Kent Supreme vs Kent Supreme Plus – Which One is Best?

Kent Supreme vs Kent Supreme Plus – How to Choose the Best?

Kent Supreme vs Kent Supreme Plus

Kent makes a range of products in India to help people live healthier lives at home. They also have a big contribution to the water filter market by launching new devices every year. Hence, it becomes very difficult to choose a definite home water purifier that has all the features.

That’s why we compared Kent Supreme vs Kent Supreme Plus, two of the most popular products on the web, to help you find the perfect device.

Kent Supreme vs Kent Supreme Plus – Comparison Table:

ProductKent Supreme
Kent Supreme vs Elegant
Kent Supreme Plus
Kent Supreme vs Kent Supreme Plus
TypeWater PurifierWater Purifier
MaterialABS Food Grade PlasticABS Food Grade Plastic
TechnologyRO + UF + TDSRO + UF + TDS
Capacity8 L8 L
Filter CartridgeSediment, Activated Carbon, UF FilterSediment, Activated Carbon, UF Filter, Post Carbon
Purification Rate20 L/hr20 L/hr
Duty Cycle100 L/day100 L/day
UV LampNa11 Watts
Life of LampNa5000 hrs.
UV LED Wattage0.7 Watts0.7 Watts
Membrane TypeThin Film Composite ROThin Film Composite RO
UF Membrane0.1 – 0.01 Microns0.1 – 0.01 Microns
Inlet Water Pressure (Min/Max)0.3 – 4 kg/cm²0.3 – 4 kg/cm²
Inlet Water Temperature (Min/Max)10 – 40°C10 – 40°C
Auto FlushingYesYes
Auto Shut-OffYesYes
Zero Water Wastage TechnologyNoYes
Power SupplySingle PhaseSingle Phase
Input Power100-250V100-250V
Frequency50-60 Hz50-60 Hz
Power Usage60 Watts60 Watts
Booster Pump Voltage24V DC24V DC
InstallationWall MountWall Mount
Retains Essential MineralsYesYes
Weight7.6 Kg8.5 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Service Time3 Years3 Years
Dimensions400 X 250 X 525 mm400 X 250 X 525 mm
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

Kent Supreme vs Kent Supreme Plus – What’s the same?

Type & Build

You get two powerful RO purifiers that work 24/7 to clean all kinds of water pollution to protect you and your family from harmful pollutants. They are made of food-grade ABS plastic to avoid the risk of rust and other problems in the future. Plus, the minimal design with a lightweight frame makes the installation process very easy on both units.


The three main technologies used in both machines are RO, UF and TDS for water management from any source around your house. They work together to remove germs, dust, metals, tastes, odours, and other unwanted things on a daily basis. This makes the water 100% clean with a constant supply even if there’s no electricity.

Duty Cycle

You get a massive duty cycle of 100 litres per day, which means both purifiers can clean up to this limit before affecting device life. Plus, the average filtration capacity is 20 litres per hour, so you will never run out of clean drinking water around your home or office.

Tank Capacity

A water tank is attached to both water purifiers, allowing you to store up to eight litres at any time of the day. This high capacity can easily benefit medium and large families by cleaning sufficient water to last a long time.


Both Kent electric water purifiers are energy efficient, using an average of just 60 watts to perform all built-in tasks. The auto on and off function also helps users save money because when the water level drops below a certain limit, the device starts up. Also, when the water tank is full, you don’t need to turn it off manually.

Warranty & Installation

The two water filters are attached with a one-year warranty and three years of brand service at no additional cost. Plus, the installation process is also quick and easy because you only need to order a technician by contacting customer service.

Kent Supreme vs Kent Supreme Plus – What’s so different?

UV Lamp & LED

Both Kent Supreme and Plus are equipped with a 0.7-watt UV LED light to remove bacteria, viruses and other contaminants from your water. However, only the Kent Supreme Plus has a UV lamp that operates at 11 watts to target more filter areas.

Zero Water Wastage

Yes, Kent Supreme Plus does not waste any water. This unique feature allows you to retain more natural minerals in the water while keeping it healthy and clean. On other devices, you can see a drain pipe that removes water during operation.

Filter Cartridges

Each of the Kent units is equipped with three filters such as sediment, activated carbon and UF to remove everything from chemicals to dirt and dust from water. Post carbon filters are only available with Kent Supreme Plus which is ideal for removing unwanted odours and improving overall taste.

Kent Supreme vs Kent Supreme Plus – Pros & Cons

Kent Supreme
Kent Supreme vs Elegant
Kent Supreme Plus
Kent Supreme vs Kent Supreme Plus
● High water tank capacity
● Water level indicator
● Retains essential minerals
● Low power consumption
● High duty cycle
● Auto flushing system
● Zero water wastage
● More filter cartridges
● No UV Lamp
● Post carbon filter is missing
● Higher price
 View on Amazon View on Amazon

Kent Supreme vs Kent Supreme Plus – Which one’s the best?

Clearly, the Kent Supreme Plus is the better water purifier. Not only do you get smart filters that manage all your tasks automatically but also you don’t have to manually turn the device on and off. Other features such as a powerful UV light, large storage tank and high duty cycle are sure to offer more value over time.

General FAQs

Q. Who is responsible for installation?

Kent Certified Professional.

Q. What is not covered by the warranty?

Parts and filters are not included.

Q. How long do UV lamps last?

Usually, one to two years.

Q. Do they work with boring water?

Yes, they have a dedicated TDS filter for that.

Q. What’s the carbon filter life?

At least one or two years for the first time.


If you need the best water filter that can purify the high TDS water in your home or office, then choose the Kent Supreme Plus. It comes with an additional post-carbon filter and zero wastage system, which can really increase the health benefits. Plus, the water filter has a large capacity with a high rate of purification to meet the average family’s demands.

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