Braun KF7000BK vs KF7150BK – How to Choose?

Braun KF7000BK vs KF7150BK – Which One is Best?

Braun KF7000BK vs KF7150BK

Drip coffee makers are in high demand today because they offer a variety of features that allow people to brew coffee from the comfort of their own home without wasting time. Of course, many are looking for a suitable device on the market, so we compared the Braun KF7000BK with the KF7150BK.

We’ve identified the key differences, qualities, features, and benefits to help you make a quick decision. Here’s what you need to know:

Braun KF7000BK vs KF7150BK – Comparison Table:

ProductBraun KF7000BK
Braun KF7000BK vs KF7150BK
Braun KF7150BK
Braun KF7000BK vs KF7150BK
TypeDrip Coffee MakerDrip Coffee Maker
ColorBlack, White, Silver, Black & SilverBlack, White, Silver, Black & Silver
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Capacity60 oz60 oz
BPA FreeYesYes
Brew Setting1-4 Cup1-4 Cup
FiltersGold Tone & Charcoal FilterGold Tone & Charcoal Filter
Filter BasketRemovableRemovable
Programmable TimerYes, 24 HoursYes, 24 Hours
Carafe Size12 Cups12 Cups
Carafe TypeGlassGlass
Auto Shut-offYesYes
Coffee Strength SelectorNoYes
Water Level IndicatorYesYes
Power1000 Watts1000 Watts
Frequency60 Hz60 Hz
Operating Voltage120V120V
Cord StorageYesYes
InterfaceIlluminated ButtonsIlluminated Buttons
Calc WarningYesYes
Dishwasher Safe PartsYesYes
Weight6 lbs7 lbs
WarrantyLimited 3 YearsLimited 3 Years
Dimensions20.07 x 20.07 x 36.07 cm20.07 x 20.07 x 36.07 cm
PriceView on AmazonView on Amazon

Braun KF7000BK vs KF7150BK – What’s the same?


Braun KF7000BK & KF7150BK are two drip coffee machines. They slowly heat the water and release it through the ground beans to brew coffee with the perfect taste. Both of these devices are very easy to use as they work on automatic functions which can help everyone to make instant coffee at home.


Another major similarity between the two coffee machines is the capacity of the water tank. Yes, both devices have built-in tanks to hold water before we start brewing. The overall capacity is 60 ounces or 12 cups. However, you can only prepare up to 1-4 cups at a time, after which you need to start the process again.


Both coffee machines come with glass carafe and stainless-steel handles to store coffee.  They are portable, quick to use, and have a sturdy build to handle years of work with ease. Also, both carafes have the same 12-cup capacity to store the maximum amount of coffee the machines can brew.

Filters & basket

Every Braun coffee maker uses the same filter combination. Gold Tone and Carbon filters remove all impurities from the water and keep your coffee taste consistent. Plus, both filters are durable, so you don’t have to change them every day before brewing your first cup of coffee.


Both coffee makers are from the same brand and therefore use the same technology. PureFlavor is a common technology used in both machines to automate, optimize and balance the temperature, brewing time, and extraction processes. This makes the coffee taste identical every time you brew it on the same machine, and all flavors are preserved regardless of other factors.

Power Usage

In terms of energy consumption, the Braun KF7000BK and KF7150BK are at the same level. They consume a maximum of 1000 watts of electricity and the auto-off function also helps you save energy on day-to-day work. You can also customize the auto-off timer between 0 and 4 hours according to your needs.


After comparing the control panels, we find that both devices use the same interface. Below the display on both coffee makers is the power button with various functions. Also, on each model, the display only shows the time to notify you of the brewing process.


Braun coffee machines come with a three-year limited warranty against defects and damage. There are specific criteria for warranty claims in the United States and Canada that you should check before purchasing a model.

Braun KF7000BK vs KF7150BK – What’s so different?

Strength Selector

Only the Braun KF7150BK has a strength selection option to match your coffee taste. When using the low option, the coffee is diluted with additional water from the coffee maker. However, if you like strong coffee, you can set the power to maximum and wait for the hot water to run through the ground beans.


Another difference between these two coffee machines is the type of display. The Braun KF7000BK coffee maker uses an LCD screen, while the Braun KF7150BK uses LED technology. This not only gives you better quality but also less energy consumption.


The two Braun coffee makers may have similar bodies, but one thing they don’t have in common is the overall weight. The Braun KF7000BK weighs less – than 6 lbs while the KF7150BK weighs up to 7 lbs. That may not be a huge difference, but people who are constantly on the move should opt for a more portable and lighter coffee maker.

Braun KF7000BK vs KF7150BK – Pros & Cons

Braun KF7000BK
Braun KF7000BK vs KF7150BK
Braun KF7150BK
Braun KF7000BK vs KF7150BK
● Quick brewing time
● Stainless steel build
● 3 years warranty
● Glass Carafe
● Long filter life
● Keeps your coffee hot
● Widely available in different colors
● Elegant design
● Good capacity
● Auto Shut-off
● No LED display
● Strength selector is missing
● Higher price
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Braun KF7000BK vs KF7150BK – Which one’s the best?

The Braun KF7000BK and KF7150BK are strong competitors in the coffee maker market. The Braun KF7150BK is generally better because it comes with a power strength selector that allows you to easily adjust the taste of your coffee. Plus, you get the large LED display, which not only consumes less energy but is also very easy to read.

General FAQs

Q. What is the brewing temperature?

They can reach 196-205°F in a few minutes.

Q. Is there a water level window?

No, indicators are used here.

Q. Are filters included?

Yes, both coffee machines come with filters.


The main differences between the Braun KF7000BK and KF7150BK coffee makers are features, display, and overall price. The Braun KF7000BK is slightly cheaper, but it doesn’t come with a brew strength selector, which is only found on the KF7150BK coffee maker.

Other features such as dual filters, programmable timer, removable basket, glass carafe and more make these two machines the best for automatic coffee brewing at home.

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