Shark NV352 vs NV752 – Which One is Best?

Shark NV352 vs NV752 – How to Choose?

Shark NV352 vs NV752

Shark NV352 and NV752 are vacuum cleaners that were released back-to-back under the same series. But which one is best for your home and why should you choose one?

If you have these questions in mind, we have put together a handy comparison between the two devices, covering all the specs and features offered by the brand. So, here’s everything you need to know about both vacuum cleaners before making your choice.

Shark NV352 vs NV752 – Comparison Table:

ProductShark NV352
Shark NV352 vs NV752
Shark NV752
Shark NV352 vs NV752
TypeUpright Vacuum CleanerUpright Vacuum Cleaner
MaterialABS and PP PlasticsABS and PP Plastics
Motor Power1200 Watts1150 Watts
Clean SurfaceDryDry
Cord Length25 ft.30 ft.
Voltage120 V120 V
FrequencyAC, 60 HzAC, 60 Hz
Dust Cup Capacity1.1 Dry Quarts3.3 Dry Quarts
Removable Dust CupYesYes
Removable HandleYesYes
Removable CordYesYes
Self-Cleaning BrushrollYesYes
Suction ControlYesYes
Lift-Away ModeYesYes
Blower FunctionNoNo
Filter TypePre-Motor Foam Filter, HEPA FilterPre-Motor Filter Kit (Foam & Felt), HEPA Filter
Washable FiltersYesYes
LED HeadlightsNoYes
Total Accessories98
Accessories NameHandle with Stretch Hose, Accessory Holder, Extension Wand, Detachable Canister, Motorized Floor Brush Nozzle, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, 24” Crevice Tool, Pet Upholstery ToolUpholstery Tool, 11″ Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Duster Crevice, Dust-Away™ Hard Floor Attachment, Motorized Floor Brush Nozzle, Caddy
Net Weight12.5 lbs15.4 lbs
WarrantyLimited, 5 YearsLimited, 5 Years
Dimensions45.5″ x 11.4″ x 15″45″ x 13.2″ x 11.9″
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Shark NV352 vs NV752 – What’s the same?


The Shark NV352 and NV752 are handheld vacuum cleaners that help you clean. They have a compact design and stable build quality for years of service. Handling & maintenance is also easy due to the bagless design that stores dust collected from indoor and outdoor locations around the house.


A brush is attached to both vacuum cleaners to push dust into the suction tube. This makes picking up pet hair and small dust particles easy, leaving your home completely clean after vacuuming. Also, you can remove the brush roller to clean once in a while and keep your vacuum in best condition.


The vacuum cleaner is very easy to use as customers also get speed & power control options on both models. There is also a suction control slider to help you save energy when high suction power is not required.


Another similarity between both vacuum cleaners is Shark’s five-year warranty. It covers all manufacturing defects over the years. You can easily replace or repair your device under warranty at no extra charge. The only exceptions to this policy are water damage and parts or accessories that are not covered under warranty.

Shark NV352 vs NV752 – What’s so different?

Motor Power

First difference between the two vacuum cleaners is the suction motor. Shark NV352 uses a slightly more powerful motor to offer users better suction at home. Where’s Shark NV752 vacuum is more energy efficient but has little less suction power than the other.

Cord Length

The Shark NV352 comes with just a 25-foot cord, while the NV752’s 30-foot power cord helps you reach more places in your home with ease. Unfortunately, there is no automatic cable winding on both devices, as they are handheld models.


Although both vacuum cleaners use the same dust cup to capture the dust and dirt that gets sucked into the device, the overall capacities are different. The Shark NV752 vacuum cleaner is three times larger than the NV352 to store several days of waste at once, and you don’t have to keep emptying it after every cleaning session.


Another common but important difference between the two vacuum cleaners is the filters. Both devices use a common foam and HEPA filter to remove contaminants from the air drawn in by the vacuum. However, the felt filter is only available on the Shark NV752 for better air purification around the house.


LED headlights are a great tool that people can use to brighten up dark spots like under furniture or hard-to-see corners around large objects. The LED placed on the front of the Shark NV752 helps solve this important problem, but the Shark NV352 vacuum cleaner doesn’t offer it.


Lastly, multiple accessories are available for both vacuum cleaners to help you clean different areas with custom tools. The Shark NV352 may come with an extra accessory, but the NV752 caddy makes it far better in comparison. The Shark NV752 caddy helps you convert your vacuum to a draggable device. It also offers you more onboard storage space and easy mobility in hard floor areas.

Shark NV352 vs NV752 – Pros & Cons

Shark NV352
Shark NV352 vs NV752
Shark NV752
Shark NV352 vs NV752
● Strong suction power
● Easy to store
● Light & robust build
● Five years of warranty
● More accessories
● Speed & suction control
● Bagless design
● Long-range cable
● Convertible design
● Three-layer filtration
● Low dust storage capacity
● No LED lights & caddy
● Less powerful motor
● Less accessories
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Shark NV352 vs NV752 – Which one’s the best?

There is no doubt, that one should choose Shark NV752 over other models as it comes with a larger capacity, longer power cord, and LED headlights. You also get a caddy to turn the device into a classic vacuum cleaner and tow around the house.

Plus, the five-year warranty and strong suction ensure that you are getting a great value for money product.

General FAQs

Q. Can I clean hardwood floors?

Yes, you can clean all types of even floors.

Q. What’s the filter life?

You don’t need to replace filters as they are washable.

Q. Do I have to register for a warranty?

Yes, but the process is simple.

Final Verdict

The main difference between the two Shark vacuum cleaners is the power and capacity. The Shark NV352 has a slightly more powerful motor while Shark NV752 offers triple the storage capacity.

However, choosing the Shark NV752 has other advantages also such as LED headlights, better filters, longer power cord, and more, which is why we recommend it.

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