Kent Grand Plus vs Pride Plus – How to Choose?

Kent water purifiers are known for their excellent performance in terms of cleaning the water, and the Kent Grand Plus and Pride Plus are no exception to that. Below we have compared these two purifiers to help you understand which is a better pick.

Kent Grand Plus vs Pride Plus

Kent Grand Plus vs Pride Plus – Comparison Table:

ProductKent Grand Plus
Kent Grand Plus vs Pride Plus
Kent Pride Plus
Kent Grand Plus vs Pride Plus
TypeWater PurifierWater Purifier
MaterialABS Food Grade PlasticABS Food Grade Plastic
TechnologyRO + UV + UF + TDSRO + UF + TDS and UV LED in Storage Tank
Capacity9 L8 L
Filter CartridgeSediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF, and Post CarbonSediment, Activated Carbon, UF, and Post Carbon
Purification Rate20 L/hr15 L/hr
Duty Cycle100 L/day75 L/day
UV Lamp11 WattNA
Life of Lamp5000 HoursNA
UV LED Wattage0.7 Watts0.7 Watts
Membrane TypeThin Film Composite ROThin Film Composite RO
Inlet Water Pressure (Min/Max)0.3 – 4 kg/cm²0.3 – 4 kg/cm²
Inlet Water Temperature (Min / Max)10 – 40°C10 – 40°C
Auto FlushingYesNo
Auto Shut-OffYesYes
Zero Water Wastage TechnologyYesNo
Power SupplySingle PhaseSingle Phase
Input Power100 – 250 V100 – 250 V
Frequency50 – 60 Hz50 – 60 Hz
Power Usage60 Watts60 Watts
Booster Pump Voltage24 V DC24 V DC
InstallationWall MountWall Mount
Retains Essential MineralsYesYes
Weight8.4 Kg7.45 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Service Time3 Years3 Years
Dimensions230 (W) x 400 (L) x 540 (H) mm270 (W) x 380 (L) x 505 (H) mm
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Kent Grand Plus vs Pride Plus – Similarities

Type & build

The Kent Grand Plus and Kent Pride Plus are both types of water purifiers that come in white color. Furthermore, both use ABS plastic build that comes with food-grade certification, so it is completely safe to use these purifiers.


The power consumption of these water purifiers is the same. They both consume around 60 watts of power. Further, they both come with an auto-shut-off function to save power.

Booster Pump

There is an in-built booster pump in these purifiers, which regulates the water pressure. It takes around 24 volts to operate.

Operating PH

The operating pH of both water purifiers is the same. Both purifiers have an operating pH range of 6.5 to 8 pH.

Filter Cartridges

The Kent Grand Plus and Kent Pride Plus both have the same filter cartridges. Both purifiers come with Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF, and Post Carbon cartridges.

Water Level Indicator

Both water purifiers from Kent come with a water level indicator to lets to analyze the total water left inside the tank.

Warranty & Installation

Kent offers one year warranty on both water purifiers. Further, there is 3 years service warranty.

UV Lamp & LED

Both water purifiers come with a UV Lamp that operates on 11 watts of power. Further, it has 5000 hours of life. However, they both don’t have an LED display.

Kent Grand Plus vs Pride Plus – Differences


When it comes to technology, both purifiers are different. The Kent Grand Plus uses RO + UV + UF + TDS, whereas the Kent Pride Plus uses RO + UF + TDS and a UV LED is present in the storage tank.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of these purifiers is another marginal difference between them. The Kent Grand Plus can clean 100 liters of water per day with 20 liters per hour rate. On the other side, the Kent Pride Plus can clean 75 liters of water per day with 15 liters per hour rate.

Tank Capacity

The Kent Grand Plus has a large tank of 9 liters, whereas the Pride Plus has a slightly small tank of 8 liters. Both tanks are sufficient to hold a good amount of water.


The weight of the Kent Grand Plus is around 8.4 Kg, while the Kent Pride Plus weighs around 7.45 kg which makes it slightly lightweight and compact.

Zero Water Wastage

There is Zero Water Wastage in Kent Grand Plus, but the Kent Pride Plus doesn’t come equipped with this technology.

Kent Grand Plus vs Pride Plus – Pros and Cons

Kent Grand Plus
Kent Grand Plus vs Pride Plus
Kent Pride Plus
Kent Grand Plus vs Pride Plus
● Multiple purification stages
● 9 liters large tank
● High purification rate
● Zero water wastage
● Better value for money
● UV Protection in the tank
● Lightweight design
● 3 years of free service
● Slightly heavyweight
● Small tank
● Low purification rate
● Water wastage
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Kent Grand Plus vs Pride Plus – Which One is Better?

The Kent Grand Plus is a better choice due to that it comes with better and more advanced features like zero water wastage. Furthermore, it uses 4 purification technology to clean the water as a top priority. Furthermore, it has a high purification rate along with a large tank.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Kent Offer Pan India Service?

Yes, Kent has service centers across the country. There is a total of 1500+ service centers, and Kent also offers home service.

Do these water purifiers come with free installation?

Yes, both of these water purifiers come with free installation when bought from an authorized retailer.

Does any of these water purifiers create noise?

No, both of these water purifiers do not create any noticeable noise. They produce noise not more than 15-20 dB.


So far, you know everything about the Kent Grand Plus vs Kent Pride Plus water purifier comparison. Hopefully, you will be able to make your choice based on this comparison.

If you are still not sure which one you should choose, you can go with Kent Grand Plus as it has more features. However, if you have a tight budget, then go with the Kent Pride Plus, as it offers better value for the price.

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