IFB Elena ZX vs Elena ZXS – Which One is Best?

IFB Elena ZX vs Elena ZXS – How to Choose the Best?

IFB Elena ZX vs Elena ZXS

IFB Elena is a series of automatic washing machines that was launched more than a decade ago. They have gone through many upgrades over the years, but most people cannot tell the difference between the two models.

So, today we have compared IFB Elena ZX vs Elena ZXS to help you choose the best front loader washing machine in India with lots of features. Here’s what you need to know:

IFB Elena ZX vs Elena ZXS – Comparison Table:

ProductIFB Elena ZX
IFB Elena ZX vs Elena ZXS
IFB Elena ZX vs Elena ZXS
Loading TypeFront LoadFront Load
Function TypeFully AutomaticFully Automatic
Body ColorWhiteSilver
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
DisplayLED 7 SegmentLED 7 Segment
Capacity6.5 Kg6.5 Kg
Speed5 Levels5 Levels
Child LockYesYes
Anti-Rat CoverYesYes
Aqua EnergieYesYes
Laundry AddYesYes
Washing System3D3D
Ball Valve TechnologyYesYes
Crescent Moon DrumYesYes
Quick/Express WashYesYes
Hot Rinse/WashYesYes
Temperature Range30 °C, 40 °C, 60 °C, 95 °C, Cold30 °C, 40 °C, 60 °C, 95 °C, Cold
Energy Efficiency5 Star5 Star
Input Voltage220-240V, 50Hz220-240V, 50Hz
Power Usage (kWh/kg/cycle)0.0890.089
PhaseSingle ACSingle AC
Water Usage (L/kg/cycle)8.98.9
Noise48-70 dB48-70 dB
Weight60 Kg60 Kg
Warranty4 Years4 Years
Parts Warranty10 Years10 Years
Dimensions598 x 513 x 875 mm598 x 513 x 875 mm
Door Open Diameter505 mm505 mm
PriceView on Amazon View on Amazon

IFB Elena ZX vs Elena ZXS – What’s the same?

Machine Type

The two washing machines from IFB are front loading with single drums that rinse and wash your clothes inside. They work on a fully automated system that does not require many commands to help you wash clothes in comfort.


These IFB washing machines come with the same design and stainless-steel drums which makes them hard to tell apart. They have the same pump, water inlet, drain pipe, motor, timer and heating element to work together and work for a decade before you need a replacement.

Control Panel

Both devices feature the same control panel that has an LED display and tactile controls. The controls include a rotary dial that you can adjust to change any of your functions and the button helps you set the timer and clock on the front panel.

Capacity & Drums

Each washing machine comes with the same 6.5 kgs of capacity to help you wash a volume of clothes at the end of the week at once. The stainless-steel drums are nice and wide with a leak-proof door that opens on the front. They have a smooth inner design that protects the fabric of your clothes and gives you a smooth washing time.

Ball Valve

Here’s how you can save water every day with the Elena ZX & ZXS IFB washing machine. To avoid wastage of water, both washing machines are available with ball valve technology. It works by adding detergent and water automatically to the device and requires no input.

Speed & Power

IFB washing machines are designed to meet your special needs with top of the line speed. They both come with a 1000 RPM motor that gives five different levels to choose from. Also, the more speed you use the higher energy usage will happen as both devices take the same amount of power to run at your home.

Washing System

Since both washing machines are equipped with 2D washing technology, you can see the same performance between them. The 2D system rotates your clothes 360° as water is sprayed through the nozzles and detergent is mixed throughout the drum to better clean your clothes.


IFB Elena ZX and Elena ZXS come with the same heating element attached to their system. Yes, you can use hot water in both of them with a temperature control valve to use the right temperature for the clothes.

IFB Elena ZX vs Elena ZXS – What’s so different?


One program is missing from Elena ZXS as it is only available with 11 of them. The anti-allergy system in the Elena ZX will help you keep your laundry process more hygienic and cleaner. It prevents allergic reactions by cleaning your clothes on a micro level with every wash.


The obvious difference between the IFB Elena ZX and Elena ZXS washing machines is the color. The first device comes in a combination of white and black while the other has silver and black color overall.

IFB Elena ZX vs Elena ZXS – Pros & Cons

IFB Elena ZX
IFB Elena ZX vs Elena ZXS
IFB Elena ZX vs Elena ZXS
Powerful motor
● LED display
● Overload protection
● Good capacity
● 4 Years of warranty
● Fully automatic
● Built-in heater
● Child lock
● Water heater
● Temperature control
● Higher price
● No wheels
● Less programs
● No wheels
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IFB Elena ZX vs Elena ZXS – Which one’s the best?

IFB Elena ZX and Elena ZXS have the same specs and features, so you can choose anyone and get the best performance. In general, they have the best water pumps, heaters, drums and control panels to do all the work automatically and never bother the user to do their own laundry.

General FAQs

Q. Does it work with hard water?

Yes, both can wash clothes with hard water.

Q. What’s the laundry add option?

Allows you to stop the machine and add clothes in the middle of a wash.

Q. What is water consumption?

8.9 Liters on average.

Q. What’s the installation process?

Contact IFB and you’ll get free installation on all their washing machines.

Q. What’s the drum material?

They both have stainless steel drums.


The only difference between the two IFB washing machines is the color, programs and overall price. So, if you need all the features, you should choose IFB Elena ZX, and if you can manage without an anti-allergic system then you should choose Elena ZXS.

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