TP Link AX1500 vs AC1900 – Which Router is Best?

TP Link AX1500 vs AC1900 – How to Choose the Best?

TP Link AX1500 vs AC1900

Every person needs a reliable high-speed Wi-Fi connection at home or in the office to complete all their internet tasks as quickly as possible. However, choosing a router based on its features alone is hard work and not everyone has time to find all the features on the manufacturer’s website.

In this article, we compare the TP Link AX1500 vs AC1900 to save you time and introduce the best router among the two. This is the result…

TP Link AX1500 vs AC1900 – Comparison Table:

ProductTP Link AX1500
TP Link AX1500 vs AC1900
TP Link AC1900
TP Link AX1500 vs AC1900
Generic NameRouterRouter
Speed1500 Mbps1300 Mbps
Frequency2.4 GHz, 5 GHz2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
Frequency BandDual BandDual Band
Antenna TypeExternalExternal
Total Antenna43
CPU CoreTriple CoreSingle Core
Warranty3 Years3 Years
Number of USB Ports01
Wi-Fi TypeWi-Fi 6Wi-Fi 5
Airtime FairnessYesNo
4 StreamsYesNo
Broadband CompatibilityEthernetEthernet
Power12V = 1A12V = 1.5A
SecurityWEP, WEP 64, WEP 128, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, WPA2-PSKWEP, WPA, WPA2 WPA/WPA2-Enterprise
Guest Network SupportYesYes
ProtocolsIPv4, IPv6IPv4, IPv6, WMM
Transmit Power30 dBm20-30 dBm
Ethernet Ports55
ManagementApp, VoiceApp, Voice
AccessoriesRouter, Power Adaptor, RJ45 Ethernet Cable, ManualRouter, Power Adaptor, RJ45 Ethernet Cable, Manual
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TP Link AX1500 vs AC1900 – What’s the same?


The two TP Link routers are individual WLAN devices that you can connect to your Ethernet port to access the Internet from any room in the house. The router supports long-distance coverage with multiple antennas to cover the entire house without leaving a single corner.

Wi-Fi Bands

With the TP Link AX1500 and AC1900, you can connect to two separate networks because they are dual-band Wi-Fi routers. Slow users can connect to the 2.5 GHz network, while other users who need maximum performance and flexibility can opt for the 5 GHz network to watch HD videos and movies online.


TP Link makes WLAN routers easy to manage and configure at the push of a button. Both devices support app and voice control to make changes to the default settings. The Tether app is available for Android and iOS so customers can download and use the app as per need. Voice command navigation is also possible by connecting one of the devices to Google Home Setup.

Guest Network

Guest networks are ideal for someone who shares their WLAN with others and doesn’t want to integrate it into a home network. TP Link AX1500 and AC1900 users can connect to separate access points with the appropriate speed, privacy, and access.


A firewall protects people from DoS attacks and internet threats while connected to a Wi-Fi network for safe network surfing. Both devices are equipped with an active firewall which allows the router to monitor the network running through the system first.

TP Link AX1500 vs AC1900 – What’s so different?


People who need more speed can choose AX1500 wireless routers as it offers a 1500 Mbps data transfer rate on 5Ghz connection while AC1900 only offers 1300 Mbps on the same connection. This makes AX1500 a better choice for heavy internet users that are always watching movies and videos online.


TP Link AX1500 comes with 4 antennas while the other only offers 3. The first device can overall handle signal, directions, and speed better because of the extra antenna. Plus, there will be more bandwidth to share among your home devices with AX1500 wireless router making it superior in comparison.


Nowadays security has become the most important feature among people and home routers need more security than ever because they carry the data of your whole family. The AX1500 offers more encryptions and has better security than AC1900 with more custom options to choose from.


Ports allow users to connect with multiple devices and share the network at a higher speed instead of a wireless connection. Although you get 5-gigabit ports on both devices the AC1900 comes with a USB port that lets you connect with a computer, printer, and other devices directly. 

CPU Core

Since both routers come with a Windows operating system their CPU cores are responsible for understanding packets of data and forwarding them to proper positions. The AX1500 features a triple-core CPU setup while AC1900 only has single-core CPUs built into the device.

Airtime Fairness

To help you boost the overall performance and provide an equal share of the network TP Link AX1500 comes with Airtime Fairness features. This feature is not included with AC1900, so there can be less data for some users and more for others working on the same network.

Wi-Fi Technology

AX1500 comes with the latest Wi-Fi 6 while the other device only has Wi-Fi 5 which is slower, offers less range, and is only limited to 10 dual-band connections. A more powerful Wi-Fi is the main reason for more bandwidth and speed of AX1500 in both 3.5Ghz and 5Ghz networks.

TP Link AX1500 vs AC1900 – Pros & Cons

TP Link AX1500
TP Link AX1500 vs AC1900
TP Link AC1900
TP Link AX1500 vs AC1900
● High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity
● Increased stability with four antennas
● Compatible with IPv6 protocol
● Excellent bandwidth
● Easy management and installation
● Comes with one USB port
● Advance firewall options
● Covers a large area
● No USB ports
● Limited coverage in high-speed mode
● Lower speed than other
● Only three antennas
● Only Wi-Fi 5 support
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TP Link AX1500 vs AC1900 – Which one’s the best?

In our opinion, TP Link AX1500 is better than the AC1900 wireless router. The router comes with more antennas, better stability, and many other features at the same price. Only thing AX1500 does not have the USB port that is available in AC1900 to connect directly with computers and other devices.


After comparing TP Link AX1500 and AC1900 we found that the AX model is much better than the other version. It has better speed, more power, and excellent bandwidth to complete all your online needs instantly.

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