Agaro Grand vs Agaro Marvel – Which OTG is Best?

Agaro Grand vs Agaro Marvel – How to Choose the Best OTG?

AGARO Grand vs AGARO Marvel

Agaro is a big name across India with great OTG ovens that let you bake cakes and grill vegetables and chicken right from the comfort of your home. In this comparison between Agaro Grand vs Agaro Marvel, we tested over 30 different factors such as heating, roasting, baking, grilling, toasting, and more to bring you the best durable cooking oven on the market.

Agaro Grand vs Agaro Marvel – Comparison Table:

ProductAgaro Grand
AGARO Grand vs AGARO Marvel
Agaro Marvel
AGARO Grand vs AGARO Marvel
Model Number3339433267
Model NameGrand OTGMarvel OTG
Capacity40 L38 L
Rotisserie TypeMotorizedMotorized
Timer Range0 – 60 Minutes0 – 60 Minutes
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Control PanelDialThermostatically
MaterialStainless SteelAlloy Steel
Temperature Control Range90 – 230 degree C100 – 250 degree C
Auto MenuNoNo
Number Of Menus00
Power Consumption1500 W1600 W
Power Requirement230V 50Hz230V 50Hz
Dimensions (w x h x d)40.6 x 40.6 x 60.448 x 41 x 33 cm
AccessoriesMain Unit, Crumb Tray, little fork, grill rack, rotisserie handle, rotisserie forkBake Pan, Oven Rack, Tray Unit, Main Unit, Tray Handle, Rotisserie Rod, Rotisserie Fork
Overcooking ProtectionYesYes
Ready BellYesYes
Auto ShutoffYesYes
Automatic ThermostatYesYes
Inner LightYesYes
Convection FanYesYes
Heating Modes33
Weight10.54 Kg9.36 Kg
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Agaro Grand vs Agaro Marvel – What’s so similar?


The first thing we notice when comparing the Agaro Grand vs Agaro Marvel is that both ovens are convection devices. This means that this OTG oven uses a fan to circulate air and maintain proper heat inside to cook your food from all sides.


Both ovens have a black design that has similar features on each side, making the devices look almost identical. Both are made of steel and tempered glass that can be seen on the front of the frame so you can easily tell if the food is cooked or not.

Timer & Range

With a dedicated timer, you’ll be able to automate the cooking process by pre-setting the time according to the type of dish you are preparing in the oven. Plus, the range of both devices is 60 minutes with an auto-shutoff function to prevent overcooking of food in case you forgot to switch the device off.


Agaro Grand and Agaro Marvel come with a 1-year warranty so that the product can be returned or replaced if any part is damaged or malfunctions after the package are opened. So, people can buy any of the devices without worrying about any replacement problems in the future.

Power Requirement

Each electric OTG requires a 230V, 50Hz power supply to function properly and help you prepare food in your home. Surprisingly, these two devices are efficient compared to other ovens on the market as they don’t use more than 15-1600W of electricity.


Rotisserie is sticks used to cook chicken and meat. It uses a rotating stand to cook your food from all sides, with the food hanging over a steel bar. Agaro Grand and Agaro Marvel offer custom grills that mount in your oven and connect to a motor to rotate automatically.

Agaro Grand vs Agaro Marvel – What’s different?


The difference between Agaro Grand vs Agaro Marvel starts with the total capacity of the OTG oven. The Grand has 40 liters of space and the Marvel only occupies 38 liters, which makes it smaller than other models.

Control Panel

Both ovens have a dedicated control panel that makes your job easier. The Grand has a control panel with available buttons for functions, time, and temperature settings. However, Marvel has 4 control panel options which have the same three buttons and one more button for Rotisserie settings.

Temperature Control Range

There is a big difference between the temperature control range. The Agaro Grand comes with a range of 90 – 230 degree C, whereas the Agaro Marvel comes with a range of 100 – 250 degree C. So, you get a slightly higher temperature if you choose the Agaro Marvel instead of Agaro Grand.

Power Consumption

Even with its smaller design, Agaro Marvel consumes more electricity than the Grand. Marvel uses a total of 1600W while the Grand only uses 1500W to give you a much more economical device with better features.


There is a slight difference in weight between Agaro Grand vs Agaro Marvel. Since Grand is larger and holds more food 1.18 Kgs. The smaller model weighs around 9.36 Kgs to be exact and the bigger one has 10.54 Kgs of weight.

Agaro Grand vs Agaro Marvel – Pros & Cons

Agaro Grand
AGARO Grand vs AGARO Marvel
Agaro Marvel
AGARO Grand vs AGARO Marvel
● Allow roast, grill, bake and more.
● Equipped with ready bell
● Features auto-shutoff
● 3 Heating modes
● Baking and roasting are top quality
● Light in weight
● Comes at a lower price
● Separate control for Rotisserie
● Rotisserie controls are missing.
● No Auto menu
● Weighs more
● Less capacity than other
● No Auto menu
● Runs on more power
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Agaro Grand vs Agaro Marvel – Which one’s the best?

The 40 Liters Agaro Grand is our top pick as it comes with more capacity and an efficient heating mechanism that takes less power to run while offering the same speed as the other. Agaro Marvel OTG oven is recommended for someone who needs more temperature control in a less form factor in their device.


We hope this comparison between Agaro Grand vs Agaro Marvel helped you choose the perfect OTG oven for your needs. For a more accurate answer, read all the points carefully before making a decision. However, if you need a short answer, go for Agaro Grand because it is great for large families with a higher capacity to make batches of food at once.

General FAQs

Q. Is Arago OTG a good brand?

Arago is a well-respected brand in India for making great juicers and ovens at a better price than other competitors. They believe in incorporating new technologies into the latest devices, which makes them a great brand to buy kitchen products from.

Q. Why should I buy an OTG oven?

With the help of an OTG oven, you can quickly heat up and prepare food without wasting time in the kitchen. In addition, grilling, toasting, and baking open up new possibilities for people who want to prepare different dishes every day.

Q. What capacity of OTG is best?

There are quite a few different options for capacity when choosing an OTV oven for your home. Small to medium families will have no problem using a 25 to 30-liter device but large families should consider choosing 40 plus ovens in the market.

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