Cuisinart DGB 850 vs 900 – Which One is Best?

Cuisinart DGB 850 vs 900 – How to Choose the Best?

Cuisinart DGB 850 vs 900

Depending on your nature and coffee drinking habits, a coffee maker may be the best option to help you easily brew a delicious cup. Cuisinart DGB 850 & 900 are two suck models but they are very hard to tell apart.

That’s why we ended up creating this hands-on comparison to help you choose the best device for your needs. Here’s everything you need to know:

Cuisinart DGB 850 vs 900 – Comparison Table:

ProductCuisinart DGB-850
Cuisinart DGB 850 vs 900
Cuisinart DGB-900
Cuisinart DGB 850 vs 900
TypeCoffee MakerCoffee Maker
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Capacity50 oz60 oz
ControlsButtonsButtons + Dial
Carafe Size10 Cups12 Cups
Carafe TypeThermalThermal
Grinder TypeBurr MillBurr Mill
Grinder OffYesYes
Grind Control4-10 Cups2-12 Cups
Auto ShutoffYesYes
24-hour ProgramYesYes
FiltersGold-Tone & CharcoalGold-Tone & Charcoal
Bean HopperYesYes
Bean Hopper Size8 oz8 oz
Auto RinseYesNo
Brew PauseYesYes
Frequency60 Hz60 Hz
Input Volts120 V120 V
BPA FreeYesYes
Weight15 lbs15.40 lbs
WarrantyLimited 3-YearsLimited 3-Years
Dimensions11.0 x 14.5 x 19.5″8.27 x 11.61 x 16.34″
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Cuisinart DGB 850 vs 900 – What’s the same?


The Cuisinart DGB 850 & 900 is an instant coffee maker ideally designed to help you enjoy a cup or share a pot of freshly brewed coffee with your friends and family members. They have a built-in grinder for using fresh beans, but you also have the option of using ground coffee from any brand on the market.


Another thing that both Cuisinart coffee machines have in common is the overall program and functions. For starters, you get power-saving features with auto-off combined with a pre-programmable 24-hour timer to control everything in advance. Also, both coffee makers have a brew-pause function that helps you use any pre-ground coffee beans on both models.


To make things easier, both coffee makers are equipped with permanent filters so users don’t have to worry about changing them over and over again. The gold-tone filter combined with the activated carbon filter ensures to offer fresh, safe, and aromatic coffee every time you brew on the device. It also keeps the flavor constant, so brewing with any type of drinking water doesn’t affect the taste of your drip coffee.


Each Cuisinart DGB coffee maker comes with a limited three years warranty from the brand at no extra cost. It helps customers cover repairs, labor charges, shipping defects, and other problems that can occur in the future.

Cuisinart DGB 850 vs 900 – What’s so different?


Both coffee machines have a water tank that you can access from above and store the water before brewing. The Cuisinart DGB-900 comes with a larger tank that allows you to brew two extra cups of coffee without having to refill.


The Cuisinart DGB 850 has a larger screen, while the DGB-900 features more screen elements. And, the first device had only one power switch and four additional controls to manage the entire coffee machine. However, the DGB-900 has a variety of manual buttons but also has a dial to make it easier for beginners. Plus, the built-in indicators help users know which features are working and when on the later model.


The two Cuisinart coffee makers may use the same thermal, stainless steel carafe but there’s a clear difference in capacity and size. Cuisinart DGB 850 has a smaller carafe that holds less cups of coffee compared to DGB 900. So people living in a bigger family or in the habit of drinking more coffee regularly should choose the bigger option.

Grind Controls

The grinders of both coffee makers automatically adjust the coffee beans, depending on the number of cups of coffee selected and the strength of the coffee set by the user. However, with manual grind settings, the Cuisinart DGB 900 gives users more control over the other device.

Auto Rinse

Only Cuisinart DGB 850 is available with an automatic cleaning function. So if you haven’t used the machine in a long time or just want to clean the inside, the auto-rinse function will help you. The cleaning cycle is three or four times longer than a normal brewing cycle but will save a lot of time over the years.


Both coffee makers are made of stainless steel and some plastic parts that save BPA-free. While the Cuisinart DGB 850 is available with a larger frame, it actually weighs less than the others. Also, the Cuisinart DGB 900 looks better in terms of design and offers customers a more portable device with better features.

Cuisinart DGB 850 vs 900 – Pros & Cons

Cuisinart DGB 850
Cuisinart DGB 850 vs 900
Cuisinart DGB 900
Cuisinart DGB 850 vs 900
● Self-cleaning technology
● Big & strong Carafe
● BPA free materials
● 3 Years of warranty
● Large LED display
● Strong brewing capacity
● Gold & charcoal filters
● Built-in beans grinder
● Easy to use controls
● Low power usage
● Less water tank capacity
● Grind control range
● Small carafe
● No Auto Rinse feature
● Small display
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Which one’s the best?

Clearly, the Cuisinart DGB 900 is better than the DGB 850 coffee maker. Not only do you get a newer model, but you also get a better design. It also has a larger cooking capacity of 12 cups and a carafe that can hold more cups per round. Another benefit of choosing the Cuisinart DGB 900 is better grind control to cook for multiple people at any time.

General FAQs

Q. Do they have hotplates?

Yes, but they only work while brewing.

Q. What is the cooking temperature?

It stays between 160 and 180°F.

Q. Can I change the strength of the coffee?

Yes, you can easily control the strength of your coffee.


The main differences between the Cuisinart DGB 850 and 900 coffee makers are the capacity, build quality, grind control, and the auto rinse feature. Cuisinart DGB 900 offers customers better functionality at a small cost, so we recommend people to choose it for daily use.

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