Panasonic NA65 vs NE83 – How to Choose?

Panasonic’s NA65 and NE83 are two of the company’s best hair dryers, and they’re great for both men and women. To help you decide between the two, we have compared them. Read the below article to know we choose Panasonic NE83 over the Panasonic NA65 model.

Panasonic NA65 vs NE83

Panasonic NA65 vs NE83 – Comparison Table:

Hair DryerPanasonic NA65
Panasonic NA65 vs NE83
Panasonic NE83
Panasonic NA65 vs NE83
Voltage240 Volts220 to 240 Volts
Wattage1875 Watts2500 Watts
Cord Length2.7 meter2.7 meter
Temperature Settings3
Cool ShotYesYes
Color OptionsReddish-purpleBlack
Hanging LoopYesYes
Oscillating Quick-Dry NozzleNoNo
Removable FilterYesYes
Storage HookNoNo
Speed Settings32
Weight0.95 Kg0.56 Kg
AttachmentsConcentrator Nozzle, Diffuser, and Quick Dry NozzleConcentrator Nozzle, Diffuser, and Quick Dry Nozzle
Dimensions215 x 231.5 x 91.5 mm92 x 222 x 216 mm
Warranty2 Year2 Year
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Panasonic NA65 vs NE83 – Similarities

Voltage Requirements

There are various similarities between the Panasonic NA65 and NE83 hair dryers, and the first one is the voltage requirement. The Panasonic NA65 requires 240 volts to operate.

On the other hand, the Panasonic NE83 can also operate at 240 volts. However, as the dryer has dual voltage support, it can also run during power fluctuations between 220 to 240 volts with varying output.

Cord Length

Another commonality between the Panasonic NA65 and NE83 dryer is their cord length. Both of the hair dryers from Panasonic come with an extra-long cord of 2.7 meters which is really great. Mostly, the premium dryer comes with such a long cord as an added convenience and comfort feature.

Cool Shot

Apart from cord length, the cool shot is another similarity between the Panasonic NA65 and NE83 hair dryers. These hair dryers have a cool shot function which enables you to minimize hair damage with cool drying.

Hanging Loop

A great feature in the Panasonic NA65 and NE83 is the hanging loop. The hanging loop is a loop that allows you to store or hook them on the wall or on your dressing table for added convenience so that you can use your hair dryer on the go.

Concentrator Nozzle

The Panasonic NA65 and NE83 also come with a concentrator nozzle. It allows you to concentrate on a specific spot to style your hair with ease and perfection. Without a concentrator, it is really hard to style a specific hair spot.

Oscillating Quick-Dry Nozzle

An oscillating quick-dry nozzle is one of the attachments that help in evenly drying your hair with comfort. When added to the dryer, an oscillating quick-dry nozzle can gently infuse tiny particles of moisture in your hair. However, both of these hair dryers do not come with an Oscillating quick-dry nozzle, which is a drawback.

Storage Hook

While both of the hair dryers from Panasonic come with a hanging loop, they both don’t come with a storage hook. This feature is usually available in the high-end dryer but not available in both of these dryers. However, it shouldn’t be a big deal not to have this function in these dryers.


When it comes to the attachments, the Panasonic NA65 and NE83 come with a diffuser, a concentrator nozzle, and a quick dry nozzle.


Both the dryers have a 2-year official warranty from Panasonic when you buy them from the Panasonic store. But if you buy them from an authorized retailer, you will get one year warranty.

Panasonic NA65 vs NE83 – Difference

Power Output

When it comes to the power output of Panasonic NA65 and NE83 hair dryers, then both dryers differ marginally. The Panasonic NA65 has a motor that pulls out 1875 watts of power.

On the other hand, the Panasonic NE83 motor can easily pull out 2500 watts of power which is very high when compared to the NA65. Moreover, it can effectively dry your hair within seconds of span.

Temperature Settings

There are a total of 4 temperature settings in the Panasonic NA65 hair dryer, whereas the Panasonic NE83 hair dryer has only three temperature settings.

Color Options

Both hair dryers have only one-color option available. The Panasonic NA65 comes with a reddish-purple color option. On the other hand, the Panasonic NE83 comes in a plain black color option.

Speed Settings

There is a total of 3-speed settings in the NA65 dryer, whereas the NE83 dryer has a total of only 2-speed settings. The Panasonic NE83 could have been improved by offering 3-speed settings at least.


In terms of portability and compactness, the Panasonic NE83 is superior to the NA65 dryer. The NA65 dryer weighs around 0.95kg, whereas the NE83 weighs around 0.56 kg.

Panasonic NA65 vs NE83 – Pros and Cons

Panasonic NA65
Panasonic NA65 vs NE83
Panasonic NE83
Panasonic NA65 vs NE83
● Less power consumption
● 3 Speed settings
● 4 Temperature settings
● 2 years warranty
● Lightweight and portable
● High-performance
● The quick dry feature works flawlessly
● Excellent design
● Less powerful
● Heavyweight design
● Consumes more power
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Panasonic NA65 vs NE83 – Which hair dryer is better?

The Panasonic NE83 and NA65 are both great options to choose from. However, based on the difference, you can decide which is a better option.

The NE83 is a superior hair dryer to the NA65 as it comes with a high-performance motor that can pull out 2500 watts of output in comparison to the NA65’s 1875-watt output, which is comparatively lower.

On top of that, the NE83 is light in weight and comes in a compact design, which makes it easy to hold and style your hair efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which hair dryer has a better design?

In terms of design, the NE83 hair dryer is better as it has a modern and sleek design that will fit into any corner of your room.

Which technology do both of these dryers use?

The Panasonic NA65 uses Nanoe technology, whereas the NE83 uses ION conditioning technology. However, Nanoe technology is much more effective and efficient.

Does the NE83 dryer have heat protection?

Yes, it comes with heat protection to protect your scalp and hair from heat damage.


If you have trouble making up your mind or would like to get the most bang for your buck, we recommend the Panasonic NE83 hair dryer.

While both high-end models are quality products and are very similar in terms of performance, however, for its lower price, the Panasonic NE83 offers some great features and better performance that make it a good value for money.

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