Ninja FD401 vs OL601 – How to Choose the Best?

Ninja FD401 vs OL601 – Which One is Best for You?

Ninja FD401 vs OL601

Pressure cookers are a daily necessity and electric devices are great for automating any task to help you cook food perfectly. Ninja has done a great job in the electric pressure cooker market with lots of tools to help you cook your food safely.

Ninja FD401 and OL601 are two competing products and many people get confused between the two. Here’s a complete comparison between the two devices to help you choose the perfect automatic pressure cooker.

Ninja FD401 vs OL601 – Comparison Table:

ProductNinja FD401
Ninja FD401 vs OL601
Ninja OL601
Ninja FD401 vs OL601
TypeElectric Pressure CookerElectric Pressure Cooker
MaterialStainless Steel & PlasticStainless Steel & Plastic
BPA FreeYesYes
Capacity8 qt.8 qt.
Safety Features1415
Coating TypeNonstickNonstick
Smart SliderNoYes
RackDual ReversibleSingle
Power Consumption1760 W1460 W
Input Power120 V120 V
ControlsButtons + DialButton + Dial
Operations ModeAutomaticAutomatic
Pressure Release ValveYesYes
Pressure LidYesYes
Crisping LidYesYes
Cord Length32 inches32 inches
Removable Cook PotYesYes
Removable Cooking PlateYesYes
Broil RackYesYes
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
Weight26.4 lbs22.05 lbs
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dimensions (L x W x H)16.1 x 14.57 x 14.29 inches13.35 x 13.19 x 13.15 inches
In BoxPressure Cooker, Crisping Lid, Pressure Lid, Cooking Pot, Double Broil Rack, Cooking basketPressure Cooker, Attached Crisping Lid, Pressure Cooking Lid, Nonstick Cooking Pot, Nonstick Plate, Nesting Broil Rack
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Ninja FD401 vs OL601 – What’s the same?

Product Type

Derived from the same brand, the Ninja FD401 and OL601 are automatic electric pressure cookers that allow people to cook different dishes without using a lot of oil. The device starts at the touch of a button and you are given multiple settings to adjust all things in advance. This makes the cooking process much more convenient for any customer using a ninja product. 


You get a total capacity of 8 quarts, which is roughly 7.6 liters on the Ninja FD401 and OL601, to cook enough food at once. So, people with larger families should opt for any of the above pressure cookers and cook food for everyone without lacking space to cook raw ingredients.


The outer surface of these two electric pressure cookers is made of a mixture of food-grade ABS plastic and stainless steel. Both devices are FDA approved for cooking and heating food due to the PTDE-free inner lining. They also have a pot with a non-stick coating to hold all the raw food for cooking, making the cleaning process a breeze.

Display & Warranty

Each device has a digital display showing the temperature and timer. You can manually change the timer to the desired range to cook everything with precision. There’s also a one-year warranty on both devices, so you can get an easy replacement for any defective product on the market.

Power Cord

Both devices have a 32-inch cable length, giving you enough room to place a pressure cooker in your modern kitchen without the need for any extension board. Plus, the power cord is made of a highly conductive material to help you minimize power loss and lower your monthly bill.

Ninja FD401 vs OL601 – What’s so different?

Design & Build

If we compare Ninja FD401 and OL601, the first device is much bigger than the second. Both pressure cookers look good from the outside and feel strong from the internal components. Ninja OL601 is much more portable due to the smaller capacity which is mentioned in the next section. The overall weight of the Ninja FD401 is much heavier due to the larger frame that makes it take more space in your kitchen.

Functions & Safety Features

The number of cooking functions in the Ninja FD401 is 9, while another device comes with 3 additional cooking functions like STEAM & CRISP, STEAM & BAKE and SOUS VIDE in the control menu. Apart from that, you get additional security features in Ninja OL601, making it even better for people who use cooking programs and aren’t too confident in their skills.

Smart Slider

Smart Slider is only available for Ninja OL601 users. This function allows you to choose between three cooking modes without changing the lid and simplify the cooking process.


The FD401 and OL601 have a different management interfaces for making changes to the default settings. The Ninja FD401 uses a dial controller to help you manage settings, while the OL601 uses a dial and pair of buttons to make changes available on both sides of the device.

Broil Rack

The Ninja FD401 has a two-story shelf that you can use in either direction because the design is similar on both sides. This is the main reason you get more capacity in the Ninja FD401 because the OL601 only comes with a single-sided stand that can hold less food for air frying or pressure cooking.


SteamCrisp is a technology only available on newer Ninja pressure cooker models like OL601. This helps you add more flavor to your food, making it fresher, crunchier, and cook faster while retaining all the moisture without drying out all the raw ingredients.

Power Consumption

Due to its larger size, the Ninja FD401 uses a powerful heating system to cover the extra space and consumes more energy by 1760 watts at full power. Ninja OL601 features a more economical heating system that uses only 1460 watts of power to help you save more electricity in your home.

Ninja FD401 vs OL601 – Pros & Cons

Ninja FD401
Ninja FD401 vs OL601
Ninja OL601
Ninja FD401 vs OL601
● Fat & Oil-free cooking
● Top-notch Nonstick coating
● Programmable timer
● Buttons & dial control panel
● Stainless steel build
● Portable & light frame
● 15 safety features
● Less power consumption
● More cooking programs
● Easy to use
● Uses more power
● Fewer programs & safety features
● Less capacity
● No dual rack
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Ninja FD401 vs OL601 – Which one’s the best?

Ninja OL601 is the best pressure cooker between the two devices. It not only helps you prepare food quickly but also simplifies the process with automatic functions. This pressure cooker is safe to use with food-grade plastic and durable BPA free nonstick material. Plus, using the Ninja OL601 will help you save power in your daily activities without sacrificing heating speed.

General FAQs

Q. Is there Teflon?

No, all ingredients are Teflon free.

Q. Is it difficult to clean?

The cleaning process is very easy because most of the pressure cooker components are disassembled to clean every corner.

Q. Can I steam rice?

Yes, you can steam the rice and cook the whole thing just like you would on a regular stovetop.

Q. Does it come with a cookbook?

Both devices come with instructions for use and a cookbook.

Q. How to stop cooking in the middle.

The pressure valve allows you to relieve pressure and open the pressure cooker.


After comparing the Ninja FD401 with the OL601, we have a winner. Ninja OL601 is great for all users with smart features and controls to manage everything easily. It also automates most of the cooking process to eliminate mistakes and help you prepare memorable meals. However, the Ninja FD410 isn’t a bad device, so if you need to save money and don’t need that many smart features, you can choose the Ninja FD401.

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