Shark IZ362H vs IZ163H – How to Choose?

Shark IZ362H vs IZ163H – Which One is Best?

Shark IZ362H vs IZ163H

The Shark IZ362H and Shark IZ163H are the most popular and best battery-powered handheld vacuum cleaners from the same brand, Shark. Both of these Vacuum cleaner offers similar features, performance, and pricing. However, choosing between these 2 is a headache.

You can’t decide between these 2 vacuum cleaners without looking at the Shark IZ362H Vs IZ163H comparison. We have compared both vacuum cleaners from the motor output, runtime, and cleaning surface, to the dust cup, filter type, and more.

Shark IZ362H vs IZ163H – Comparison

ProductShark IZ362H
Shark IZ362H vs IZ163H
Shark IZ163H
Shark IZ362H vs IZ163H
Motor Power281 watts181 watts
Form FactorHandheldHandheld
Runtime40 Minutes40 Minutes
Clean SurfaceCarpet, UpholsteryCarpet and Hard Floors
Self-Cleaning BrushrollYesYes
Anti-Allergen SealYesYes
Power FinsYesYes
Dust Cup Size0.34 Quarts0.52 Quarts
LED HeadlightsYesYes
Power SourceBatteryBattery
Detachable HandheldYesYes
Removable Dust CupYesYes
FilterHEPA typeHEPA type
Washable FilterYesYes
Motorised BrushYesYes
Total No. of Accessories33
AttachmentsAnti-Allergen Brush, Pet Multi-Tool, Crevice ToolShark Pet Plus Cordless Stick Vacuum, Crevice Tool & Pet Multi-tool
Variable Speed ControlYesYes
Dimensions (L x W x H)10.24 x 7.09 x 46.1 inches10.24 x 7.09 x 46.1 inches
Weight3.23 Kg1.51 Kg
Warranty5 years5 years
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Shark IZ362H vs IZ163H – Similarities

Form Factor and Build Quality

The Shark IZ362h and IZ163H have nearly comparable form factors and build quality. Both are lightweight vacuums that are easy to transport and store.

They both have a sleek and futuristic appearance, but the IZ362h has more curves and angles than the IZ163H, making it wider and taller.

The Shark IZ362H and IZ163 are both made up of plastic and metal, and both of them have an ergonomic design, making them more comfortable to hold.


Shark IZ362H and IZ163H both have a runtime of about 40 minutes. This is a decent amount of time for a vacuum, and it means that you’ll be able to clean your house multiple times before you need to recharge the battery. It also means that you won’t have to wait long while it charges up again.

Self-Cleaning Brushroll

The brush roll on the Shark IZ362H and IZ163H is self-cleaning. This means that they automatically clean the brush roll after it’s finished a cleaning cycle. This prevents clogging and ensures that your brushes are in good working order at all times.


The Shark IZ362H and IZ163H both have a HEPA filter as part of the filtration process. Not only that, but both of these battery-operated handheld vacuum cleaners come with two filters. The first is a pre-motor filter, and the second is a post-motor filter; both works together to effectively clean and collect dust particles.


The best part about both of the Shark battery-powered vacuum cleaners is that they both come with a 5-year-long warranty. This means you don’t have to components about the parts getting damaged or about any technical fault in the vacuum cleaner.

If that is the case, the brand will give you a brand-new vacuum cleaner, or they may repair the vacuum cleaner, depending upon the situation.

Shark IZ362H vs IZ163H – Differences

Power Output

Both the Shark IZ362H and the Shark IZ163H come with different power outputs. The IZ362H offers 281 Watts of power output, whereas the IZ163H comes with a 181 Watts of power output.

The Shark IZ362H has a better power output when it comes to cleaning hard surfaces like tiles, concrete, and more. Also, this will make it more effective when you want to clean the pet hair.

Tank Capacity

Both the Shark IZ362H and IZ163H have different tank capacities. The cup size of the IZ362H is smaller than that of the IZ163H, and this is because it comes with a 0.34 Quarts cup size, whereas the cup size of the IZ163H is 0.52 quarts. The IZ362H would require you to clean the dust again frequently.


When it comes to the attachments, then both the vacuum cleaner offers a total of 3 attachments out of the box. The Shark IZ362H comes with an Anti-Allergen Brush, a Pet Multi-Tool, and a Crevice Tool.

On the other hand, the Shark IZ163H has a Shark Pet Plus Cordless Stick Vacuum, a Crevice Tool & a Pet Multi-tool. The Shark IZ163H lacks an anti-allergen brush.


The IZ163H has a lighter weight design when compared to the Shark IZ362H. The IZ163H weighs around 1.5 kg, whereas the IZ362H weighs around 3.2 kg, making it a heavier option for daily use.

Suction Power

While the brand doesn’t mention the suction power, the IZ362H offers less suction capacity than the Shark IZ163H. Both of them don’t have good suction capacity.

Shark IZ362H vs IZ163H – Pros and Cons

Shark IZ362H
Shark IZ362H vs IZ163H
Shark IZ163H
Shark IZ362H vs IZ163H
● Suitable for hardwood, tiles, and laminate surface
● Effective pet hair cleaning
● Less noisy
● HEPA filtration
● Suitable for cleaning pet hair
● Easy to maintain
● Excellent Range
● Highly portable
● Poor suction
● Regular maintenance of parts is required.
● Average Suction Capacity
● No brush for pet grooming
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Shark IZ362H vs IZ163H – Which is Better?

The Shark IZ362H offers better value for money than the Shark IZ163H. The Shark IZ362H has a better vacuum capacity, as it comes with a powerful 281 watts of the motor. Not just is the motor power, but the attachments that you get with this battery-powered vacuum cleaner are better than the IZ163H.

However, if you want a lightweight vacuum cleaner that only weighs around 1.51 kg and also comes with a bigger dust cup, then you should look for the Shark IZ163H. It is also an ideal cleaner for cleaning pet hair, dust around the corners, and cleaning unreachable spots.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the Shark IZ163H and IZ362H be able to reach halfway under a king-sized bed?

Yes, you can go side by side to clean the underneath of a king-sized bed.

Are the LED headlights bright enough to see at dark spots?

Yes, the LED lights are brighter than you would expect. You can easily notice the dust underneath your bed.

Does the IZ163H Come with a Wall Mount?

No, it doesn’t come with a wall mount out of the box.


All of this being said, both models seem to be great vacuum cleaners. Both the Shark IZ362H and Shark IZ163H are great alternatives to each other. Both are suitable for lighter use like cleaning pet hair, cleaning unreachable spots, and others.

However, due to better motor output, the Shark IZ362H also allows you to clean hard surfaces like hardwood, hard floor, concrete, etc. On the other hand, the IZ163H is not ideal for cleaning hard surfaces, and it is better to clean pet hair, upholstery, sofa, curtain, almirah, etc.

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