Kent Supreme vs Elegant – Which One is Best?

Kent Supreme vs Elegant – How to Choose?

Kent Supreme vs Elegant

Kent makes several next-generation RO water purifiers in India that can make your water 100% clean in minutes. Today we’ve compared the Kent Supreme with the Elegant, two of the most popular Kent devices on the market, to help you make a perfect choice.

This includes basic specs, features, capacities, and many other things to consider before making a decision. So, here’s everything you need to know:

Kent Supreme vs Elegant – Comparison Table:

ProductKent Supreme
Kent Supreme vs Elegant
Kent Elegant
Kent Supreme vs Elegant
TypeWater PurifierWater Purifier
MaterialABS Food Grade PlasticABS Food Grade Plastic
TechnologyRO + UF + TDSRO + UF + TDS
Capacity8 L8 L
Filter CartridgeSediment, Activated Carbon, UF FilterSediment, Activated Carbon, UF Filter
Purification Rate20 L/hr15 L/hr
Duty Cycle100 L/day75 L/day
UV Lamp0.7 Watts0.7 Watts
Membrane TypeThin Film Composite ROThin Film Composite RO
UF Membrane0.1 – 0.01 Microns0.1 – 0.01 Microns
Inlet Water Pressure (Min/Max)0.3 – 4 kg/cm²0.3 – 4 kg/cm²
Inlet Water Temperature (Min/Max)10 – 40°C10 – 40°C
Operating pH (Min/Max)6.5-8.06.5 – 8.8
Auto FlushingYesYes
Auto Shut-OffYesYes
Power SupplySingle PhaseSingle Phase
Input Power100-250V100-250V
Frequency50-60 Hz50-60 Hz
Power Usage60 Watts60 Watts
Booster Pump Voltage24V DC24V DC
InstallationWall MountWall Mount
Retains Essential MineralsYesYes
Weight7.6 Kg6.62 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Service Time3 Years3 Years
Dimensions400 X 250 X 525 mm340 x 265 x 505 mm
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Kent Supreme vs Elegant – What’s the same?


Kent Supreme and Elegant are two water purifiers that rely on a reverse osmosis process for filtering all the dirt and debris at your home. They also have UF & TDS units to retain the minerals of water while flushing out all the bacteria, viruses, and parasites.


On both Kent water filters, you get eight litres of water reservoir. So the machine won’t have to run all day long and can easily store the filtered water inside a big tank that is more than enough for medium to large families.


Surprisingly, both water filters use the same 60 watts of electricity to actively purify water around your house. The energy levels go even lower because the water purifier automatically turns off/on to manage everything in detail.

Booster Pump

In order to work with high/low water pressure, both devices are equipped with a booster pump that controls the entire water flow around the system. Both booster pumps operate at 24 volts DC power supply to keep the water flow constant and minimize blockages in your unit.

Filter Cartridges

Both water purifiers come with a three-layer of filter cartridges inside. The first filter is a sediment layer that traps sand, silt, dirt and rust from the water. Next is the activated carbon filter which removes all the chemicals and finally the UF filter which cleans all other minor contaminants.

UV Lamp

Each Kent water purifier has a built-in UV lamp with the same average power consumption of 0.7 watts. Yes, they can remove viruses, fungi, algae and other small impurities after being filtered. This means you always get the best water quality, even if the cartridges are not cleaned from time to time.


You get free installation service on all Kent water purifiers. All you have to do is call the customer service number before a qualified technician comes to your home. Installing Princess is quick and easy, and you can choose to keep the device on a table or mounted to a wall.


Both Kent water purifiers come with a one-year warranty. Plus, you get three years of after-sales service to keep things under check. The only requirement to claim a warranty is to keep the card you received with the water filter.

Kent Supreme vs Elegant – What’s so different?

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of the filter is the total amount of water you can clean in a day. So, for the Kent Elegant, you get a 75-litre duty cycle, while the Kent Supreme gives you a 100-litre limit. This is mainly because the Kent Supreme had a higher level of purification to satisfy a larger group of people.

Operating pH

If you live in a higher pH area where the TDS of the water is higher, choose the Kent Supreme as it has a slightly better range for cleaning extremely dirty water. The extra pH range of 0.8 can help you remove more chemicals to keep the water fresh for your family members at home.


Both of these water purifiers are made of BPA-free plastic, which is not only safe to drink but also gives you a light and portable body that anyone can move. So, when we compared the weights, we found that the Kent Supreme has a heavier frame overall than the other options.

Water Level Indicator

Only the Kent Supreme has a water level indicator that shows how much water is left in the tank so you can turn on the unit when needed. It also simplifies the cleaning process as you can see how much water is remaining before opening the tank.

Kent Supreme vs Elegant – Pros & Cons

Kent Supreme
Kent Supreme vs Elegant
Kent Elegant
Kent Supreme vs Elegant
● RO + UF + TDS Technology
● Low power consumption
● Auto Flushing system
● Water Level Indicator
● Retains essential minerals
● 8 Liters of capacity
● Multiple filter cartridges
● One year of warranty
● Auto Off-&-On
● Wall mountable device
● Heavier frame
● Less duty cycles
● No water level indicator
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Kent Supreme vs Elegant – Which one’s the best?

After comparing the two water purifiers, we can safely say that the Kent Supreme is the best option for anyone under this price range. Not only do you get higher duty cycles and a better cleaning rate, but you also get a water level indicator while spending the same money as the other device.

General FAQs

Q. Do they remove chlorine?

Yes, the carbon filters are installed for this reason alone.

Q. Do the water purifiers remove minerals?

No, the TDS coating helps you preserve essential minerals.

Q. How long does the filter last?

Replace the water filter every 1 to 2 years for the best water quality.

Q. Do the purifiers need a continuous flow of water supply?

Yes, to automatically fill your tank.


The Kent Supreme is the winner between the two water filters. Equipped with all advanced features like UV lamp, large storage tank, better duty cycle and filtration speed to give you 100% clean water in minutes. Plus, the one-year warranty and three-year maintenance are great for keeping your filters clean at no extra cost.

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