Omega NC800HDS vs MM900HDS – Which One is Best?

Omega NC800HDS vs MM900HDS – How to Choose?

Omega NC800HDS vs MM900HDS

Selecting the best juicer is similar to selecting the best yarn for a scarf. You must first determine what you want to accomplish and which options will best fit your needs.

If you’re looking for a juicer and have come across the Omega NC800HDS and MM900HDS, you should consider purchasing one of these. So, here’s a comparison of two Omega top-of-the-line models: Omega NC800HDS Vs MM900HDS.

Omega NC800HDS vs MM900HDS – Comparison Table

ProductOmega NC800HDS
Omega NC800HDS vs MM900HDS
Omega MM900HDS
Omega NC800HDS vs MM900HDS
Motor Output150 Watts200 Watts
Voltage110 to 120 Volts110 to 120 Volts
MaterialStainless SteelPlastic
RPM (Rotation Speed)80 RPM80 RPM
Mesh FilterYes (Nylon Mesh)Yes
Pulp Container Size37 oz32 oz
Detachable Pulp ContainerYesYes
Speed ControlYesYes
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
Total No of Accessories611
AttachmentsJuice Cone, Homogenizing Cone, Juice bowl, Pulp bowl, 3 pasta nozzles, 1 breadstick nozzleJuicer, Hopper, Celery End Cap, Fruit & Vegetable End Cap, Auger, Chute, Drum, Pusher, Pulp Container, Juicer Container
Cold Press TechnologyYesYes
Dimension14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches16.929 x 11.417 x 9.646 inches
Net Weight18.7 Pounds14.3 Pounds
Warranty15 Years15 Years
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Omega NC800HDS vs MM900HDS – Similarities


Both juicers feature a similar color, silver. But due to the difference in material, both may look different over time. The Omega NC800HDS may look better over a period of time, due to its metal build and stainless finish, in comparison to the plastic finish of the MM900HDS.

Power Requirements

Both juicers require 110 to 120 volts of varied power. If you try to operate on lower or higher power, you risk damaging the machine or experiencing a hardware breakdown.

Extraction Speed

Both juicers have excellent extraction speeds. Both juicers can extract juice in a matter of minutes. Both juicers feature a rotating speed of 80 RPM, allowing you to extract juice in minutes.


When it comes to filters, both the Omega NC800HDS and MM900HDS have high-quality filters. While the Omega NC800HDS is constructed of nylon and has excellent build quality, the MM900HDS filter material has not been specified.

Speed Controls

The Omega NC800HDS and Omega MM900HDS both come with multiple speed controls. With variable speed controls, you will be able to use them at your own pace.


Both juicers have a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. In the meanwhile, if you have a technical problem or detect a damaged part or component, you can get it changed free of charge.

Omega NC800HDS vs MM900HDS – Differences

Power Output

The Omega MM900HDS is the juicer for you if you need a juicer that can handle both soft and hard fruit. With a maximum output of 200 watts, this juicer is quite powerful.

The Omega NC800HDS, on the other hand, has a 150-watt power output, which is adequate for extracting juice but may not be as effective as the MM900HDS.

Build Quality

Aside from the power output, both have outstanding build quality. The Omega NC800HDS is made of stainless steel, while the MM900HDS is made of plastic.

The Omega NC800HDS is the option for you if you value build quality over power output. It is made of stainless steel and will not corrode even after years of use.

Container Size

One of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a juicer is the container size. The Omega NC800HDS has a 37-ounce container, whereas the Omega MM900HDS has a 32-ounce container, making it a better option.


When it comes to accessories, the Omega NC800HDS ranks far behind the Omega MM900HDS juicer. There are a total of 11 accessories included with the MM900HDS.

With this juicer, you also get all of the advanced attachments right out of the box. In contrast, the Omega NC800HDS only has 6 attachments which is another downside of this juicer.


Another key factor to consider is the juicer’s total weight. The Omega NC800HDS is 18.7 pounds in weight, while the Omega MM900HDS is 14.3 pounds in weight, and it is a lighter option.

Omega NC800HDS vs MM900HDS – Pros and Cons

Omega NC800HDS
Omega NC800HDS vs MM900HDS
Omega MM900HDS
Omega NC800HDS vs MM900HDS
● Industry-grade build quality
● Decent Rotation Speed
● Excellent Filter Quality
● Bigger Container
● Powerful motor output
● More advanced accessories
● Less Noisy
● Lightweight design
● Noisy
● Less Powerful motor
● Plastic build
● Small Container
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Omega NC800HDS vs MM900HDS – Which is Better?

When it comes to construction quality, filter quality, and having a larger than normal container for your daily juice needs, the Omega NC800HDS is superior.

The Omega MM900HDS, on the other hand, is a better choice if you want a more powerful motor, modern accessories, and a silent machine with a lightweight design.

We recommend the Omega NC800HDS if you want something that is more durable and lasts longer. However, if you’re hunting for something that’s easy to clean with better power output, the MM900HDS is a good choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Omega MM900HDS good for extracting Citrus juice?

Yes, it is quite efficient for extracting the juice from citrus fruits.

What is the Best Way to Extract Fruit from Omega NC800HDS and MM900HDS?

The best way to extract fruit juice is by pushing the soft fruits first, like strawberries and peaches, and then you can push hard fruits like ginger and carrot to get the most juice out of the fruit.

What is the Major difference between Omega NC800HDS vs MM900HDS?

The major difference lies between the power output and the build quality. The NC800HDS is made up of high-grade metal, while the MM900HDS has a powerful 200 Watts motor.


Omega’s NC800HDS and MM900HDS juicers are exceptional juicers. They’re efficient and powerful, and they can juice practically anything you throw at them through their larger-than-average feeding chute, which is also simple to clean and maintain. If you want a more durable juicer then the Omega’s NC800HDS is the best choice.

The Omega MM900HDS Juicer, on the other hand, is more powerful and effective at extracting juice from hard fruits and vegetables. In addition, it is less noisy and easier to use than the NC800HDS. The Omega MM900 HDS should be the best if you’re looking for a good masticating juicer.

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