Green Soul Beast vs Monster – Which One is Best?

Green Soul Beast vs Monster – How to Choose the Best?

Do you play games? If yes, then a gaming chair is perfect for your home. They are comfortable and help you sit in the right position for hours to play without back problems. Like all other markets, Green Soul dominates this space, especially online.

Here’s a comparison between Beast vs Monster, two gaming chairs from the same brand, to help you find a perfect fit.

Green Soul Beast vs Monster – Comparison Table:

ProductGreen Soul Beast
Green Soul Beast vs Monster
Green Soul Monster
Green Soul Beast vs Monster
TypeGaming ChairGaming Chair
Capacity120 Kg135 Kg
Wheel TypePU WheelsPU Wheels
Wheel Size66
Tilt Ratio1:11:1
Tilt MechanismButterfly MechanismDeer Mechanism
Tilt LockNoYes
Max Tilt Angle135 Degrees135 Degrees
Adjustable Neck PillowYesYes
Backrest Height89 cm88 cm
Backrest Shoulder Width5251
Height AdjustabilityYesYes
Seat Height (Min/Max)42 – 50 cm48 – 56 cm
Height Suitability4.11 – 5.10 ft5.2 – 5.10 ft
Gas LiftClass 4Class 4
Adjustable ArmrestYesYes
Armrest Height Range7 cm7 cm
Seat Surface MaterialFabric and PU LeatherFabric and PU Leather
Seat Back MaterialFabric and PU LeatherFabric and PU Leather
Lumbar Support MaterialFabric and PU LeatherVelour Upholstery
Frame MaterialMetalMetal
Chair Base MaterialNylon BaseMetal Base
Chair Back MaterialLeatheretteLeatherette
Package Weight20 kg27 kg
Warranty3 Years3 Years
Seat Dimensions47 x 53 cm50 x 54 cm
Package Dimensions83 x 66 x 33 cm66 x 86 x 32 cm
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Green Soul Beast vs Monster – What’s the same?


Unlike office chairs, Green Soul Beast & Monster are gaming chairs specially designed for modern gamers. It includes a headrest, waist support, adjustable armrest, and many other features that let you enjoy hours of gaming fun. Plus, the chair is also ergonomic, very comfortable and made of the best fabrics to meet all your needs at home.

Neck Pillow

Each Green Soul chair comes with a neck pillow to help protect your neck while you work on everyday tasks. The neck pillow is very comfortable since you can adjust it to prevent neck & body pain to maintain a good sitting posture over time.


Both Green Soul gaming chairs are equipped with large wheels that help users move around the table with ease. You get the same five-wheel setup on each model. Also, all wheels are of the same size so they can roll smoothly around your room and not get stuck between things.


Yes, you can lower the back seats to get a more comfortable position and rest between gaming sessions without leaving the gaming chairs. Also, there’s no footrest, the adjustable memory foam and neck pillow work as a bed to lie down comfortably while maintaining perfect posture in any mode.


The two chairs also share one more thing in common, there’s a three-year warranty against manufacturing and shipping errors. So, if you have any issues after delivery, simply contact the brand for assistance to get replacement or repairs at no extra cost.

Green Soul Beast vs Monster – What’s so different?

Height Adjustment

You can adjust the seat height of both gaming chairs to ensure a comfortable working environment during long working hours. However, the difference lies in the adjustment range. The Green Soul Beast is ideal for people of small and medium height, while the Monster gaming chair takes care of a large person.

Tilt Control

Although both gaming chairs are available with tilt control, their mechanisms are different. Plus, Green Monster offers users a tilt lock system to make their experience even more convenient for any customer planning to buy the chair.

Armrest Options

The Green Soul Beast gaming chair features a 3D armrest, while the Monster has a 4D option. So, if you want support while typing or moving the mouse, you should get the higher model, as there will be more customizations for your own needs.

Capacity & Frame

Green Soul Monster is best for those who carry more weight as it has a capacity of 135kg while Green Soul Beast has a total capacity of around 120kg. This also shows the build quality of the two units, giving the Monster gaming chair better strength than the other because of a metal frame.


Both of these gaming chairs have an ergonomic and minimalist design scheme with a black base colour. You can get special touches of blue, silver, red, white, and yellow to match the aesthetic colour of the chair to your gaming computer. However, the Green Soul Monster looks much more premium than the Green Soul Beast as a whole.

Green Soul Beast vs Monster – Pros & Cons

Green Soul Beast
Green Soul Beast vs Monster
Green Soul Monster
Green Soul Beast vs Monster
● Headrest & lumbar support
● Portable & light body
● 3-Years warranty
● Adjustable height
● Solid overall design
● Large & comfortable seats
● Heavy-duty metal frame
● 4D Armrest
● Recliner & tilt lock
● Smart memory foam
● Less capacity
● No metal base
● Expensive option
 View on Amazon View on Amazon

Green Soul Beast vs Monster – Which one’s the best?

In short, the Green Soul Monster is the better gaming chair between the two options. It offers you a clean yet beautiful design that comes with more weight capacity, better armrests, metal base, tilt lock and more seating area to play on your computer comfortably.

General FAQs

Q. Is there a forward tilt?

No, just a backward tilt/recline option.

Q. Can I get a headrest?

Yes, both seats come with removable neck pillows.

Q. Are there armrests padded?

Yes, there’s basic padding on both armrests.

Q. How to claim warranty?

Visit the official website and register your purchase.


Green Soul Beast & Monster are great gaming chairs for any modern gamer, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Green Soul Monster is better for high-end people who need the best features, colour options and the best level of comfort. However, if you choose the Green Soul Beast, you can get a pretty strong seat with some missing features in return.

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