How to Choose the Best Treadmill?

Durafit Heavy vs Heavy Hike

Durafit Heavy vs Heavy Hike remains a complex topic for most people looking to buy a treadmill. Not only do they share the same name, but many of the characteristics of the two treadmills are similar. This makes the distinction between the devices very complicated for every user.

Luckily, we created this comparison guide to help people decide between the Durafit Heavy and Heavy Hike treadmills. So, read on to find the perfect workout equipment for your home gym.

Durafit Heavy vs Heavy Hike – Comparison Table:

Durafit Heavy vs Heavy Hike
Heavy Hike
Durafit Heavy vs Heavy Hike
MaterialAlloy SteelAlloy Steel
Display ShowsTime, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse RateTime, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse Rate
Frequency50 Hz50 Hz
Input Voltage220 V220 V
Folding SystemHydraulicHydraulic
Load Capacity (Walking, Running)120 Kg, 90 Kg120 Kg, 90 Kg
Music SystemMP3 Player with LoudspeakersMP3 Player with Loudspeakers
Speed Range1-16 Kmph1-16 Kmph
Incline3 Levels16 Levels
Incline TypeManualAutomatic
Motor2.5-5.0 HP2.5-5.0 HP
Motor TypeDCDC
Running Surface1270 x 470 mm1270 x 470 mm
Net Weight48 Kg57 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Frame Warranty5 Years5 Years
Motor Warranty3 Years3 Years
Emergency Stop KeyYesYes
Hand-Rail ControlsYesYes
Shock AbsorptionYesYes
LubricationSilicone OilSilicone Oil
Friction Coating1.8 mm1.8 mm
Cup Holders2 (Each Side)2 (Each Side)
In BoxTreadmill, Toolkit, Lubrication, Safety Key, Aux Cable, ManualTreadmill, Toolkit, Lubrication, Safety Key, Aux Cable, Manual
Dimensions (L x W x H)1545 x 725 x 120 mm1895 x 725 x 1210 mm
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Durafit Heavy vs Heavy Hike – What’s the same?

Design & Build

These two Durafit treadmills are made the same as there isn’t much difference in their outward design. With the same screen, buttons, running surface and even grip, the design is as close as possible. In addition, the frame of each treadmill is made of alloy steel to work seamlessly in harsh environments such as the gym and last for years with minimal maintenance.

Display & Music

Both devices have LCD screens that let you track time, distance, pace, calories burned and more things at every second of your workout. Both screens are surrounded by buttons that let you easily switch programs and set up new workouts. Moreover, the MP3 player is very powerful on any device and enhances your workout by playing your favourite music in the background.


The Durafit Heavy and Heavy Hike treadmill feature a 2.5 HP motor that peaks at 5.0 HP to provide speed and power as you run. The motor can bring the treadmill to speeds of up to 16 Kph in both incline and normal modes. You can also mix multiple programs with maximum speed to get the most out of your time while running on the treadmills.

Power & Load Capacity

Durafit treadmills don’t use much energy as they run on 220V current to help users save money over time. People weighing less than 100 kg can walk or run on one of the treadmills, but overweight people may need other equipment to run smoothly.

Durafit Heavy vs Heavy Hike – What’s so different?


When we compared the Durafit Heavy and Heavy Hike programs, we found a clear winner. Heavy Hike comes with 48 programs while other devices only offer 24. You can adjust your speed, duration and many other things before starting the workout with Heavy Hike and save time. This is solely true because the treadmill has more programs to help you reach your fitness goals faster by pre-setting the whole workout in advance.


The Durafit Heavy Hike has 16 levels of incline, while the other treadmill only has three. Plus, Heavy Hike gives you an automatic incline with an auto-hydraulic system that works at the touch of a button, while the other machine requires you to manually adjust the height.


While both treadmills look and feel the same, there is a big difference in overall weight that makes one treadmill easier to move. The first Durafit Heavy treadmill is lighter and equipped with wheels that let you change the position of the treadmill without outside assistance, which is not the same as the Heavy Hike.

Durafit Heavy vs Heavy Hike – Pros & Cons

Durafit Heavy
Durafit Heavy vs Heavy Hike
Durafit Heavy Hike
Durafit Heavy vs Heavy Hike
● Live feedback from the LCD screen
● Easy to assemble
● Lighter in weight
● Descent side rails
● Cushioned running surface
● Long walking/running belt
● Comes with loudspeakers
● Foldable design
● Powerful & compact motor
● High-quality parts
● Manual incline with fewer levels
● Only 24 programs
● Heavier in weight
● Higher in price
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Durafit Heavy vs Heavy Hike – Which one’s the best?

The Durafit Heavy Hike is the best treadmill of the two. Not only do you get an automatic incline that helps you save some stains on your back, but you also offer more programs. This machine is great for walking, jogging, running as long as you are within the specified weight range. Plus, an attractive warranty combined with a good design makes this treadmill ideal for home/gym use.

General FAQs

Q. Does it need much maintenance?

No, you just have to lubricate the belt after every few months.

Q. Does it count steps?

The treadmill counts steps, time, calories burned, pulse and many other things at once.

Q. Is the deck height adjustable?

No, both treadmills’ heights have been fixed.

Q. Is the installation free?

You get a free video installation service. An expert will help you clear any doubts during the installation of Durafit treadmills.

Q. Can the side arms fold down?

No, the side arms are fixed but you can remove them completely with a screwdriver.

Q. Why is there a burning smell after trying on the treadmill?

After delivery leaves the treadmill on for 30 minutes. The burning smell is due to the new motor of the treadmill.


In 2022, people who have decided to start exercising from home can benefit greatly from a portable and easy-to-use treadmill. After reviewing Durafit Heavy and Heavy Hike, two great treadmills from the same company, we decided that Heavy Hike is the best for the daily workout. This treadmill can help you meet your needs and goals while offering the best value for money in the market today.

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