Havells Carlo vs Instanio – Which Water Heater is Best?

Havells Carlo vs Instanio – How to Choose the Best Water Heater?

Havells Carlo vs Instanio

To get hot water quickly in the morning, everyone needs a water heater installed in their bathroom. Many companies in the Indian market are known for making great geysers and one of them is Havells.

Havells Carlos vs Instanio is a common debate for people trying to buy the best water heater online. The devices are from the same brand with almost similar traits, which makes the decision very difficult for most people. That’s why today we have an extensive comparison between the two boilers to suggest the best tools for your home.

Havells Carlo vs Instanio – Comparison Table:

ProductHavells Carlo
Havells Carlo vs Instanio
Havells Instanio
Havells Carlo vs Instanio
TypeInstant Water HeaterInstant Water Heater
Capacity3 Liters3 Liters
Tank MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Tank Coating304 Grade304 Grade
Heating ElementCopperCopper
Mount TypeWallWall
Pressure0.65 MPa or 6.5 Bars0.65 MPa or 6.5 Bars
Mixing Factor30 %30%
TankSS TankSS Tank
Auto-thermal Cut OffYesYes
Safety ValveYesYes
Rust ResistanceYesYes
Heating IndicatorYesYes
Fire Resistant Power CordYesYes
Operating Voltage220-240 V / 50 Hz230 V / 50 Hz
Power3000 W3000 W
Input CurrentNot Specified16 Ampere
Weight2.5 Kg3 Kg
Tank Warranty5 Years5 Years
Body & Electrical Components Warranty2 Years2 Years
In BoxWater Heater, Manual, Wall mount accessoriesWater Heater, Manual, 2 x Fasteners, 2 x Flexible Pipes
Suitable ForBathroom, High-rise BuildingsBathroom, High-rise Buildings
Dimensions22.5 x 18 x 34.5 cm22.5 x 19 x 37.3 cm
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Havells Carlo vs Instanio – What’s the same?

Type & Capacity

Havells Carlo and Instanio are instant heaters. Both take up very little wall space in your home to provide access to hot water without wasting a lot of time. They also have a 3-litre capacity to always keep the water in the heater stored and release it as soon as you open the tap.


These two instant water heaters don’t require a lot of energy as they can be powered from any standard wall outlet in your home to heat the water in a few minutes. Both Havells Geysers are available with a normal power consumption of 3000W, which can save electricity by heating a large amount at once, so you don’t have to waste energy on the heating elements every second.


Each water heater can be placed vertically in your bathroom and mounted on the wall near the outlet and water inlet to enjoy a constant flow of hot water all year round. Unfortunately, Havells doesn’t offer a free installation service for both units, so you’ll need to hire a plumber close to your home to make all the connections.

Auto Cut-Off & Indicator

Yes, you get an automatic cut-off feature on both devices, so even if you leave the Geyser on for hours on end, you shouldn’t have any overheating issues on the device. The temperature LED on both devices shows when the water is heated and ready to use. In addition, the stainless-steel tank helps keep the water warm for hours to save electricity in your home.


As the Havells water heater is made from Stainless steel material you get an impressive 5 years of tank warranty with both devices. Also, to make things even better for consumers there is an added two years of warranty on electrical components and body parts of the geyser. 

Havells Carlo vs Instanio – What’s so different?


Coming from the same brand, Havells Carlo and Instanio has completely different design. The first set is much more compact and ideal for households that don’t have a lot of bathroom space. The second geyser gives you a modern look that not only looks better than the others but also has a round LED that shows the user temperature.


While comparing the weight of Havells Carlo and Instanio, we found that Carlo water heater comes with less weight than the other. Havells Instanio is half a kilogram heavier which can make the installation process harder. The extra weight of Instanio is due to the bigger frame that takes more space on the wall of the bathroom. 

Havells Carlo vs Instanio – Pros & Cons

Havells Carlo
Havells Carlo vs Instanio
Havells Instanio
Havells Carlo vs Instanio
● 3 litres of capacity
● Takes less time to heat water 
● Smaller in size and easier to install
● Rust-resistant tank
● Copper heating element
● 5 Years of tank warranty
● Energy-efficient water heater
● Looks great from outside
● LED water indicator
● Fireproof power cord
● Design is not that great
● No free installation
● Bigger in size and weight
● No free installation
 View on Amazon View on Amazon

Havells Carlo vs Instanio – Which one’s the best?

Havells Carlo and Instanio are great devices for anyone in India who needs a good water heater. They have the same features like auto shut off, heating indicator, stainless steel tank and 5-year warranty. So, depending on your budget, you can opt for any Havells water heater and enjoy hot showers any time of the year without a long wait.

General FAQs

Q. How long does the water need to be heated?

You need to wait for 3 to 4 minutes.

Q. Is it energy efficient?

Yes, both devices have a 5-star energy efficiency rating.

Q. Is the installation free?

No, you will have to hire your plumber for the installation.

Q. Does it work with tall buildings?

Yes, both water heaters can withstand the pressure of tall buildings.

Q. Can I plug it into the kitchen sink?

Yes, you can connect any heater to the sink and get hot water for washing dishes.

Q. Can you mount this outside?

No, this boiler is only suitable for indoor use.


After comparing Havells Carlo and Instanio water heaters from head to toe, we found that the only differences between the two units were design, weight and price. So, if you’re willing to pay more for a great design, Havells Instanio is the perfect device. However, for those who are on a budget and do not care about design the Havells Carlo water heater can satisfy their needs by providing instant water any time of the day.

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