Sodastream Terra vs Fizzi – Which Soda Maker is Best?

Sodastream Terra vs Fizzi – How to Choose?

Sodastream Terra vs Fizzi

It’s hard to choose between Sodastream Terra and Fizzi. Many people don’t know where to start because they don’t know much about technology and what to look out for.

That’s why we did this flawless comparison between these two sparkling water makers, listing all the key specs to recommend you the best device. So, here’s everything you need to know:

Sodastream Terra vs Fizzi – Comparison Table:

ProductSodastream Terra
Sodastream Terra vs Fizzi
Sodastream Fizzi
Sodastream Terra vs Fizzi
TypeSparkling Water MakerSparkling Water Maker
Available ColorsBlack, White, Red, BluePink, Green, Black, White, Red, Blue, Rose Gold
Product MaterialPlasticPlastic
Carbonation ProcessManualManual
Connection TypeQuick Connect CO2 technologyQuick snap & lock/ Easy insert
CO2 Cylinder Compatibility60 L60 L
Bottle Connection TypePink Quick Connect CO2 cylinderClassic screw system
Compatible BottlesSlim 1L, O.5 L Fuse, 1 L ClassicSlim 1L, O.5 L Fuse, 1 L Classic
LED Fizz IndicatorNoNo
Dishwasher SafeYesNo
BPA FreeYesYes
Reusable BottlesYesYes
Working Pressure116 psi/8 bar145 psi/10 bar
Operating Temperature104°F/40°C104°F/40°C
Electricity RequiredNoNo
Product Weight2.7 Kg3 Kg
Warranty Period2 Years2 Years
Product Dimensions (W x D x H)13 x 20 x 43 cm13 x 20 x 43 cm
What’s Included60L Co2 cylinder, 1 liter carbonating bottle60L Co2 cylinder, 1 liter carbonating bottle
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Sodastream Terra vs Fizzi – What’s the same?


Sodastream Terra & Fizzi are the top two sparkling water machines. With the push of a button, customers can turn regular tap water into soft drinks. They come with refillable CO2 gas cylinders that you can buy as spare to always have a fresh supply of soda water.

A variety of bottle sizes and flavors are also available to help customers prepare custom drinks in the comfort of their own homes for a few extra dollars.


For water storage, you get the same 1 liter water bottle with Sodastream Terra & Fizzi. They also support all other bottle sizes from the brand so you can easily store any amount of water depending on the day.

Also, thanks to the quick-release locks integrated into both models, the bottle can be directly connected to your sparkling water maker in seconds. Plus, the sparkling water makers use 60 liter cylinders of compressed CO2 gas, which you get for free the first time around.


Again, after comparing the parts you get with both Sodastream Terra & Fizzi soda water machines, we find that they are all the same. Firstly, each device comes with a one-liter water bottle which you can wash by hand.

They are BPA-free, transparent, durable, and safe for long-term storage of sparkling water. Moreover, customers will receive a free can of CO2 to help make sparkling water as soon as it is delivered to your doorstep.

Carbonation Process

Both Sodastream machines have a manual carbonation process. They have a press & hold button on the top of each device that you can use to add CO2 inside a regular bottle of water. You can also adjust the fizz level by long pressing the button to fizz more and vice versa.


From the date of purchase, you will get a two-year warranty on both Sodastream Terra & Fizzi soda water makers. You must register online before claiming any warranty according to Sodastream’s User Policy. After that, the replacement and repair of spare parts or the entire device in case of manufacturing defects is done free of charge.

Sodastream Terra vs Fizzi – What’s so different?


Sodastream Terra comes in just four-color options, while the Fizzi comes in eight different options. The size of the two devices is also almost the same, while the weight of the Fizzi is slightly more in comparison.

There’s also a slight change in pressure between the two models, but it’s minor and doesn’t cause any variation.

Dishwasher Safety

Only Sodastream Terra water bottles are dishwasher safe as they can withstand the heat and spray of detergent and water without damage. This makes cleaning your water bottles very easy and less time-consuming compared to other models by the same brand.

Connection Option

One thing that both Sodastream sparkling water makers have changed is the way they are connected. To connect to the CO2 cylinders, Fizzi uses a classic screw system that is mounted on the back and closed with a plastic cap for aesthetic reasons.

However, Sodastream Terra is more modern with quick connection technology for gas cylinders also.

Sodastream Terra vs Fizzi – Pros & Cons

Sodastream Terra
Sodastream Terra vs Fizzi
Sodastream Fizzi
Sodastream Terra vs Fizzi
● Long lasting cylinders
● Quick snap locking system
● Dishwasher safe carbonating bottle
● Made from BPA free material
● No electricity needed
● High mixing capacity
● Manual carbonation
● Two years of warranty
● Reusable bottles
● Cordless design
● Less color options
● Carbonating bottle is not dishwasher safe
● No quick connect for gas cylinders
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Sodastream Terra vs Fizzi – Which one’s the best?

Sodastream Terra sparkling water maker is our recommendation between the two devices. It features a slim and portable design that is easy to take with you wherever you go.

Terra also works without electricity, so you don’t have to look for plugs to make soda water. The carbonating bottle is also dishwasher safe and made of BPA-free material for easy water storage.

General FAQs

Q. How many flavors are there?

Six flavors. But you need to buy it separately.

Q. Can I use tap water?

Yes, on both models.

Q. Is there a battery?

No batteries or electricity require.

Q. How long will gas cylinders last?

About 40-60 bottles per sixty liters of Co2.

Q. Can I refill the bottle?

No, Sodastream does it for you.

Final Verdict

Sodastream Terra is a new device that lets you make sparkling water anywhere, anytime. You can manually adjust the carbonation level and add flavors separately. It’s also relatively quiet and comes with a two-year worldwide warranty.

On the other hand, the Sodastream Fizzi does not come with dishwasher-safe carbonating bottles and parts can be difficult to find if you run into problems, because it is a very old model.

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