Philips AC1215 vs AC1217 – Which Air Purifier is Best?

Philips AC1215 vs AC1217 – How to Choose the Best Air Purifier?

Philips AC1215 vs AC1217

Depending on the city you live in, there is a great need for air purifiers to clean the air and remove pollutants that can affect your health. Philips is a major brand in India that has covered the entire air purifier market with the best products.

Philips AC1215 and AC1217 are two of the best-selling devices with very little information available online to help consumers decide between the two. That’s why we created this guide to help you find the best Philips air purifier on the market today. Here’re the results:

Philips AC1215 vs AC1217 – Comparison Table:

FeaturesPhilips AC1215
Philips AC1215 vs AC1217
Philips AC1217
Philips AC1215 vs AC1217
TypeAir PurifierAir Purifier
TechnologyVitaShield & AreaSenseVitaShield & AreaSense
FiltersMicrobes, Viruses & DustMicrobes, Viruses & Dust
ColourBlack, WhiteWhite
Cleaning Area6362
Speeds Controls34
CADR (Particle, GB/T)270 m³/h260 m³/h
Removable FiltersYesYes
Power220-240 V220-240 V
Power Consumption50 W50 W
Filtering Rate99.9%99.9%
Filter TypeCarbon, HEPA & PreFilterCarbon, HEPA & PreFilter
Suitable for AllergiesYesYes
Automatic ModeYesYes
Purifying Speed12 Minutes12 Minutes
Quality IndicatorYesYes
Noise Level33.0 dB33.0 dB
Sleep ModeYesYes
Cord Length1.8 m1.8 m
Weight5.2 Kg7 Kg
Warranty2 Years1 Year
In BoxAir Purifier, Filters and User ManualAir Purifier, Filters and User Manual
Dimensions (W x H x D)12.8 x 8.31 x 21.3 inches12.8 x 8.31 x 21.3 inches
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Philips AC1215 vs AC1217 – What’s the same?


Both air purifiers have a built-in display with touch-sensitive controls that shows all the information about the filter and air on the screen. When the filter needs replacement, you will receive a notification and you can also make changes in speed, power, and sound via the top screen. Phillips live pollution tracking also analyzes air pollutants to let you know about the area.

Filters and cables

The filters of these two air purifiers can clean bacteria, H1N1 viruses, pollen, dust particles and other contaminants from the air with great precision. You also get a 1.8-meter-long cable to power devices from every corner of your home.

Sleep Mode

In sleep mode, you can reduce the fan speed to produce less noise so you don’t have to wake up at night and enjoy a sound sleep. This sleep mode is available on both Philips air purifiers to provide customers with a good night’s sleep. Plus in sleep mode, power consumption is reduced to a minimum to save energy and use functions only when needed.

Automatic cleaning

An automatic cleaning function is available on the Philips AC1215 and AC1217 to keep the air clean so you don’t have to operate the device manually. The program works by constantly checking the air in the room to start cleaning as soon as it drops below a certain value.


You will get the same power consumption in both devices as they both use the same motor and are set up to work in your home. Both Phillips air purifiers use an average of 50W and even less when in sleep mode. This device only works on the 50 Hz power line available in India, so people in some other countries cannot use the device.


Both Philips air purifiers are equipped with HEAP and a carbon filter to remove germs, viruses and dust from your room. So, if you want to protect yourself from airborne threats, make sure to monitor both filters and replace them as soon as they are full so you don’t run into any health problems.

Philips AC1215 vs AC1217 – What’s so different?


While these two air purifiers are similar in shape, many other design aspects are easy to distinguish. With the AC1215 you get a front grille to pull in more air, while the other of the device sucks air in from the side panels. Plus, the first device is available in black or white, while the second option is only available in white colour settings.

Cleaning area and weight

The Philips AC1215 can cover more room in your house, while AC1217 felt a little short on the mark. In addition, the Philips AC1215 is lighter, so the air purifier can be easily moved from one room to another. This will give more mobility and control to move the device for cleaning or maintenance in the house.


The Philips AC1215 comes with a 2-year warranty, while the second device only has a one-year warranty. So, choosing the first option will give you more time in the future if something goes wrong and needs to be replaced or repaired.


Both devices are equipped with touch controls, but the Phillips AC1217 offers 4 levels of speed and therefore it is faster than the AC1215 device (3 levels of speed). A screen is attached at the top for quick access to filter settings and you can even control them by a phone.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

CADR is the ratio used to measure how much air the air purifier can filter. That means the higher the CADR, the better the performance. The Philips AC1215 is equipped with a 270 m³/h CADR ratio that exceeds the number of second devices, making it a better cleaner for indoor air.

Philips AC1215 vs AC1217 – Pros & Cons

Philips AC1215
Philips AC1215 vs AC1217
Philips AC1217
Philips AC1215 vs AC1217
● Covers more space
● Portable design and weighs less
● More vents for better airflow
● Two Years of Warranty
● Available in two colour options
● Fast purifying speed
● 4 Speed channels
● Budget-friendly price 
● Sleep mode for better sleep
● Power-efficient device
● Higher price
● Design is not so good
● Less warranty
● Heavier in weight
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Philips AC1215 vs AC1217 – Which one’s the best?

Philips AC1215 is better than other devices because you get so many extra features like night mode, child lock, silent fans and a longer warranty period. The air purifier may be a little more expensive than the Philips AC1217, but for people living in a polluted city, it’s worth the price.

General FAQs

Q. Does it make a lot of noise?

No, the device is often silent and you can sleep well without waking up in the middle of the night.

Q. Can you mount this on the ceiling?

Yes, you can attach Philip’s air purifier to the seal and control it from your phone.

Q. How many years for a new filter?

Both air purifiers can last an average of 2-3 years before you need to replace the filter.

Q. Can you operate an AC or heater at the same time?

The use of the AC or heating system does not affect the performance of the air purifying system.

Q. Will it be turned off to save energy?

No, the air purifier minimizes energy consumption in sleep mode and only turns on the filter until the air pollution reaches a limit to save energy.


Rising air pollution is a health hazard for anyone who lives in metro cities, so choosing the best air purifier to clean your home environment is the right decision. If you are not on a tight budget, we offer you to purchase a Philips AC1215 air purifier in India. These devices will help you stay healthy and keep your family members safe at home.

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