Cuisinart DGB 700 vs 800 – Which Coffee Maker is Best?

Cuisinart DGB 700 vs 800 – How to Choose the Best?

Cuisinart DGB-700 vs 800

Coffee makers keep getting better and better over time to give you an easy way to make instant coffee at an affordable price. It is very useful and saves a lot of time by automatically managing the entire brewing process.

Today we compare the Cuisinart DGB 700 with the 800, two well-known coffee makers on the market with similar features that can confuse many users. Here are the results:

Cuisinart DGB 700 vs 800 – Comparison Table:

ProductCuisinart DGB-700
Cuisinart DGB-700 vs 800
Cuisinart DGB-800
Cuisinart DGB-700 vs 800
TypeCoffee MakerCoffee Maker
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Capacity60 oz60 oz
ControlsButtonsButtons + Dial
Carafe Size12 Cups12 Cups
Grinder TypeConical stainless steel burrConical stainless steel burr
Grinder OffYesYes
Grind Control2 to 12 cups4 to 12 cups
Auto ShutoffYesYes
24-hour ProgramNoYes
FiltersGold Tone & CharcoalGold Tone & Charcoal
Bean HopperYesYes
Bean Hopper Size8 oz8 oz
Auto RinseNoYes
Brew PauseYesYes
Frequency60 Hz60 Hz
Input Volts120 V120 V
Weight14.70 lbs15 lbs
WarrantyLimited 3-YearsLimited 3-Years
Dimensions8.27 x 11.61 x 16.34″11.0 x 14.5 x 19.5″
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Cuisinart DGB 700 vs 800 – What’s the same?


The Cuisinart DGB 700 & 800 are two hands-free coffee machines. They have an electric heater that slowly heats the water and then releases the ground coffee beans to extract the perfect flavor. They also have a built-in grinder to give you a simple but versatile device that doesn’t require outside help.


Unlike other coffee makers on the market, you get a long-lasting gold tone filter that also offers the benefits of activated charcoal. This helps you get a cleaner, tastier coffee before brewing a cup with any kind of water at home.


Since both coffee machines are available under the same brand and share the same production line, you get exactly the same water tank capacity. Both can store up to 60 ounces of water before brewing. You also get an indicator line that shows the maximum water level of each device. This makes making coffee very easy, even for beginners.


The two Cuisinart DGB 700 and 800 coffee machines are equipped with glass Carafe. Both are identical in design and size. They also have the same 12-cup capacity so you can store your drinks in one container. Plus, the Carafe’s heating function will help you keep your coffee fresh and ready to drink for hours on end.


Another thing that Cuisinart coffee makers have in common is the auto-off feature. After fine-tuning the strength and volume of the coffee, you can set the brew time. The function shows the time remaining on the screen and helps you quickly make changes to test your own coffee recipes.


Both Cuisinart coffee makers feature a three-year warranty and are available without any extra cost. You must register the warranty on the official website after purchase, but the warranty will help you cover repairs and replacements if something goes wrong.

Cuisinart DGB 700 vs 800 – What’s so different?


In terms of screen size, the Cuisinart DGB-800 is an absolute winner. This device has a bigger and better LCD screen than other models. Also, with the DGB-800 you only get button controls, while the DGB-700 comes with a combination of buttons and dial. Both perform the same function, but the button layout is slightly more easy to use in our opinion.

Cup Size

While the maximum cup size is the same for both Cuisinart coffee makers at 12-cup, there are slight differences in the bottom. The Cuisinart DGB 700 can only brew two cups, while the minimum capacity of the Cuisinart DGB 800 is four cups. So, people get more range by choosing Cuisinart DGB 700 coffee maker for day-to-day work.

Auto Rinse

To make the cleaning process easier, the Cuisinart DGB 800 has an automatic rinsing function that ensures that all the ground coffee beans go into the brewing basket. The Cuisinart DGB 700 does not offer this function, so you have to manually load the leftover ground coffee beans into the container.


Only Cuisinart DGB 800 is available with a 24-hour program to plan your daily coffee drinks in advance. It works as a delayed start feature that you can activate for a certain amount of time to help you brew coffee without making any changes to the settings.


Some people say that Cuisinart coffee machines are made of plastic and others are made of metal, but in reality, they are made of both materials. However, the Cuisinart DGB-700 is a much smaller coffee maker, weighing slightly less than the DGB-800 to help you save space at home. Also, the design of the Cuisinart DGB 800 is much more modern and suitable for anyone who wants to buy it.

Cuisinart DGB 700 vs 800 – Pros & Cons

Cuisinart DGB-700
Cuisinart DGB-700 vs 800
Cuisinart DGB-800
Cuisinart DGB-700 vs 800
● Keeps your drinks hot
● Showerhead slow dispenser
● Good water tank capacity
● 3 Years of warranty
● BPA free material
● Self-cleaning technology
● Gold & charcoal filters
● Stylish glass Carafe
● Multiple color options
● Built-in grinder
● Less grind controls
● Small LED display
● No 24Hrs & Auto Rinse Program
● Higher price
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Cuisinart DGB 700 vs 800 – Which one’s the best?

The Cuisinart DGB 800 took the lead in the battle between these two coffee machines, winning many rounds such as the display, program, control, and overall design. It simply offers a better user experience for the average customer looking to purchase a coffee maker today. So, if you want an automatic, safe, and powerful device, the Cuisinart DGB 800 is just what you need.

General FAQs

Q. Should I buy whole beans or ground coffee?

Cuisinart coffee machines support both.

Q. Can I use a dishwasher?

Only for carafe, basket, and lid.

Q. How long does the heating element stay hot?

Two hours by default.


There was a time when coffee makers were considered premium devices only for the rich. However, in today’s world, anyone can afford a well-made device that can be used to make coffee every day. Consider the Cuisinart DGB 800 if you’re stuck between the two models. It offers better features at a slightly higher price, which can help you cut down on the work you have to do to brew a cup of coffee.

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