IFB Diva Aqua SX vs Bosch WAB16060IN – How to Choose?

IFB Diva Aqua SX vs Bosch WAB16060IN – Which One is Best?

IFB Diva Aqua SX vs Bosch WAB16060IN

IFB and Bosch are two of the most popular players in the washing machine and home appliance space, with premium features at both ends. Today we have compared IFB Diva Aqua SX with the Bosch WAB16060IN to help you find the best-automatic washing machine on the market.

Here’re the results:

IFB Diva Aqua SX vs Bosch WAB16060IN – Comparison Table:

ProductDiva Aqua SX
IFB Diva Aqua SX vs Bosch WAB16060IN
Bosch WAB16060IN
IFB Diva Aqua SX vs Bosch WAB16060IN
Loading TypeFront LoadFront Load
Function TypeFully AutomaticFully Automatic
Body ColorSilverWhite
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Capacity6.0 Kg6.0 Kg
DisplayLED IndicatorsLED Screen
Control TypeTactileTactile
Wash Programs97
Safety Features73
Energy Rating5 StarA+
Input Voltage220-240V220-240V
Power Usage (Approx.)0.089 kWh1.5 kWh
Wash System2D4D
Water HeaterYesYes
Child LockYesNo
Temp. Range40 °C, 60 °C, 95 °C, Cold30°C, 40°C, 60°C, 60°C Eco, 90°C
Speed Range4 Levels4 Levels
Installation TypeFreestandingFreestanding
Noise48-70 dB59-73 dB
Weight64 Kg62.6 Kg
Warranty4 Years2 Years
Parts Warranty10 Years10 Years
Dimensions875 x 598 x 513 mm848 x 568 x 550 mm
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IFB Diva Aqua SX vs Bosch WAB16060IN – What’s the same?


Both washing machines from IFB and Bosch are of the same type. You have a fully automatic system for managing all your clothes in a front-loading device. You also get a free installation and demo from the company, but you’ll need to book an appointment to check if they offer this service in your city.

Capacity & Speed

IFB & Bosch are available with the same six kg capacity to hold more clothes and wash them all at once. They are also powered by a powerful 800 rpm motor that gives you three-speed settings and one-stop options.

Water Heater

Yes, both washing machines are equipped with a water heating element. They allow you to set the water to the desired temperature using the control panel. This helps you to wash softer fabrics at a lower temperature and other fabrics at a higher temperature to avoid damaging the inner threads.

IFB Diva Aqua SX vs Bosch WAB16060IN – What’s so different?


Since the two washing machines are from different brands, the overall design does not match. The IFB is available in silver color while Bosch offers a white frame. Also, the IFB Diva Aqua SX is heavier because it comes with a larger body than the other, which takes up more space in your home.

Display & Controls

A significant difference between these two washing machines is the display and control panel. At IFB you only get an LED indicator and no display, while Bosch comes with a small LED screen that shows you time, speed and other important things that you can control with simple buttons.

Wash Programs

Most washing machines have different programs that help you to clean different types of clothes with the right settings. So, when we compared programs on both devices, we found that IFB gives you more options. This makes the whole washing process much easier, as you can automate most of the device operations.

Safety Features

With Bosch, you only get three safety features, while IFB gives you seven. Some great features that can help you live a safer life are Child-Lock, Self-Diagnostics, Rat Net, Auto Reset and others that are only available with IFB.

Power Usage

On average, Bosch WAB16060IN uses more power because of its Active Water technology which is more focused on saving water. IFB Diva Aqua SX manages with a little less power as it is more refined and ideal for an average buyer in India.

Wash System

IFB comes with a 2D washing system while Bosch features a 4D device. You get more water inlets on 4D washing systems to help you better clean clothes inside the drums making the Bosch WAB16060IN better.

Overall Noise & Temp. Range

Clearly, Bosch washing machines make more noise while working and IFB Diva is a little more compressed to hide any noise made by it. However, you get an extra temperature setting for some fabrics in Bosch to cover for the more noisy setup.


Even though the parts & motor warranty on both Bosch & IFB is the same 10 years, the product warranty has some differences. IFB gives you a 4 years warranty on every washing machine while Bosch only stays around 2 years at maximum.

IFB Diva Aqua SX vs Bosch WAB16060IN – Pros & Cons

IFB Diva Aqua SX
IFB Diva Aqua SX vs Bosch WAB16060IN
Bosch WAB16060IN
IFB Diva Aqua SX vs Bosch WAB16060IN
● Fully automatic washing machine
● Built-in water heater
● Home installation service
● Low noise & vibration
● Laundry add option
● Fast & germ-free cleaning
● Easy to operate display
● 4D wash system
● High spin speed
● Cheap maintenance cost
● Less temp. settings
● Only 2D wash system
● Less warranty
● More power usage
● Less programs & features
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IFB Diva Aqua SX vs Bosch WAB16060IN – Which one’s the best?

In our opinion, IFB Diva Aqua SX is the better choice for most consumers in India. The washing machine has all the programs and safety functions to automatically clean your clothes with an easy-to-use interface and a 4-year warranty on every device.

General FAQ

Q. Can I do a dry clean?

No, the machine can only clean your clothes with water.

Q. Does the washing machine vibrate?

No, both devices consist of a stable frame to control vibration.

Q. How much does the installation cost?

Free installation for both washing machines.

Q. Do they come with a dryer?

Yes, both machines have wash and dry functions.


By choosing IFB Diva Aqua SX you can save a few rupees and still get better value for your money. That doesn’t make the Bosch WAB16060IN washing machine bad by any means, but you can get any design and hardware specs you want without spending more money on the first unit which makes it a better choice.

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