Delonghi BCO430BM vs COM532M – Which One is Best?

Delonghi BCO430BM vs COM532M – How to Choose the Best?

Delonghi BCO430BM vs COM532M

The Delonghi all-in-one coffee machine is the ideal choice for heavy coffee drinkers who want an unlimited number of drinks from the same machine. The Delonghi BCO430BM and COM532M are some of the most popular devices, so we created a review to help users choose the best coffee maker out of all.

We have compared all the features and specs to bring you the most flexible coffee maker of the two options to help you brew great coffee every day. Here’s everything you need to know:

Delonghi BCO430BM vs COM532M – Comparison Table:

ProductDelonghi BCO430BM
Delonghi BCO430BM vs COM532M
Delonghi COM532M
Delonghi BCO430BM vs COM532M
Product TypeAll-In-One Coffee MakerAll-In-One Coffee Maker
ColorMetallic & BlackMetallic & Black
Body MaterialPlastic + Stainless SteelPlastic + Stainless Steel
Boiler MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Drinks Capacity10 Cups10 Cups
Removable Drip TrayYesYes
Keep Warm FunctionYesYes
Filter TypePermanentPermanent
Cup HolderYesYes
Programmable TimerYesYes
Input Voltage115 V / 60 Hz115 V / 60 Hz
Cappuccino SystemYesYes
Milk FrotherYesYes
Touch ControlsYesYes
Steam WandYesYes
LED IndicatorYesYes
Size1 & 2 Shot1 & 2 Shot
POD SupportYesYes
Power Consumption1500 Watts1500 Watts
Pump Pressure15 Bars15 Bars
Pump TypeItalianItalian
Cable Length1200 mm1200 mm
Weight13.7 lbs13.67 lbs
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dimensions(inches)11.2 x 14.52 x 12.7911.02 x 14.52 x12.79
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Delonghi BCO430BM vs COM532M – What’s the same?

Type & Material

The Delonghi BCO430BM and COM532M are two complete coffee makers that offer consumers many choices. You can prepare espresso, cappuccino, latte, and other coffee drinks with minimal effort. Crafted from stainless steel inside and out, these two devices will give you maximum product life in your home and help you serve great coffee to your family and friends.


The all-in-one coffee machine from Delonghi has a total of 10 cups output capacity with the same amount of storage space in two water tanks. There is a place under the removable tray for storing waste materials and cleaning the whole machine once a week to make the overall user experience very comfortable.

Display & Controls

The coffee maker is quite easy to use with an electronic display that shows a timer that automatically turns off when your coffee is ready to drink. Touch controls are mounted on the machine to offer the best selection options with first-class haptics. Both machines are also equipped with multiple light indicators to keep track of settings and always get a consistent and perfect coffee.

Filters & Pressure

The BCO430BM and COM532M come with two permanent filters in the box that don’t need to be replaced after making every coffee blend. Each device is also equipped with a 15 bar Italian pump, much more powerful than any other brand on the market. So, whenever you use a Delonghi coffee machine for preparation, the espresso is sure to have an authentic and strong taste.


An instant milk froth is included with each set and you can prepare coffee in one or two servings, depending on your preference. A long steamer wand is also available for both coffee machines, allowing you to make milk-based drinks without having to buy additional equipment online. Other features include a heating tray, programmable timer and keep warm function to maintain the perfect heat for your coffee after a while.

Delonghi BCO430BM vs COM532M – What’s so different?


One of the main differences between the Delonghi BCO430BM and the COM532M is the design. Not only does the coffee maker look different, but it is also designed for different users. The COM532M comes with a better design and clean sides. The overall more metallic body also makes it look premium.

The design of the Delonghi BCO430BM looks a bit cheesy due to the excessive use of plastic on the outer surface, which makes the second coffee machine more suitable for modern kitchen owners.


Although the Delonghi BCO430BM is the same size as the COM532M, the weight is slightly different. The first machine is a little heavier, but this minimal difference is negligible as neither coffee machine has any quality compromises.

Delonghi BCO430BM vs COM532M – Pros & Cons

Delonghi BCO430BM
Delonghi BCO430BM vs COM532M
Delonghi COM532M
Delonghi BCO430BM vs COM532M
● Simple to use
● Large water storage
● One year warranty
● Touch controls
● Easy maintenance & cleaning
● Makes strong espresso
● Polished stainless-steel design
● One-click brewing
● Strong build quality
● Permanent filters
● Design isn’t great
● No grinder
● High power consumptions
● No grinder
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Delonghi BCO430BM vs COM532M – Which one’s the best?

In our opinion, both coffee machines are great for any enthusiastic consumer. If you need a better design, choose Delonghi COM532M as your home coffee maker because it looks better in your modern kitchen. Apart from that, both devices come with impressive features like a removable drip tray, touch control, cup holder, foamer and much more to make your day with the perfect morning coffee.

General FAQs

Q. Which Pods to use in the coffee maker?

Dark roasted ESE coffee pods are recommended for the best taste.

Q. Should I pause the coffee maker to pour a cup in the middle?

Just pull the coffee mug and it will automatically stop dripping.

Q. Where can I buy replacement Pods?

You can get it on the official Delonghi website.

Q. What size portafilter should you use?

Anywhere from 51mm to the industry standard 58mm portafilter should work.

Q. Does it come with a jar as the picture shows?

Yes, you get a full-size mug to hold the coffee after it’s brewed.


After comparing the Delonghi BCO430BM and COM532M, we didn’t find much difference, excluding design and weight, between the two coffee machines. Therefore, buying any device that fits your kitchen is the best choice, because both Delonghi coffee makers share the same physical and technical characteristics to help you make coffee automatically.

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