Kent Elegant vs Kent Elegant Lite – How to Choose?

Kent Elegant vs Kent Elegant Lite – Which One is Best?

Kent Elegant vs Kent Elegant Lite

In India, Kent has launched so many models of water purifiers that people usually get confused and cannot make the right choice for their home kitchen. Kent Elegant and Kent Elegant Lite are the two such devices that we compared today.

We have tried to cover all the differences and similarities between them to give you an ideal suggestion. So, here’s what we found:

Kent Elegant vs Kent Elegant Lite – Comparison Table:

ProductKent Elegant
Kent Elegant vs Kent Elegant Lite
Kent Elegant Lite
Kent Elegant vs Kent Elegant Lite
TypeWater PurifierWater Purifier
MaterialABS Food Grade PlasticABS Food Grade Plastic
TechnologyRO + UF + TDS + UVRO + UF + TDS
Capacity8 L8 L
Filter CartridgeSediment, Activated Carbon, UF FilterSediment, Activated Carbon, UF Filter
Purification Rate15 L/hr15 L/hr
Duty Cycle75 L/day75 L/day
UV Lamp0.7 WattsNo
Membrane TypeThin Film Composite ROThin Film Composite RO
UF Membrane0.1 – 0.01 Microns0.1 – 0.01 Microns
Inlet Water Pressure (Min/Max)0.3 – 4 kg/cm²0.3 – 4 kg/cm²
Inlet Water Temperature (Min/Max)10 – 40°C10 – 40°C
Operating pH (Min/Max)6.5 – 8.86.5 – 8
Auto FlushingYesYes
Auto Shut-OffYesYes
Power SupplySingle PhaseSingle Phase
Input Power100-250V100-250V
Frequency50-60 Hz50-60 Hz
Power Usage60 Watts60 Watts
Booster Pump Voltage24V DC24V DC
InstallationWall MountWall Mount
Weight6.62 Kg6.5 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Service Time3 Years3 Years
Dimensions340 x 265 x 505 mm340 x 265 x 505 mm
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Kent Elegant vs Kent Elegant Lite – What’s the same?


Both water purifiers are from the same brand Kent and use the same technology to remove any impurities. With a three-stage filtration system that uses RO, UF and TDS, people can be sure that they are getting the cleanest water at home.


The two water purifiers are available with a capacity of eight litres. They store water in a large reservoir made from BPA free plastic with a tap at the bottom part. Both Kent water purifiers take less than an hour to fully fill the tank and best of all, you don’t have to turn them off.

Duty Cycle

On average, customers receive a duty cycle of 75 litres per day, which means that a medium to a large family can easily get enough drinking water every day. The cleaning speed of both models is also the same with a maximum of 15 litres of water per hour to help you stay healthy and hydrated.

Filter Cartridges

Each water purifier uses three types of filters. RO filters remove common chemicals and large particles, while UF filters use reverse osmosis to clear out bacteria, viruses and parasites. Moreover, the TDS filter checks for dissolved solids and helps you control the total concentration of substances in the water.

Booster Pump

You get a booster pump with the two Kent water purifiers which increase the water pressure to speed up the filtration process. Also, both pumps run on a 24V DC supply, which prevents pipe clogging over time.

Power Usage

With the exception of UV lamp power, both Kent filters can operate below 60 watts. They also have an automatic on/off mechanism that helps you save energy by managing all the filtering automatically.

Auto Flushing 

With the two Kent water purifiers, you get an automatic flushing system. This will help you easily clean the inside of the unit and extend the life of the filter over the years. The system flushes the tank and drains automatically, but you can also do this manually.

Warranty & Installation

The Kent Elegant and Lite water filters come with a one-year warranty. There are also three years of free after-sales service for new customers. The installation part is also very easy because you can call a technician from the company to install it on your kitchen wall.


Both devices are from the same brand and have the same overall design. They come with a transparent top and a white bottom. Also, they have the same dimensions to take up the same space when installed and help you drink clean water every day.

Kent Elegant vs Kent Elegant Lite – What’s so different?

UV Lamp

Only the Kent Elegant is equipped with a UV lamp to remove all microbes from an intense glow of light in the water tank. Even if you leave the device for a few days, no bacteria will infect the surface of the water because of UV filtration that ensures cleanliness and safety for all your family members.


Both devices are made of BPA-free plastic, making them extremely lightweight and easy to install in your kitchen. The Kent Elegant Lite is slightly lighter at 6.5 kg, while other devices exceed this by 0.12 kg which is not a big difference.

Kent Elegant vs Kent Elegant Lite – Pros & Cons

Kent Elegant
Kent Elegant vs Kent Elegant Lite
Kent Elegant Lite
Kent Elegant vs Kent Elegant Lite
● Gives 100% pure water
● 8 Liters of storage
● High duty cycle
● Good filtration speed
● Free installation by Kent
● Retains essential minerals
● High filtration rate
● One year of warranty
● Three years of free service
● Portable & light in weight
● Heavier weight
● No UV lamp
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Kent Elegant vs Kent Elegant Lite – Which one’s the best?

Clearly, the Kent Elegant water purifier is the best between the two models. You get the added UV filtering with three existing technologies (RO, UF and TDS). Apart from that, features like high duty cycle, thin membrane, auto on/off and more make this device ideal for everyone’s home.

General FAQs

Q. Is the installation free?

Yes, you have to contact customer care after delivery.

Q. Do they have an auto cutoff feature?

Yes, both purifiers have an auto-off/on feature.

Q. Do they work with TDS over 900?

Yes, both filters do.

Q. Is there a water level indicator?

No, Kent does not offer one.


People who need the best water purifier to remove dirt, germs, small particles and other impurities from water should choose Kent Elegant. However, if you need a Kent device at a lesser price with most of the features, then the Kent Elegant Light isn’t a bad option.

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