TP Link AC1200 vs AX1500 – Which Router is Best?

TP Link AC1200 vs AX1500 – How to Choose the Best Rounter?

TP Link AC1200 vs AX1500

Wi-Fi routers have been high in demand since the dawn of work from home culture, with TP-Link being the most popular brand on the market. The TP Link AC1200 and AX1500 are great routers with lots of advanced features, but as common people, it’s hard to decide between the two.

This is why we did a complete comparison between the TP Link AC1200 and AX1500 to show you which one is the best. Read along to find out…

TP Link AC1200 vs AX1500 – Comparison Table:

ProductTP-Link AC1200
TP Link AC1200 vs AX1500
TP-Link AX1500
TP Link AC1200 vs AX1500
Generic NameRouterRouter
Speed867 Mbps1 Gbps
Frequency2.4 GHz, 5 GHz2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
Frequency BandDual BandDual Band
Antenna TypeExternalExternal
Total Antenna54
Warranty3 Years3 Years
Number of USB Ports00
Wi-Fi TypeWi-Fi 5Wi-Fi 6
Airtime FairnessNoYes
4 StreamsNoYes
MESH Wi-FiYesYes
Universal Plug & PlayYesYes
Broadband CompatibilityEthernetEthernet
Power12V = 1A12V = 1A
Guest Network SupportYesYes
ProtocolsIPv4, IPv6, WMMIPv4, IPv6
Transmit Power20 to 30 dBm30 dBm
ManagementTether APP, WebpageTether APP, Webpage
AccessoriesRouter, Power Adaptor, RJ45 Ethernet Cable, ManualRouter, Power Adaptor, RJ45 Ethernet Cable, Manual
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TP Link AC1200 vs AX1500 – What’s the same?

Router Type

Out of the box, you get a Wi-Fi router with increased speed and range that connects to every kind of smart device in your home. These devices are easier to manage and can be upgraded with ready-made hardware and software to meet all your expectations.


To achieve higher data transfer rates and less interference, both WLAN routers offer 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. In addition, dual-band channels give you more flexibility and overall performance because different devices are connected to different channels as per need.

Antenna & Firewall

Four external antennas are placed on both Wi-Fi routers to give you further coverage, even through walls, so you’ll never have an area around your home without Wi-Fi. In addition, SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) firewalls are embedded in the system to offer end-to-end encryption of data on your network.

Parental Control

Parental controls are available with the TP-Link AC1200 and AX1500 to help children stay away from inappropriate content on the Internet. After using this feature, you can block harmful URLs on your network and control the time other devices spend per day on Wi-Fi.

Guest Network

Other than the shared home network, both TP-Link devices offer guest network support with which you can create separate access points outside the main network. If you want to share the internet with guests, this feature provides instant internet access anywhere you need.


The dual-band TP-Link AC1200 and AX1500 routers come with an impressive three-year warranty to ensure official TP-Link service. Surprisingly, the warranty covers most of the device and accessories such as antenna, defects, and power failures.


Managing both devices is generally easy for anyone with some knowledge of wireless routers. You can connect to the Tether app or supported website to make changes to how your Wi-Fi router works. The user interface is easy to understand and you will receive a detailed manual to clarify any questions with the device.

TP Link AC1200 vs AX1500 – What’s so different?


Even though both devices are black, the designs are very different. The AC1200 has an attractive top pattern with a smaller frame to cater to the devices anywhere in your home. The AX1500 is larger and generally heavier because of more features and a bigger Wi-Fi module.


Unlike Traditional routers, these modern devices offer high-speed connections but one router is faster than another. TP-Link AC1200 is slower with 867 Mbps of speed while AX1500 offers 1 Gbps of speed with the same ethernet connection.

Airtime Fairness

Airtime Fairness is a feature that helps users connect more than one device with a wireless router. Instead of slowing down the client’s speed, the router offers the same airtime regardless of capacity. Only the AX1500 is equipped with airtime fairness, with which you can better control data traffic on your home or office network.


Online security is important to reduce the risk of data breaches on your Wi-Fi connection inside the home. The TP Link AC1200 vs AX1500 security is largely the same, but the overall security of the AX1500 offers an additional layer of WEP protection that is not included with other models.


Other than IPv4 and IPv6, you can also use the WWM protocol in the AC1200 Wi-Fi router to optimize the signal. So, if more than one client is competing for data resources, the device will prioritize the Wi-Fi network traffic over others.

TP Link AC1200 vs AX1500 – Pros & Cons

TP Link AC1200
TP Link AC1200 vs AX1500
TP Link AX1200
TP Link AC1200 vs AX1500
● 4 Gigabyte LAN Ports
● No bandwidth congestion
● Easy setup and management
● Allows more than one connection
● Three Years of warranty
● Increased speed and range
● Connect multiple devices at once
● Better overall coverage
● Comes with the latest Wi-Fi 6
● 360-degree stable performance
● Come with Wi-Fi 5
● Less speed than other
● No DOS Protection
● Higher in price
● Does not have DNS relay
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TP Link AC1200 vs AX1500 – Which one’s the best?

If you don’t mind the price of the TP-Link AX1500 then this is the perfect router that lets you connect wirelessly to all your smart devices. This router is equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6, which allows you to get better speed and overall performance compared to the TP-Link AC1200 wireless router.


After comparing the TP Link AC1200 and AX1500, we found that the AX offers the general user more power, speed, and range in the home or office. The AX1500 may be expensive, but the added features make it the perfect choice between two wireless routers.

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