LifeLong LLM72 vs LLM81 – Which One is Best?

LifeLong LLM72 vs LLM81 – How to Choose?

LifeLong LLM72 vs LLM81

If you spend the entire day standing up or if you run and your feet hurt like crazy, you should treat yourself to a spa-like experience. When you have a foot massager, you can get a spa-like massage at home for a very low cost, and at the time you desire.

The LifeLong LLM72 and LLM81 are two wonderful options for you if you’re looking to buy a cheap and inexpensive foot massager that can do all types of massages and doesn’t skimp on functionality. To assist you in selecting the best one, we have provided a comparison of the LifeLong LLM72 and LLM81 below.

LifeLong LLM72 vs LLM81 – Comparison Table:

ProductLifeLong LLM72
LifeLong LLM72 vs LLM81
LifeLong LLM81
LifeLong LLM72 vs LLM81
Power40 Watts40 Watts
Build MaterialRubberRubber
Voltage220 to 240 Volts220 to 240 Volts
Modes of OperationAutomatic and ManualAutomatic and Manual
Adjustable Seating PositionNoNo
Timer15 Minutes15 Minutes
Warranty1 Year1 Year
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LifeLong LLM72 vs LLM81 – Similarities


Power is the most important factor to consider when selecting a foot massager. The LifeLong LLM72 and LLM81 both have a 40-watt power output, which is adequate for basic massages like rolling and kneading.

Color Options

Brown is the only color option available for the LifeLong LLM72 and LLM81. There isn’t any other color choice. Apart from the color, these two models appear to be very similar in terms of appearance and design.

Build Quality

The LifeLong LLM72 and LLM81 have excellent construction. The rubberized material used to make both foot massagers is pleasant and comfortable to touch. Soft plastic is typically used in other types of foot massagers, but these massagers are not made of it.


Kneading is the most popular and widely used type of foot massage, and it should be included in every foot massager. Both LifeLong foot massagers feature a kneading foot massage that aids in easing general leg pain and enhances blood flow.


Both foot massagers feature a vibration massage option in addition to kneading. Improved blood circulation and leg healing are both benefits of the vibration foot massage.


The LifeLong LLM72 and LLM81 also provide a rolling massage, which is another similarity between the machines. Your spurs will heal more quickly, and the rolling foot massage will also make you feel better.


The LifeLong LLM72 and LLM81 don’t have a reflexology massage option. This is because the reflexology option is only available in the high-end foot massager, and these are budget ones.

Operation Modes

Another similarity among these two-foot massagers is that they both have 2 operating modes. Both can be operated manually or automatically.

By simply pressing a button, you may massage your feet in automated mode, and the device will turn off after 15 minutes. To receive a massage while in manual mode, you must set the timer, select the massage therapy, and set other configurations.

Seating Position

Both the LifeLong LLM72 and LLM81 come with a timer that automatically shuts off the machine. The timer automatically ends after 15 minutes if you select the automatic mode.


You will be unable to change the seating position of either of these two-foot massagers to suit your preferences. You will have to sit in a particular position during the massage since the seating position is not adjustable.


One year’s worth of warranty is included with both foot massagers. Both machines come with a one-year warranty, and you may request a repair or replacement if you experience any problems during that time.

LifeLong LLM72 vs LLM81 – Differences


An LED display is often only available in foot massagers of the highest price range. In contrast to the LifeLong LLM72, which lacks any kind of display, the LifeLong LLM81 has an LED display, making it a better choice.

Heating Massage

The heating massage is another feature that is only available in the LLM81 foot massager. The LLM72 doesn’t have the heating massage.


The LLM72 offers a compression massage option. However, the LLM81 does not. If you prefer a compression massage over a heated massage, you should select the LLM72 foot massager.

LifeLong LLM72 vs LLM81 – Pros and Cons

LifeLong LLM72
LifeLong LLM72 vs LLM81
LifeLong LLM81
LifeLong LLM72 vs LLM81
● Better blood circulation
● Informative manual and guide
● Compression massage
● Rubber material
● LED display for monitoring
● Heating massage
● Regulated movement
● Lightweight design
● No LED display
● No Heating massage
● No compression massage
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LifeLong LLM72 vs LLM81 – Which is Better?

The LifeLong LLM81 is a better option as it comes with an LED display which is only available and limited to the premium range foot massagers. Moreover, this foot massager comes with a better-regulated movement which helps in relieving the pain effectively.

On top of that, the LLM81 has a heating massage, which helps during winter and very an ideal choice for elders and adults.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are these massagers good for Children above 10 years of age?

Well, the massagers should not be used for children except some certain circumstances.

Does any of these foot massagers have a copper motor?

No, both of these foot massagers don’t have any copper motor in them.

Can you use these foot massagers to massage thighs?

No, these massagers are not made for massaging thighs.


In a nutshell, this was all about comparing the LifeLong LLM72 and LLM81 foot massagers. The LifeLong LLM81 offers a heating massage mode, making it a better option than the LifeLong LLM72 if you’re looking for the best foot massager. Additionally, you may view the massage, timing, and other settings on the LED display.

The LLM81 is the only massager with a compression mode. The LLM81 massager does not have any compression mode. Therefore, pick the LLM72 if you prefer compression to heating massage and LED display.

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