Aquaguard Aura vs Enhance – Which One is Best?

Aquaguard Aura vs Enhance – How to Choose the Best Water Purifier?

Aquaguard Aura vs Enhance

Water purifiers are in high demand, especially in India’s big cities. Aquaguard Aura and Enhance are two competing products of the same Eureka Forbes brand that many customers cannot decide on.

Luckily, we’ve done an in-depth comparison between the two filters with a quick answer at the end to help you choose the best machine for your modern kitchen. Here’s what you need to know:

Aquaguard Aura vs Enhance – Comparison Table:

ProductAquaguard Aura
Aquaguard Aura vs Enhance
Aquaguard Enhance
Aquaguard Aura vs Enhance
BrandEureka ForbesEureka Forbes
Generic NameWater PurifierWater Purifier
TypeElectric & StorageElectric & Storage
Capacity (Approx)7 Liters7 Liters
ColourBlackBlack & White
MaterialABS PlasticABS Plastic
SafetyFood Safe & Non-ToxicFood Safe & Non-Toxic
Filtration TechnologyUV + UFRO
Purification Stages86
Power Consumption20 W35 W
Operating Voltage230 V / 50 Hz230 V / 50 Hz
UV Lamp Power11 WattsNA
InstallationWall mount / TabletopWall mount / Tabletop
TDS Range1-200 mg/l500-1500 mg/l
Flow Rate33-39 Liters/hour12 Liters/hour
Input Water Pressure0.3-2.0 kg/cm²0.3-3.0 kg/cm²
Input Water Temperature10-40°C10-40°C
Input Water Chlorine (Max)0.2 mg/l0.2 mg/l
Input Water Iron (Max)0.3 mg/l0.3 mg/l
Input Water Turbidity (Max)10 NTU10 NTU
Auto StartYesYes
Overflow ProtectionYesYes
Source of WaterGround, Tap, or Multiple SourcesGround, Tap, or Multiple Sources
Weight5.3 Kg8.20 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
In BoxWater Purifier, User Manual, Installation KitWater Purifier, User Manual, Installation Kit
Dimensions316x251x462 mm316x251x462 mm
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Aquaguard Aura vs Enhance – What’s the same?

Type & Build

Aquaguard Aura and Enhance are of the same brand with an electric motor and storage tank attached to the water purifier to ensure an accessible water supply at all times. Both use ABS plastic as the main material, which is non-toxic and food-grade so that everyone can drink and store water safely.


Both Eureka Forbes water filters have the same 7 letter capacity water tank that can satisfy small to medium-sized families with plenty of fresh drinking water every day. Plus, both devices have a storing module on the bottom, allowing you to manage more loads without straining internal components.


The water purifiers have the same features that help you save energy and minimize water loss. Both devices are equipped with overflow protection with automatic start and stop functions to keep the tank full and ready to drink at all times.

Aquaguard Aura vs Enhance – What’s so different?


The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura comes in an upgraded design, painted black with chrome accents to enhance the aesthetic look of your modern kitchen. The Enhance purifier design isn’t too bad with the white and black combination, but we think the other device is better for most people.


Surprisingly, the Aura water purifier helps you save energy by using only 20 watts of power when operating at maximum settings. The Enhance water purifier uses 15 watts more power due to a strong motor installed in the frame.

Filtration & Stages

Comparing the Aquaguard Aura and Enhance filter technology, we see a lot of changes in the overall setup. Aura uses UV and UF systems to purify all microbes, bacteria, and other water contaminants at a micro level, while other devices only use reverse osmosis to filter the water. You can also see an 8 step process that is much more efficient than the 6 step process of the second device.

Flow Rate & Weight

The flow of Aquaquard Aura is more than the Enhance Eureka Forbes water purifier. This allows the Aura to filter more water in less time and can be used for large family bases but the other device is slower. Larger families should opt for the first unit, while the other option is for smaller groups that require less filtered water each day. In addition, Aura is much lighter to simplify the installation process for anyone looking to purchase a water purifier for the first time.

Pressure & TDS

With a higher-pressure range, enhance can be used in tall buildings, while other purifiers are best suited for 2-3 story buildings due to their low-pressure capacity. The Enhance can treat a larger area of ​​TDS water due to the RO membrane to remove big water particles, giving people an advantage living in areas with higher water contaminants.

Aquaguard Aura vs Enhance – Pros & Cons

Aquaguard Aura
Aquaguard Aura vs Enhance
Aquaguard Enhance
Aquaguard Aura vs Enhance
● Filters more water
● Better design
● 8 Purification stages
● Lighter in weight
● Cheaper in comparison
● Uses less power
● Equipped with smart functions
● Free installation service
● One year of warranty
● Can handle more pressure
● Handles more pressure
● Portable in size
● Less TDS handling capacity
● Low TDS and Pressure support
● No UV filtration
● Less flow rate & more power usage
● Expensive option
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Aquaguard Aura vs Enhance – Which one’s the best?

In our opinion, Aura is a much better purifier that comes with UV filtration technology to remove impurities at a micro-level. You get free installation, one year of warranty, good design and build quality with a less power consuming motor. The device also costs less making it better for most people in India.

General FAQs

Q. When should I replace the filter?

After the filter runs out, a beep will sound and an LED indicator will also light up.

Q. Is the plastic BPA free?

Yes, both devices are made of food-grade BPA free plastic.

Q. Is there a hot water system?

No, both models are not equipped with heating. If you need a hot water system, you should consider Eureka Forbes Enhance NXT, AO Smith Z1 

Q. How much does the maintenance cost?

To change the filter once every few years, you have to pay 2-5000 rupees in India.


After comparing the Aquaguard Aura and Enhance, we can safely say that the Aura is a better device with more features at a lower price point. If you live in an area with more than 200 TDS or tall buildings, only then the Enhance water purifier will suit your needs. So, buy the Eureka Forbes Aura Water Purifier and bring the best filtration technology into your home for drinking safe water.

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