Philips PowerPro vs Karcher WD3 – Which One is Best?

Philips PowerPro vs Karcher WD3 – How to Choose?

Philips PowerPro vs Karcher WD3

Proper cleaning takes a lot of time and effort, which is why buying a vacuum cleaner is a great way to easily remove dust, dirt and other types of pollutants. The Philips PowerPro & Karcher WD3 are two powerful vacuum cleaners from the big companies and today we’re comparing them.

We want to find the winner between the two vacuum cleaners to help you choose the best device that offers users better value for money. So, here’s how the two stack up:

Philips PowerPro vs Karcher WD3 – Comparison Table:

ProductPhilips PowerPro
Philips PowerPro vs Karcher WD3
Karcher WD3
Philips PowerPro vs Karcher WD3
TypeBagless Vacuum CleanerBagless Vacuum Cleaner
ColourDark BlueYellow
MaterialABS PlasticABS Plastic
TechnologyPowerCyclone 5NA
Motor Power1900 Watts1000 Watts
Suction Power1200 Air Watts200 Air Watts
Clean SurfaceDryWet and Dry
Cord Length6 Meters4 Meters
Automatic Cord WinderYesNo
Variable Speed ControlYesNo
Voltage220 volts240 volts
Frequency50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Hose Length1.8 Meters2 Meters
Capacity1.5 litres17 litres
Capacity Full IndicatorNoNo
Onboard StorageNoNo
Blower FunctionNoYes
Filter TypeHEPA & FoamPaper & Cartridge
Washable FiltersOnly Foam FilterNo
Total Wheels34
360° Rotation WheelsFront OnlyAll Four
Total Accessories615
AttachmentsSuction hose, Creative tool, integrated brush, MultiClean Nozzle, On tube clip, Turbo brushSuction hose, Removable handle, Suction tubes, 2 pieces, 0.5 m, 35 mm, plastic, Wet and dry floor nozzle, clips, Cartridge filter, two-part, Crevice nozzle, Paper filter bag, 1 piece
Net Weight4.5 kg5.8 Kg
Warranty2 Years1 Year
Dimensions41 x 28.1 x 24.7 cm38.8 x 34 x 50.3 cm
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Philips PowerPro vs Karcher WD3 – What’s the same?


The Philips PowerPro & Karcher WD3 are robust vacuum cleaners from two powerful brands that cover the entire market. They have a bagless design that is very easy to clean and manage over the years. Also, you can use them on indoor or outdoor surfaces to clean any area around the house with a powerful motor.


Another similar thing between the two vacuum cleaners is the construction material. Both are made of strong ABS plastic to keep the unit light in weight and resistant to stains and chemicals so it doesn’t fall apart when cleaning. Plus, the material helps to muffle the sound of the running motor so that they’re less noisy at home.

Philips PowerPro vs Karcher WD3 – What’s so different?

Cleaning Surface

To remove tough stains, damp dirt and other liquids from floors, the Kärcher WD3 is available with both wet and dry-cleaning modes. This allows you to work with liquids without worrying about the suction motor burning out. However, Philips PowerPro does not offer the same functionality and you can only use it to clean dry surfaces around the house.

Storage Capacity

Although both vacuum cleaners share the same bagless design, the overall storage capacity differs significantly. Like other vacuum cleaners on the market, the Philips PowerPro offers users 1.5 litres of storage space for collecting dust and dirt. The Karcher WD3 has an impressive 17-litre storage tank that can store several weeks of waste without having to empty out the tank again and again.

Power Cable

Another common but important difference between the two vacuum cleaners is power cable length. Karcher WD3 only comes with a four-meter-long cable while the Philips PowerPro offers a six-meter cable to reach further places easily inside your home. Also, only Philips vacuum cleaner models offer an automatic cord winder to help you easily access the cable and store it safely.

Speed Controls

Speed ​​control options are another area, many people forget to check before buying a home vacuum cleaner. Only the Philips PowerPro has a variable speed control switch on the top of the main body that allows you to adjust settings based on where you want to clean.

Vacuum Hose 

The Philips PowerPro vacuum cleaner gives people better range for cleaning hard-to-reach places because it is equipped with a larger hose. The Philips vacuum hose has a reach of six meters, while the Karcher WD3 hose is only four meters long, making it more difficult to reach corners and back sides of furniture for proper cleaning.

