Ninja FG551 vs AG301 – Which Indoor Grill is Best?

Ninja FG551 vs AG301 – How to Choose the Best?

Ninja FG551 vs AG301

Obviously, Ninja sells a lot of grill and fryer combos, but which one is the best? From design and performance to grille and appearance, we compare the two products in every way. So, people interested in shopping for their next indoor ninja grill should read this guide to find out who is the best and why.

Here are the results:

Ninja FG551 vs AG301 – Comparison Table:

ProductNinja FG551
Ninja FG551 vs AG301
Ninja AG301
Ninja FG551 vs AG301
TypeGrill & Air FryerGrill & Air Fryer
ColourBlack/Silver Black/Silver 
Basket Capacity4 qt4 qt
Pot Capacity4 qt6 qt
ControlsDigital TouchDigital Touch
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
BPA FreeYesYes
TechnologyCyclone GrillingCyclone Grilling
Temp. Range40-260°C40-260°C
Smart Cooking SystemYesNo
FunctionsGrill, Air Crisp, Roast, Bake, Broil and DehydrateGrill, Air Crisp, Roast, Bake, and Dehydrate
Input Power120 V120 V
Frequency60 Hz60 Hz
Power Usage1,760 Watts1,760 Watts
Recipe Books2015
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
Cord Length3 ft.3 ft.
Cleaning BrushYesYes
Splatter ShieldYesYes
Smoke-Free CookingYesYes
Grill PlateYesYes
Weight22.4 lbs17.85 lbs
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dimensions15.7 x 16.54 x 11.05”17 x 14 x 11”
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Ninja FG551 vs AG301 – What’s the same?


Ever heard of the indoor grille because the Ninja FG551 and AG301 are two from the same brand. Unlike most traditional grills, there is no fire and your food is cooked with electricity. They help you set the temperature to the right range so you can cook a variety of dishes easily and efficiently.


Instead of just one heat source, you get a powerful fan that circulates air around the electric grill so that your food cooks evenly on all sides. Plus, with the same technology, you can turn both devices into fully functional air fryers to use less oil when cooking and preparing delicious recipes.


Despite their small size, both indoor grills have built-in displays that show temperature and timer stats. Yes, you can also set the cooking time to automatic or choose from the function menu with touch-sensitive controls. There are also many LED indicators to help you see what functions are running so you don’t make mistakes when cooking.

Power Usage

Both indoor grills use a solid power range to help you cook food quickly and reach high temperatures without wasting any of your time. You can use a maximum power of 1760 watts, which still saves energy because it is lower than other electric cooking appliances on the market.

Coating & Cord Length

The two devices come with a non-stick coating on the inside of the cooking pot and basket so you can easily clean leftovers. Lastly, a 3-ft long power cord attaches to both Ninja grilles, giving you plenty of room to place the unit anywhere in your kitchen.


For users’ peace of mind, both Ninja electric grills come with a standard one-year warranty. So if someone gets a damaged device online, replacement or repair can be done by the brand for free.

Ninja FG551 vs AG301 – What’s so different?


Each Ninja electric grill is made from a combination of food-grade ABS plastic and stainless-steel plates to give you the best tools to last in any modern kitchen for years to come. Other than that, the Ninja FG551’s design is much better than the second one, but you get a wider device that’s heavier overall.


In terms of basket capacity, both devices have the same 4 Quarts of storage space for groceries. However, the Ninja FG551 comes with a smaller cooking pot that only holds 4 Quarts of food, while the AG301 can process up to 6 Quarts at the same time to cover more people.


Ninja FG551 has an external broil function. This is a method of cooking food that requires you to use high temperatures to crisp the outer layers while keeping the inner components flavorful. With the AG301 you have to supervise the cooking process so that the food doesn’t overcook, while the FG551 does it automatically.

Recipe Books

A set of cookbooks is included with each Ninja indoor grill. To help you prepare a different recipe each day, the Ninja FG551 includes 20 books, while the Ninja AG301 only offers 15. This isn’t a huge difference as you can find recipes online, so try not to take that into account when making a decision.

Smart Cooking System

Available only with the new Ninja kitchenware, this system allows you to set the perfect temperature for all types of dishes before you start making them. Only the Ninja FG551 has this feature and you also get a thermometer to monitor the temperature constantly and never let the food burn.

Ninja FG551 vs AG301 – Pros & Cons

Ninja FG551
Ninja FG551 vs AG301
Ninja AG301
Ninja FG551 vs AG301
● Made from Stainless Steel
● Energy-efficient device
● Custom temperature range
● Dishwasher safe parts
● Auto Shut-off when done
● Digital touch panels
● Cyclone fan technology
● Non-stick coated pan & basket 
● BPA free food-safe materials
● Extra-large size
● Less capacity
● No thermometer
● Less functions
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Ninja FG551 vs AG301 – Which one’s the best?

Obviously, the Ninja FG551 is the best electric grill between the two. You get so many smart features to make your meals healthier while spending less time in the kitchen. The built-in thermometer and broiling function also make it ideal for cooking anything at any time.

General FAQs

Q. What is the cooking time?

Large recipes can take up to an hour.

Q. Can I grill toast?

Yes, with less oil.

Q. Do they work with frozen food?

Yes, use the reheat function for frozen food.

Q. Can you change the grill?

Yes, with empty baskets or cooking pots.

Q. What is not dishwasher safe?

Thermometer and heating coil.


Ninja makes excellent kitchen appliances by adding features that consumers really need and improving them over the years. However, if you have a choice between the Ninja FG551 and the AG301, it depends on your family. People living with more members can opt for the AG301 for better capacity, while others can use the Ninja FG551 for more features and a thermometer to track your food while cooking.

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