Powermax TDA 125 vs TDA 111 – Which Treadmill is Best?

Powermax TDA 125 vs TDA 111 – How to Choose the Best Treadmill?

Powermax TDA 125 vs TDA 111

Want to buy a Powermax Fitness treadmill? Powermax TDA 125 vs TDA 111 is still unsolved problem. The treadmills not only have similar names, but many features are similar that confuses many general users.

To help you find a better treadmill, we’ve put together this detailed guide, which covers all aspects like power, speed, capacity and more. Here are the results:

Powermax TDA 125 vs TDA 111 – Comparison Table:

ProductTDA 125
Powermax TDA 125 vs TDA 111
TDA 111
Powermax TDA 125 vs TDA 111
BrandPowermax FitnessPowermax Fitness
MaterialAlloy SteelAlloy Steel
Speed0.8-14.0 km/h0.8-14.0 km/h
Max Load Capacity115 Kg110 Kg
Display Size14 cm14 cm
Display ShowsTime, speed, distance, incline, calories, heart rateTime, speed, distance, incline, calories, heart rate
Running Surface1260 x 420 mm1260 x 420 mm
Incline18 Levels18 Levels
Incline TypeAutomaticAutomatic
SpeakersHi-Fi SpeakersYes
iPad HolderYesYes
Auto StopYesYes
Auto LubricationYesYes
Programs12 + 312 + 3
Input Power240V240V
Noise68 db68 db
ColourBlack & WhiteBlack & White
FinishPowder CoatedPowder Coated
Shock AbsorptionDual SpringDual Spring
Non-slip surface1.8mm1.6mm
ConnectionAUX, USBAUX, USB
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Motor Warranty3 Years3 Years
Frame WarrantyLifetimeLifetime
In BoxTreadmill, Manual, Warranty CardTreadmill, Manual, Warranty Card
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Powermax TDA 125 vs TDA 111 – What’s the same?


Both of these treadmills come with the same LCD screen that shows things like time, speed, incline level, distance, calories, and many other things so you can monitor your workout with the right settings. Also, the screen size of both treadmills is 14cm, mounted on a sturdy dashboard with buttons for starting programs and changing things like incline, speed, and other important settings.

Incline & Portability

With any of the above treadmills, you get an automatic incline to make your running or walking workout more intense at the touch of a button. They also have the same 12 levels of incline for precise control over everything, and the hydraulic folding system mounted on both treadmills makes it super easy to store when not in use.

Auto Stop

The auto stop function is very handy for saving energy and if something gets stuck between the running surface and the treadmill base. The system constantly monitors the weight of the treadmill to save energy when not in use by automatically stopping the motor.


There are a total of 12 preset programs on both treadmills that let you select an exercise with the push of a button. Now you don’t have to set everything up manually because there is one program for everything exercise you need to do on the treadmill.


Another great thing about the Powermax treadmill is the automatic lubrication system that helps save you time and effort by lubricating the treadmill every few days so you just have to focus on your workout and not have to worry about maintenance.


With the Powermax fitness treadmill, there are no noise issues as it has a tight frame that helps you run without disturbing your neighbours. The maximum recorded noise on the treadmill is 68 dB, which is relatively lower than other models on the market. The main reason why the treadmill is so quiet is the copper core motor developed at the University of Munich.

Powermax TDA 125 vs TDA 111 – What’s so different?


Although both Powermax Fitness treadmills have the same colour combination, they have different designs. The TDA 125 comes with a more traditional look which has a larger dashboard and side mounts to offer better hand traction. The TDA 111 has a more modern look with a simple and portable dashboard, unlike other devices. The handles of the second device are smaller in comparison, which is more difficult to hold, especially when running at maximum speed.

Load Capacity

The load capacity of the TDA 125 is higher than the model TDA 111, making it more suitable for heavier people who need to exercise on a treadmill. The TDA 125 holds a maximum load of 115 kilograms, which is 5kg more than the second treadmill.

Running Surface

When comparing the Powermax TDA 125 and TDA 111, we found that the treadmills have different levels of grip. The first treadmills had a better non-slip surface as you get 1.8mm of cushioning which also helps you increase traction while running. Due to the smaller polyester grip of the second set, you may slip or cramp your feet as the surface is more difficult to run at full speed.

Powermax TDA 125 vs TDA 111 – Pros & Cons

Powermax TDA 125
Powermax TDA 125 vs TDA 111
Powermax TDA 111
Powermax TDA 125 vs TDA 111
● High-speed motor
● 18 Levels of incline
● More comfortable
● Auto-off feature
● Loud surround speakers
● Low maintenance
● Foldable frame
● 14cm Blue Light display
● Better design
● Heart rate sensor
● Traditional design
● Expensive than other
● Less weight capacity
● Slippery running surface
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Powermax TDA 125 vs TDA 111 – Which one’s the best?

After comparing the Powermax TDA 125 and TDA 111 treadmill, we have a winner. The TDA 125 is the better treadmill because it has most of the features of other endurance treadmills with support for more weight. Heavier users can run on a treadmill without additional equipment. Plus, the TDA 125 is more comfortable to walk/run on because it has an improved polyester base which provides bounce and reduces stress on joints over time.

General FAQs

Q. Who will assemble it?

The treadmill is 90% pre-assembled and the rest of the process is very simple. Apart from that, you will get lots of tutorial videos covering the whole assembly process.

Q. Is it foldable?

Yes, both treadmills can be folded with a push of a button.

Q. What is the registration policy?

You have to register for warranty support on the official website.

Q. How easy is it to move?

The treadmill is very easy to move because it has wheels underneath on each side.


Powermax fitness treadmills are perfect for home workouts without taking up a lot of space in your room. In this comparison, we found the TDA 125 comes with better features and more load capacity making it ideal for most users. However, you can also buy the TDA 111 if your budget is limited as this treadmill is packed with powerful programs to help you lose weight at a lower price.

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