Blower Function

To easily clean your gardens, uneven surfaces, blow leaves, and more by simply changing the position of the hose gives one vacuum an edge over the others. Yes, the Karcher WD3 features a blower function that gives you access to places where a vacuum cleaner can’t work properly.

Motor & Suction

After testing motor power, Philips PowerPro excels because it is equipped with a 1900-watt motor that can produce up to 1200 watts of air intake. However, the Karcher WD3 only offers a 1000-watt motor that is said to produce 200 watts of air suction per intake, which is definitely a downgrade of the other model.


When it comes to filters, both Philips and Karcher WD3 use different types of filters to remove dust from air through the vacuum. Philips PowerPro uses a combination of HEPA and foam filters that have decent service life and cleaning properties. However, the Karcher WD3 uses a paper and cartridge filter, which is better at cleaning the air in your home but requires frequent maintenance. Also,


There is a big difference between the two vacuum cleaner wheels. If you check the bottom of both devices, the Philips PowerPro only has three wheels, one of which rotates 360° to give you firm control over the overall body. While the Karcher WD3 is available with four wheels that all rotate 360°, making it the best for cleaning small places while carrying less weight due to the size of the wheels.


Philips is well aware of industry standards to incorporate new concepts into its technology with every product. The PowerPro uses PowerCyclone 5 technology to separate dust and air inside the vacuum cleaner. This allows you to achieve amazing cleaning results in less time. Karcher doesn’t mention the technology of the vacuum cleaners, but they have a unique design that usually meets the needs of most users.


To help you improve the performance of both vacuums, each unit comes with its own set of accessories packaged in a box. It is clear that Karcher WD3 offers customers more accessories for better cleaning of certain parts of the room, furniture, curtains, carpets or other materials. However, Philips PowerPro has very limited accessories compared to other models, making it less practical for people who need complete control over the functions of their vacuum.


The Karcher WD3 bagless vacuum is only available with a one-year warranty, while the Philips PowerPro offers a two-year warranty time. This makes Philips PowerPro better because if you find manufacturing defects and problems along the way, the brand can help you fix them at no extra cost.


Lastly, the two vacuum cleaners have completely opposite designs, one comes in dark blue and the other in yellow colour. The Philips PowerPro looks more modern and sleeker, while the Karcher WD 3 has simpler features. Moreover, Philips vacuum cleaner is lighter and takes up less space, while other models come with wide and long bodies that take up more storage space in comparison.

Philips PowerPro vs Karcher WD3 – Pros & Cons

Philips PowerPro
Philips PowerPro vs Karcher WD3
Karcher WD3
Philips PowerPro vs Karcher WD3
● Powerful motor and suction
● Long-range cable and multipurpose hose
● Two years of warranty
● Affordable filters
● Bagless design
● Active lock coupling
● 17 Liters of storage capacity
● Four 360° Rotation Wheels
● Special cartridge filter
● More accessories
● Blower function
● Wet and dry floor support
● Low capacity & accessories
● Doesn’t work on wet surfaces
● Less suction & motor power
● No auto cord winder & speed control
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Philips PowerPro vs Karcher WD3 – Which one’s the best?

There is no doubt that Philips PowerPro is better than Karcher WD3 vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. The device has an improved design that is light in weight and easy to move around the house. It also comes with a more powerful motor that offers better suction for thoroughly cleaning any place. Plus, the device is easier to maintain as the filters are easily available online without any hefty upfront cost to replace them over the years.

However, if you need wet cleaning support and a large capacity, the Karcher WD3 is your only choice.

General FAQs

Q. Can I clean the sofa, curtains and window sliders?

Yes, there are custom attachments for that.

Q. What is the working time?

25 minutes followed by a 5-minute break.

Q. Does the power cord accept Indian plugs?

Yes, both work with Indian/American plugs.

Q. Is the suction power adjustable?

Yes, on both models.


The main difference between Philips PowerPro and Karcher WD3 is the motor and suction power. Philips PowerPro is best suited for cleaning small and medium-sized households, but only supports dry surface cleaning.

So, if you have to clean wet surfaces or want to work in a large house and need more capacity, we recommend choosing the Kärcher WD3.

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