Bosch GSB 550 vs GSB 10 RE – How to Choose?

When it comes to the best power tools, Bosch is one of the best brands that has always set the bar high with its reliable and innovative products, and Bosch’s drill machines are no exception to that.

The Bosch GSB 550 and the GSB 10 RE are both high-quality, durable, and robust drill machine ideal for both professionals and DIYers. In this comprehensive GSB 550 and the GSB 10 RE drill machine comparison, we will find out which is a better choice for you.

Bosch GSB 550 vs GSB 10 RE

Bosch GSB 550 vs GSB 10 RE – Comparison Table:

FeaturesBosch GSB 550
Bosch GSB 550 vs GSB 10 RE
Bosch GSB 10 RE
Bosch GSB 550 vs GSB 10 RE
Weight1.8 Kg1.5 kg
Input Voltage230 Volts230 Volts
PatternCorded DrillCorded Drill
Power SourceCorded ElectricCorded Electric
Maximum Impact Rate44,800 bpm25,700 bpm
Torque (Soft / Hard / Max.)1.5 Nm1.5 Nm
Chuck Capacity (Min. / Max.)1.5 / 13 mm1.5 / 13 mm
No-load Speed (1st Gear / 2nd Gear)0 – 2,800 rpm0 – 2,600 rpm
Max. Drilling Diameter in Wood25 mm25 mm
Max. Drilling Diameter in Steel10 mm10 mm
Max. Drilling Diameter in Masonry/Brick13 mmN/A
Warranty1 Year1 Year
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Bosch GSB 550 vs GSB 10 RE – Similarities

Build Quality

In terms of build quality, both drill machines are made of durable plastic material, ensuring they can withstand the ruggedness of everyday use.


Both the drill machine comes with the same amount of torque. Both machines have a soft torque of 1.5 Newton meters which ensures that both machines can handle most drilling tasks with ease and smoothness.

Chuck Size

Both models have the same chuck capacity, ranging from a minimum of 1.5 mm to a maximum of 13 mm. This means both machines can accommodate a wide variety of drill bits for various tasks and applications.


Both the GSB 550 and GSB 10 RE come with a 1-year warranty, providing peace of mind and guaranteeing the quality of these Bosch products.

Bosch GSB 550 vs GSB 10 RE – Differences

Power Input & Output

Both Bosch GSB 550 and GSB 10 RE have an input voltage of 230 volts and are powered by corded electric sources. They share the same corded drill pattern, ensuring a consistent power supply during operation.

When it comes to the power output of both drill machines, then the Bosch GSB 500 RE offers 250 watts of rated power input. In comparison, the Bosch GSB 501 drill machine offers 270 watts of rated power input which is slightly higher and better.

Speed Controls

The GSB 550 offers a no-load speed range of 0-2,800 RPM, while the GSB 10 RE offers a slightly lower range of 0-2,600 RPM. Although the difference is marginal, the GSB 550 has a slight advantage in speed control.

Furthermore, both machine offers a variable speed control trigger that caters to everyone needs who want to have variable speed settings in their drill machine.


Both drill machines have powerful motors, but the GSB 550 has a higher maximum impact rate of 44,800 BPM compared to the GSB 10 RE’s 25,700 BPM. This makes the GSB 550 more effective for heavy-duty tasks like drilling into masonry or brick.

Drilling Capacity

Both models can drill up to 25 mm in wood and 10 mm in steel. However, the GSB 550 can also drill up to 13 mm in masonry and brick, while the GSB 10 RE does not have this capability.

Ergonomics, Grip, and Weight

The GSB 550 weighs 1.8 kg, while the GSB 10 RE is slightly lighter at 1.5 kg. This difference in weight could influence the user’s comfort and fatigue during extended use.

However, both models are designed with ergonomics and grip in mind, providing a comfortable experience during operation.

Bosch GSB 550 vs GSB 10 RE – Pros and Cons

Bosch GSB 550
Bosch GSB 550 vs GSB 10 RE
Bosch GSB 10 RE
Bosch GSB 550 vs GSB 10 RE
● Higher maximum impact rate
● Variable speed control
● Excellent drilling capacity
● Suitable for heavy-duty tasks
● Lightweight and compact design
● Better power output
● Suitable for most drilling tasks
● Better ergonomics
● Slightly heavyweight
● Slightly pricy
● Low maximum impact rate
● Slightly lower speed
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Bosch GSB 550 vs GSB 10 RE – Which One is Better?

Choosing between the two machines which one is better is slightly tricky.

If you want a multi-function drill machine that is handy and comes with better ergonomics and a compact design, then go with the Bosch GSB 10 RE drill machine. On the other hand, if you want a drill machine with a higher maximum impact rate, then go with the Bosch GSB 550 drill machine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Bosch Machine Drill Metal?

Yes, both of these Bosch drill machines are highly capable of drilling metals like steel. The Bosch GSB 550 and GSB 10 RE can drill into steel with a 10 mm diameter.

What is the Difference Between Bosch GSB and GSR Drill Machines?

The Bosch GSR machines are intended for the loosening and screwing of screws as well. They can drill into metal, ceramic, wood, plastic, etc.

On the other hand, Bosch GSB drill machines are intended for losing screen drilling in metal, ceramic, plastic, wood, etc.

GSB is more of a professional drill machine, while GSE is more of a professional screwdriver.

Which is the Best Bosch Drill Machine for Drilling in Brick?

The Bosch GSB 550 is a better drill machine for drilling into brick since it comes with a higher impact rate of 44,800 bpm.


In short, both drill machines are highly reliable, ideal, and professional that can perform a wide range of tasks. However, there are also many differences between these two machines which lets you decide between the two.

Hopefully, this comparison has helped you in choosing the best drill machine to cater to all your needs.

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