Greenworks 40V vs 80V Lawn Mower – How to Choose?

If you are on the hunt for the best push lawn mowers, then the Greenworks 40V and Greenworks 80V are two of the best lawn mower tractors that you might be interested in.

Both of these lawn mowers have a great reputation in the market due to their great quality and durability. On top of that, both of these lawn mowers are affordable, so you can get them without breaking your bank. Below we have made a comparison of Greenworks 40V Vs. 80V to help to make an informed purchase.

Greenworks 40V vs 80V Lawn Mower

Greenworks 40V vs 80V Lawn Mower – Comparison Table:

ProductsGreenworks 40V
Greenworks 40V vs 80V Lawn Mower
Greenworks 80V
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Voltage40 volts80 volts
Runtime50 minutes50 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes30 minutes
Battery4.0 Ah and 2.0 Ah2.5 Ah (2)
Push ButtonYesYes
Power SourceBattery (Cordless)Battery (Cordless)
Brushless motorNoYes
Weight37.5 Pounds57 Pounds
Drive SystemPushPush
MaterialHardened PlasticSteel
Removable BatteryYesYes
CoverageUp to ⅓ acre1 acre
Deck size20 inches21 inches
Wheel Size10″ rear and 7 “front10″ rear and 7″ front
Cutting Height57
Operating ModeManualManual
Dimensions28.5 x 17 x 21.3 inches60.5 x 21.62 x 36.5 inches
AttachmentsLawnmower, grass collection bag, 4.0 Ah, 2.0 Ah battery, Battery charger, and a manualLawnmower, Grass collection bag, Side discharge chute, Mulching plug, 2 batteries of 2.5 Ah, Rapid charger, and a manual
ApplicationsMulching, Bagging, Side discharge, and leaf pickupMulching, Bagging, Side discharge, and leaf pickup
Warranty3 Years4 Years
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Greenworks 40V vs 80V Lawn Mower – Similarities


The first commonality between the Greenworks 40V and 80V lawnmowers is that both offer the same runtime, which is about 50 minutes. Both these lawn mowers are highly efficient, and you can easily cover a wide area with both mowers.

Drive System and Push Button

The drive mechanism shared by the Greenworks 40V and 80V lawnmowers is another similarity between them. Both require you to push them manually to cut the grass. But both the mower also includes a push button which allows you to push them effortlessly.

Power Source

When it comes to the power source, the Greenworks 40V and 80V both run without an active power source, which means that both are cordless push lawn mowers. Moreover, both of these lawnmowers come with a battery that can be used to operate them.

Removable Battery

The best part about the Greenworks lawnmowers is the flexibility to use them with other different batteries.

Both lawnmowers come with a removable battery, so you can replace the battery when needed. Moreover, both lawn mower supports different types of batteries offered by Greenworks.

Wheel Size

The wheel size determines how easily you will be able to move the lawnmower tractor. Both the Greenworks model comes with similar wheel size.

The front wheel is smaller in size and is about 7 inches, while the rear wheels are 10 inches in size. Both tractors can be moved effortlessly to any location on your lawn.

Operating Mode

Both lawnmowers can be operated manually, and both of them don’t have any automatic mode because both these lawnmowers are budget-range tractors.


When it comes to the applications, then both lawnmowers can be used for mulching, bagging, side discharge, leaf pickup, and a lot more. Basically, you can perform all necessary applications with ease.

Greenworks 40V vs 80V Lawn Mower – Difference


The Greenworks 80V requires 80 volts, while the Greenworks 40V runs on 40 volts of power. Due to the higher voltage requirement of 80V, it works efficiently and cuts down the hard grass seamlessly.

Charging Time

There is a huge difference in terms of charging time. The Greenworks 80V can be fully charged in just 30 minutes, as it also comes with a rapid charger.

On the other side, the Greenworks 40V comes with a standard charger, and it takes about 2 hours to fully charge.


The Greenworks 80V comes with two batteries, each of 2.5 Ah. While the Greenworks 40V comes with a 4.0 Ah and a 2.0 Ah battery.


When it comes to transportability and compactness, the Greenworks 40V is slightly lighter in size as it only weighs about 37.5 pounds in comparison to the 57 pounds of the Greenworks 80V.

Build Quality

When it comes to the build quality, the Greenworks 40V is made up of hard plastic, which is not as durable as the Greenworks 80V, as 80V is made up of steel.

Coverage Area

The Greenworks 40V can cover up to 1/3 acres of area. On the other hand, the Greenworks 80V can cover up to 1 acre of the area as it has better battery life.

Deck Size

The Greenworks 40V comes with a 20 inches deck, while the 80V comes with 21 inches of deck. Both have a large enough deck to get smooth cutting with ease.

Cutting Height

The Greenworks 80V offers 7 height adjustments, while the 40V offers only 5 height adjustment options. If you need more height options, then the 80V is a better choice for you.


The Greenworks 40V comes with a 3-year warranty. In contrast, the 80V lawnmower comes with only 4 years of warranty.

Greenworks 40V vs 80V Lawn Mower – Pros and Cons

Greenworks 40V
Greenworks 40V vs 80V Lawn Mower
Greenworks 80V
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● 4 years warranty
● 7 height adjustment options
● Larger deck size
● Made up of steel
● Highly portable and lightweight
● 50 minutes of runtime
● Decent deck size
● Less voltage requirement
● Slightly pricy
● Only 5 height settings
● Average durability
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Greenworks 40V vs 80V Lawn Mower – Which One is Better?

The Greenworks 80V is much more durable and robust in comparison to Greenworks 40V. Moreover, the 80V has a total of 7 height settings, and it comes with a slightly larger deck of 21 inches.

On top of that, the Greenworks 80V comes with a 4-year long brand warranty which makes it much more reliable than Greenworks 40V. Hence, Greenworks 80V lawnmower is a better option.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many years will the batteries last?

The battery can last depending upon the usage and its size. The 4 Ah batteries will last up to 2 years on regular use.

Do these lawnmowers have battery indicators?

Yes, both model comes with a battery indicator.

Which technology does the Greenworks 80V use?

The 80V uses smart cut technology to clean the lawn effectively.


So, there is everything to know about the Greenworks 40V and 80V lawnmowers. We have covered each and every point you should consider before buying any lawn mower.

The Greenworks 80V is a better option, in our opinion, especially if you have a large-sized lawn. On the other hand, the 40V can be considered for cleaning small-sized lawns.

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