Greenworks 40V vs 80V Leaf Blower – How to Choose?

Many individuals might believe that investing in a leaf blower is a waste of money because it uses a lot of gas and is less effective than manually sweeping leaves.

Well, that’s not true. Electric leaf blowers outperform gas-powered ones on the market by a wide margin. Additionally, they use very little power. Moreover, because they run on batteries, they are much more portable.

The 40V and 80V blowers from Greenworks are two of the most popular models available. Thus, in order to help you in picking which leaf blower is superior, we have compared the Greenworks 40V and 80V leaf blowers.

Greenworks 40V vs 80V Leaf Blower

Greenworks 40V vs 80V Leaf Blower – Comparison Table:

ProductsGreenworks 40 Leaf Blower
Greenworks 40V vs 80V Leaf Blower
Greenworks 80V Leaf Blower
Greenworks 40V vs 80V Leaf Blower
Voltage40 Volts80 Volts
Coverage⅓ Acre1 Acre
Runtime15 minutes55 Minutes
Recharge Time40 Minutes45 Minutes
Battery Capacity2.0 Ah2.5 Ah
Push Button StartYesYes
Brushless MotorNoYes
Blower Max CFM135580
Max Blow150 MPH145 MPH
Trigger SpeedVariableVariable
Cruise ControlNoYes
AccessoriesBlower, battery, charger, and manualBlower, battery, rapid charger, and manual
Dimensions31 x 7 x 10 inches45 x 10.43 x 15.6 inches
Weight3.27 Pounds8.33 Pounds
Battery Warranty3 Years4 Years
Tools Warranty3 Years4 Years
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Greenworks 40V vs 80V Leaf Blower – Similarities


The first thing that you will notice between these two leaf blowers is their type. Both the Greenworks 40V and 80V are cordless leaf blowers, which allow you to freely move the machine to any corner of your lawn.

Push Button Start

Another similarity between these two leaf blowers is their start functionality. The push button start functionality on the Greenworks 40V and 80V allows you to operate the machine effectively without having to leave it running constantly.

Trigger Speed

Apart from push button start, both the leaf blower offers you to use them at variable speed. The Greenworks 40V and 80V come with variable speed settings. When required, you can increase or decrease the blowing speed.


The Greenworks 40V and 80V come with almost the same accessories. The Greenworks 40V and 80V offer a blower, battery, charger, and manual out of the box.

However, the charger you get with the 80V leaf blower is a rapid charger that allows you to quickly charge the machine and use it when required.

Greenworks 40V vs 80V Leaf Blower – Difference

Voltage Requirement

The Greenworks 40V requires 40 volts of power to operate, while the Greenworks 80V requires 80 volts. Power fluctuation won’t be an issue, as both machines come with a power adaptor that will manage the required voltage.

Coverage Area

There is a huge difference between the Greenworks 40V and 80V in terms of coverage area. The Greenworks 40V covers around 1/3 acres of area in a single charge. While the Greenworks 80V can easily cover up to a 1-acre area in one full charge.


The runtime is one of the factors that can make or break the deal. The Greenworks 40V runs about 15 minutes, while the Greenworks 80V runs about 55 minutes, making it a clear winner.

Recharge Time

The recharge time of both machines also varies a little bit. The Greenworks 40V can be fully charged in 35 to 40 minutes. At the same time, Greenworks 80V needs at least 45 minutes to charge to 100%.

Battery Capacity

The Greenworks 40V comes with a battery capacity of 2.0 Ah, and the Greenworks 80V comes with a 2.5 Ah battery. As the Greenworks 80V has a slightly bigger battery, you will get better runtime from the machine.

Motor Performance

The Greenworks 40V comes with a standard copper motor, while the 80V comes with a brushless motor, which lasts longer and makes an impact on the overall performance of the leaf blower.

Maximum Blow CFM and Speed

The Greenworks 40V offers a Max blow of 150 MPH in comparison to the 145 MPH maximum blow of Greenworks 80V.

However, this difference cannot be considered a deal breaker. Furthermore, the Blower Max CFM of 40V is about 135, while the 80V offers 580 max blower CFM, which will definitely make a significant difference.

Cruise Control

The Greenworks 80V comes with cruise control functionality, allowing you to manage and operate the machine with ease. While the Greenworks 40V doesn’t have any cruise control.


In terms of portability, the Greenworks 40V is a clear winner as it weighs only about 3.27 Pounds in comparison to the 8.33 pounds of the Greenworks 80V.


When it comes to the warranty, Greenworks 80V offers 4 years warranty on tools and batteries. In contrast, the Greenworks 40V offers 3 years warranty on battery and tools.

Greenworks 40V vs 80V Leaf Blower – Pros and Cons

Greenworks 40V Leaf Blower
Greenworks 40V vs 80V Leaf Blower
Greenworks 80V Leaf Blower
Greenworks 40V vs 80V Leaf Blower
● Lightweight design
● Better blowing speed
● Only 40 Volts required to operate
● 3 Years warranty
● Brushless motor
● Cruise control
● Better CFM Blow
● Excellent runtime
● No cruise controls
● Standard Motor
● Slightly heavy design
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Greenworks 40V vs 80V Leaf Blower – Which One is Better?

The Greenworks 80V is the ultimate winner as it comes with a lot of premium features that are missing in 40V. For instance, the 80V offers a brushless motor that will last years without any maintenance and repair.

On top of that, the Greenworks 80V offers a great runtime that allows you to cover a large lawn without the need to charge the machine again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are gas blowers better than electric leaf blowers?

Electric leaf blowers are superior since they have a more portable design and greater power to complete the task as soon as possible.

Which is quieter: Gas Leaf Blower or Electric Leaf Blower?

Electric leaf blowers are quieter, while gas models are the noisiest ones. An electric leaf blower produces 59 dB of sound, while a gas blower produces up to 90 dB of sound.

Can you dry the car or blow snow using a leaf blower?

While it is not recommended to blow out snow or dry out the car with a leaf blower, you can as long as it works for you.


Based on the comparison, both leaf blowers are a great choice. As per your budget and preferences, you can choose either of these two leaf blowers.

If you have a small lawn and looking for budget leaf blowers that don’t require gas to work, the Greenworks 40V is a great choice. In contrast, 80V is a better option if you want superior performance and better battery life to clean a large size lawn.

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