HP 315 vs 415 – Which HP Printer is Best?

HP 315 vs 415 – How to Choose the Best Printer?

HP 315 vs 415

With so many choices, everyday users are often confused between HP printers and can’t make up their minds. Today we compared the HP 315 with the 415.

Not only do the names look the same, but many features are identical between the two, so pay close attention to the details to find the best match. Here’s everything you need to know:

HP 315 vs 415 – Comparison Table:

ProductHP Ink Tank 315
HP 315 vs 415
HP Ink Tank 415
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TypeInk Tank PrinterInk Tank Printer
TechnologyHP Thermal InkjetHP Thermal Inkjet
Body ColorBlackBlack
FunctionsPrint, Copy, ScanPrint, Copy, Scan
Print OutputColor/Black & WhiteColor/Black & White
Colour Printing Process411
InterfaceUSB 2.0USB 2.0
Input Capacity60 Sheets60 Sheets
Output Capacity25 Sheets25 Sheets
Display7 segment + icon LCD7 segment + icon LCD
Controls3 LEDs & 5 Buttons7 LEDs & 9 Buttons
Total Cartridges4 (1 Black, 3 Color)4 (1 Black, 3 Color)
Print Speed (Max)19 PPM19 PPM
Scan Speed21 Sec.21 Sec.
Input Voltage100-240 V, 50/60 Hz100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Active Power Consumption10 Watts10 Watts
Power On Sleep Mode0.88 Watts0.88 Watts
Duty Cycle1,000 Pages1,000 Pages
Recommended Volume400-800 Pages400-800 Pages
Duplex PrintingManualManual
Auto Paper SensorNoNo
Borderless PrintingYesYes
Colour ScanningYesYes
Media SizeA4; B5; A6; DL envelopeA4; B5; A6; DL envelope
Media Weight75 g/m²75 g/m²
Resolution1200 dpi1200 dpi
Operating SystemWindows & MacWindows & Mac
Scanner TypeFlatbedFlatbed
Operating Humidity5-90%5-90%
Operating Temp.5-40ºC5-40ºC
Compatible Ink CartridgeHP GT 53 XL, HP GT52HP GT 53 XL, HP GT52
Cartridge Yield (Colour, B&W)6,000 Pages, 8,000 Pages6,000 Pages, 8,000 Pages
Cable Length (USB)1.5 m1.8 m
Weight4.67 Kg4.67 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dimensions525 x 310 x 158 mm525 x 310 x 158 mm
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HP 315 vs 415 – What’s the same?

Type & Handling

HP 315 and 415 are two Ink Tank printers that work on the same technology to print, scan and copy any page with accurate colour. Both printers can work on black & white, and colour mode so users get the maximum benefits. For handling pages you get a sheetfed print option that improves the whole process.


You can load up to 60 sheets of plain-size paper in the HP 315 and 415 input trays, and the maximum output capacity is approximately 25 pages. It is ideal for people who need a printer for normal work at home, as the device cannot handle group tasks.

Design & Display

The design of the two HP printers is exactly the same with black colour on top and display on the side. Both printers weigh the same and come with the exact same frame size that takes very little space on your table. The display on each device is a combination of 7 segment and icon LCD screen that is very small and only shows text output.


The average printing speed on both devices is 10 PPW. At maximum, you can get up to 19 PPM of printing speed while using an A4 sides paper and setting the colour mode to black and white. For scanning, it takes 21 seconds for one page to finish and you can scan over three pages with both HP printers.


These two printers use the same 10 watts of power when running, which is very little compared to other devices on the market. In sleep mode, the HP 315 and 415 printer’s power gets reduced to less than one watt, helping you save electricity every day.


Both printers are available in high resolution, so you always get the perfect printout for any home or office project. The 1200 dpi resolution is more than enough to handle any print job with precision and always get consistent results on both colour or black & white settings.

Duty Cycle

You can print up to 1000 pages per month on both HP printers, but this is not recommended. Printing more than 400-800 pages and exceeding the range will certainly affect the life of the printer, so bulk users should choose other options. Speaking of yield, both printer’s ink can last for months before you need to replace the cartridges, as they can cover up to 5,000 black & white pages and up to 6,000 colour pages.

HP 315 vs 415 – What’s so different?

Wireless Options

HP 315 does not have wireless options but HP 415 comes with built-in Wi-Fi support. So, you can print with phones (both Android & IOS) over the network without using any internet. The wireless range on HP 415 is also decent and you’ll have no connection problems with this device.

Cable Length

Both HP 315 and 415 come with USB ports on the back of both printers that you can connect with any PC, Laptop, or tablet. A USB cable comes with both printers but their size differs. The cable on HP 415 is longer by 0.2 meters to help you reach more places without the need for an extension.


HP 315 comes with fewer controls and indicators. On 315 you get 5 buttons and 3 LED lights that show you which functions are running on the printer. The HP 415 comes with 9 buttons to manage everything with more accurate controls and there are 7 LED lights to help you instantly know the print, scan, or copy settings.

Colour Printing Process

The HP 315 features a 4-colour printing process that can produce more than 16,000 different colours, while the HP 415 features an 11-colour printing process that produces more colours. This makes the HP 415 more accurate and better for colour printing, to ensure your colours match up correctly.

HP 315 vs 415 – Pros & Cons

HP Ink Tank 315
HP 315 vs 415
HP Ink Tank 415
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● Less power consumption
● Descent input capacity
● Borderless printing
● Multiple scan formats
● Low cost per page print
● Fast print, copy and scan speeds
● Connects with phones and tablets
● Comes with sleep mode
● More control options
● High yielding ink tanks
● Less colour accuracy
● No wireless options
● Higher in price
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HP 315 vs 415 – Which one’s the best?

Clearly, HP 415 is the best printer between the two. The device is affordable, easy to use, and takes very little power to run. You can print up to 1,000 pages per month with high-quality resolution that works in both black and white and colour modes. Also, the device is more colour-accurate and allows you to connect to your phone and print wirelessly.

General FAQs

Q. Can I print glossy pages?

Yes, both devices can print glossy A4 pages.

Q. Does it print on both sides?

You can print both sides manually.

Q. Are colours free with the purchase of this printer?

Yes, in both.

Q. What OS are supported?

You can connect to Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Those who need a printer at the best price can choose the HP 315, but for better performance, the 415 is our advice. The device is great for home operation and does not require much electricity to run. You also get low printing costs and the ink cartridges can last for months. So, pick up the HP 415 today and start printing right from home.

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