Brother DS-640 vs DS-740D – How to Choose the Best?

Brother DS-640 vs DS-740D – Which One is Best for You?

Brother DS-640 vs DS-740D

A portable scanner is ideal for small desktop setups to convert physical documents to digital ones with one click. That’s where mobile scanners come in with a small frame and powerful features. The Brother DS-640 and DS-740D are two such devices.

So, we compared them to find the best portable scanner for your workplace. Here’s everything you need to know about them:

Brother DS-640 vs DS-740D – Comparison Table:

ProductBrother DS-640
Brother DS-640 vs DS-740D
Brother DS-740D
Brother DS-640 vs DS-740D
Body ColorWhiteWhite
Speed15 PPM15 PPM
Scan ModesColor/Black & WhiteColor/Black & White
Media Weight35-270gsm35-270gsm
Daily Duty Cycle100 Pages100 Pages
Image SensorCSICSI
CapacitySingle Sheet FeedSingle Sheet Feed
Light Source3-Color RGB LED3-Color RGB LED
InterfaceMicro USB 3.0, Micro SD CardMicro USB 3.0, Micro SD Card
Charging Time2.6 Hours2.6 Hours
Duplex ScanningNoAutomatic
ControlsStart/Stop ButtonStart/Stop Button
Supported FormatsJPEG, TIFF & PDFJPEG, TIFF & PDF
Input Power5V DC USB5V DC USB
Power Usage2.3 Watts2.9 Watts
Operating Temperature5-35°C5-35°C
Operating Humidity20-80%20-80%
Compatible OSWindows, Linux & macOSWindows, Linux & macOS
Warranty2 Years2 Years
Dimensions301 x 50.6 x 36.8mm377 x 162 x 76mm
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Brother DS-640 vs DS-740D – What’s the same?

Type & Handling

The Brother DS-640 & DS-740D are two sheet-fed scanners where you can load sheets of paper and the machine will automatically scan them for you. Both use very little desktop space and you can manage all your settings from your Windows, Linux, or macOS device.


Both scanners have a top speed of 15 pages per minute, which is more than enough to give you clear image quality in less time. You can also increase the speed by scanning in black and white mode or using a lower resolution for the documents.


The optical resolution of both Brother scanners is 600 dpi, which provides clear images of documents on your computer. You can also increase the resolution up to 1200 dpi with software that can really improve the color and image scanning quality of the device.

Duty Cycle

With both Brother scanners, you can scan more than 100 pages per day. However, we do not recommend going over the limit as it can actually decrease the product life. So, if you need more duty cycles, you should buy another device from the market.

Capacity & Controls

Both scanners are available with a single sheet capacity. Due to a very small size, there is no space to store the pages, so you have to submit each page manually and wait for the process to complete before launching another scan. For control, you get a simple on/off button on the front panel.


The Brother DS-640 and DS-740D scanners are equipped with Micro USB 3.0 so you can connect them to a computer, laptop, or other devices. There is also a micro-SD card slot for scanning and saving images directly to it.


Yes, the Brother DS-640 and DS-740D come with a lithium-ion battery built into the scanner. The charging time for each device is 2.6 hours, which can help you scan anywhere and anytime, even without electricity.


Brother promises to repair or replace the scanners if you receive a defective piece that does not work or got broken during shipping. The warranty cover is over two years but you have to keep the warranty card safe to claim returns & repairs.

Brother DS-640 vs DS-740D – What’s so different?

Design & Build

The two Brother scanners may come in the same color but they have many design variations. On the DS-640 there is no trey on the back so the pages go horizontally through the system. However, on DS-740D the pages are fed vertically and come out flat. The DS-740D is also heavier and comes with a bigger frame than the other option.

Duplex Scanning

Two-side scanning is another feature that Brother DS-640 does not have and you only get it with the other option. To scan pages on both sides you have to manually turn them around and run the DS-640 again. However, on DS-740 you can just select the duplex scanning option and the device will automatically do the work for you.  


When comparing the power of Brother DS-640 and DS-740D we found a minor difference. Both scanners run on a 5-watt USB 3.0 cable and you don’t really need an extra power supply to manage them. But, the first device uses 2.3 watts of power while the second one takes on average 2.9 watts.

Brother DS-640 vs DS-740D – Pros & Cons

Brother DS-640
Brother DS-640 vs DS-740D
Brother DS-740D
Brother DS-640 vs DS-740D
● Fast scans up to 15ppm
● USB powered device
● Allows wireless connections
● Takes very little space
● Affordable for everyone
● Automatic Duplex Scanning
● Easy to scan cards
● Two years of warranty
● Descent resolution quality
● Quick charging time
● No ADF
● No Duplex Scanning
● Uses more power
● Higher priced
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Brother DS-640 vs DS-740D – Which one’s the best?

When making a decision between Brother DS-640 and DS-740D you should choose the second option. Not only do you get to save money on specs but you also get the same features like fast USB, Wi-Fi, long-lasting battery, and auto-duplex for managing all the scanning demand with a portable device

General FAQs

Q. Can I use it with Kindle fire?

No, the scanners do not support Kindle.

Q. Is there Bluetooth?

No, you only get Wi-Fi on both scanners.

Q. Can you save multiple pages in one document?

Yes, it’s a built-in feature.

Q. Does it support auto-feed?

No, these scanners come with only a manual feed option.

Q. How long does it take to charge?

You can charge the device in under three hours.

Q. Is it compatible with Chrome OS?

No, it’s not.


There was not a lot of difference between the Brother DS-640 and DS-740D scanners but we have a winner. People should choose the Brother DS-740D scanner because of the fast scan speed, low power usage, high duty cycle, and above all the automatic duplex feature.

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