Panasonic NA65 vs NA67 Hair Dryer – How to Choose?

The hair dryer market is a crowded one, with plenty of manufacturers competing to establish their place in it. However, there are a few key areas where the two hair dryers from Panasonic (NA65 and NA67) stand out from the rest of the competition.

Below, we’ve put together some information and compared the Panasonic NA65 and NA67 hair dryers to help you compare and determine which makes more sense for you.

Panasonic NA65 vs NA67 Hair Dryer

Panasonic NA65 vs NA67 Hair Dryer – Comparison Table:

Hair DryerPanasonic NA65
Panasonic NA65 vs NA67 Hair Dryer
Panasonic NA67
Panasonic NA65 vs NA67 Hair Dryer
Voltage240 Volts240 Volts
Wattage1875 Watts1875 Watts
Cord Length2.7 meter2.7 meter
Temperature Settings44
Cool ShotYesYes
Color OptionsReddish-purpleRose Gold and Champagne Gold
Hanging LoopYesYes
Oscillating Quick-Dry NozzleNoYes
Storage HookNoNo
Speed Settings33
Weight0.95 Kg0.6 Kg
AttachmentsConcentrator Nozzle, Diffuser, and Quick Dry NozzleConcentrator Nozzle, Diffuser, and Quick Dry Nozzle
Removable FilterYesYes
Dimensions215 x 231.5 x 91.5 mm230 x 200 x 20 mm
Warranty2 Year2 Year
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Panasonic NA65 vs NA67 Hair Dryer – Similarities

Voltage Requirement

The Panasonic NA65 and NA67 require 240 volts to operate. If there are any electricity fluctuations, you should not operate them as they don’t have dual voltage functionality.


Wattage is another similarity that both, the Panasonic NA65 and NA67 hair dryers have in common. The NA65 and NA67 hair dryers pull out 1875 watts of output. Both hair dryers perform equally in terms of performance as they both have the same power output.

Cord Length

Both hair dryers offer great convenience and comfort as they both come with 2.7 meters or 9 feet long cords, which makes it easy for you to dry your hair at your own comfort.

Temperature Settings

There are a total of 4 temperature settings available in both hair dryers. Both hair dryers give you maximum control over the temperature. Whether you want to add volume or embrace your curls, you can do that with ease with both of these hair dryers from Panasonic.

Cool Shot

The Panasonic NA65 and NA67 come with a cool shot feature that allows you to use the dryers at a lower temperature to set the hairstyle for long-lasting results.

Hanging Loop

There is a hanging loop available in both of these hair dryers, which allows you to hand or store them on the wall or close to the mirror.

Nozzle Concentrator

Both Panasonic hair dryers have nozzle concentrators that make it simple to style your hair precisely. Without worrying about other spots, you can style your hair while directing the dryer to a certain spot.

Storage Hook

The Panasonic NA65 and NA67, both hair dryers, don’t have any storage hooks. It can be a deal breaker for some buyers. However, in our opinion, you get a hanging loop, so it is not a major drawback.

Speed Settings

There is a total of 3-speed settings in both the Panasonic hair dryers. The Panasonic NA65 and NA67 come with Normal, Medium, and High-speed settings. You can adjust the speed of the dryer as per your requirements.


Both the hair dryer comes with 3 basic attachments out of the box. You get a concentrator nozzle, a diffuser, along with a quick dry nozzle with both of these hair dryers.

Removable Filter

An air filter is an additional feature to have in a hair dryer as it can protect your hair from dust and dirt. In this regard, the Panasonic NA65 and NA67, both hair dryers have removable air filter that is easy to clean.

So, whenever the filter is clogged or when the dryer is not working efficiently, you can remove and clean the filter easily.


Panasonic offers a 2 years comprehensive warranty on all of its hair dryers. However, the warranty period can vary depending on the country and the store you buy it from.

For instance, in the USA, you get 2 years warranty, while in some middle eastern countries, you get only one year warranty on these hair dryers.

Panasonic NA65 vs NA67 Hair Dryer – Differences

Color Options

When it comes to the available color options, there is not a wide range to choose from. The Panasonic NA65 comes in only dark reddish-purple color. On the other hand, the Panasonic NA67 offers 2 color options. The first one is Rose Gold, and the other one is Champagne Gold.

Oscillating Quick-Dry Nozzle

The Panasonic NA67 hair dryer comes with an Oscillating Quick-Dry Nozzle, whereas, the Panasonic NA65 hair dryer doesn’t have this attachment. Instead, it comes with a basic quick dry nozzle.


Apart from the color options, portability is another big difference between the Panasonic NA65 and Panasonic NA67 hair dryers. The NA65 dryer weighs around 0.95 kg which is heavier in comparison to Panasonic NA67. The NA67 dryer weighs around 0.6 kg.

Removable filter cleaning

Both Panasonic NA67 AND NA65 comes with removable filter. That makes cleaning dust from filters easy and time-saving. To remove the dust from the hair dryer filter, you can use a vacuum cleaner or toothbrush.

Panasonic NA65 vs NA67 Hair Dryer – Pros and Cons

Panasonic NA65
Panasonic NA65 vs NA67 Hair Dryer
Panasonic NA67
Panasonic NA65 vs NA67 Hair Dryer
● Removable air filter
● Less power consumption
● Cool shot feature
● 2 years warranty
● Lightweight and compact
● 2 color options
● Extra-long cord
● 4 temperature settings
● Heavyweight design
● Only single-color option
● High power consumption
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Panasonic NA65 vs NA67 Hair Dryer – Which One is Better?

The Panasonic NA67 hair dryer is a slightly better option than the NA65 hair dryer. This is because it comes with a lightweight and compact design which allows you to handle and use it with ease.

Moreover, Panasonic NA67 comes with Oscillating Quick-Dry Nozzle features whereas the NA65 doesn’t come with this feature. And all the features are similar between both products. So going with NA67 is the right choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the concentrator nozzle removable in NA65?

Yes, the NA65 hair dryer has a removable concentrator nozzle.

Which technology does both hair dryer use?

Both the Panasonic hair dryer comes with Nanoe technology.

Can these hair dryers be used for children’s hair drying?

Yes, you can easily use these hair dryers for children.


Overall, you can’t go wrong with either hair dryer since they share many similarities. The Panasonic NA67 is smaller (and lighter), so it’s easy to maneuver around your head.

On the other hand, the Panasonic NA65 and NA67 both come with a removable filter that allows you to easily clean and maintain the hair dryer for long time.

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