Epson L3150 vs L4150 – Which Epson Printer is Best?

Epson L3150 vs L4150 – How to Choose the Best?

Epson L3150 vs L4150

Choosing an economical and fast printer is every small business’s dream to help users print documents, photos, and other paperwork instantly. Epson Ink Tank printers are great devices with all the features and benefits to enhance the printing experience at the office or personal shop.

However, people are usually confused between Epson L3150 vs L4150 and cannot choose between the two. Don’t worry, we created this review to help you make your decision by comparing the two printers end to end. Here are the results…

Epson L3150 vs L4150 – Comparison Table:

ProductEpson EcoTank L3150
Epson L3150 vs L4150
Epson EcoTank L4150
Epson L3150 vs L4150
TypeInk TankInk Tank
SpeedColor: 15 PPM, Monochrome: 33 PPMColor: 15 PPM, Monochrome: 33 PPM
Tray Capacity100 Sheets100 Sheets
Print Resolution5760 x 14405760 x 1440
Total Cartridges44
Compatible Ink ModelT003 (Black), T003 (Cyan), T003 (Magenta), T003 (Yellow) C13T03Y100 (Black), C13T03Y200 (Cyan), C13T03Y300 (Magenta), C13T03Y400 (Yellow)
Cartridge Capacity/Page Yield (Black & White)4,500 Pages7,500 Pages
Cartridge Capacity/Page Yield (Color)7,500 Pages6,000 Pages
Drop Size3 Picoliters3 Picoliers
Photo PrintingYesYes
Google Cloud PrintingYesYes
Cartridge Free PrintingYesYes
Spill-Free Ink RefillingYesYes
Scanner TypeFlatbedFlatbed
Scanner SpeedMonochrome (200 dpi) 11 sec,
Color (200 dpi) 28 sec
Monochrome (200 dpi) 11 sec,
Color (200 dpi) 28 sec
Paper SizesA4, A5, A6, 4″x6″, 5″x7″, Envelope DL, Envelope Com 10, Envelope C6, Letter, LegalA4, A5, A6, B5, Envelope C6, Envelope DL, Envelope Com 10, Letter, 4″x6″, 5″x7″, Legal
Duplex PrintingManualManual
CertificationsCE, FCCCE, FCC
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Weight8.59 lbs / 3.9 Kg12.12 lbs / 5.5 Kg
In BoxPrinter, Power Cable, Driver CD, ManualPrinter, Power Cable, Driver CD, Manual
ConnectionsUSB Type-B, Wi-Fi, AppUSB Type-B, Wi-Fi, App
Compatible DevicesPhone, PC/Laptop, TabletsPhone, PC/Laptop, Tablets
Dimensions (cm)37.5 x 34.7 x 17.941.15 x 26.92 x 44.7
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Epson L3150 vs L4150 – What’s the same?

Design & Type

Coming from the same model the design of both Epson L3150 vs L4150 printers are the same with black colour on top and a whole side dedicated to printer cartridges. They also use the same Ink Tank printing technology to print any paper you want to document in your office and business.

Capacity & Cartridges

Both printers have the same page capacity of 100 sheets in each tray to keep multiple sheets ready to print at any time of the day. In addition, there are 4 cartridges in each device covering colours like black, cyan, magenta, yellow to print almost anything on paper with high accuracy and clarity.


Each Epson printer features a flatbed scanner that can easily scan your documents for digital copying on the go with accurate colours and lines. Unfortunately, there is no fax feature installed, as some people who use the entire printer to fax documents to the office can search for another device on the market. To compensate for this, the scanners integrated into both devices are very fast and have a long-lasting life to handle loads of work efficiently.

Duplex Options & Refill

You will have to duplex manually on both Epson printers because the device does not support automatic duplex printing. However, when the refill runs out, the printer has a leak-proof design that will help minimize ink loss and save you money in the long run.


Each of the above printers is compatible with most smart devices so you can print anytime, anywhere. You can print from your phone by installing the app available on the iOS and Android stores. Computer or laptop users can connect to the device with a data cable and print instantly with fast connection speed. Plus, other Wi-Fi-enabled devices can also connect to the printer to enjoy remote wireless printing by connecting the printer to the home network.

Epson L3150 vs L4150 – What’s so different?


On paper, the speed of both printers looks the same, printing colour copies at 15 pages per minute and black & white copies average 33 pages per minute. The change occurs when you try to print with a smartphone and the older Epson L3150 printer starts displaying some delays while the Epson L4150 does not display the stop sign and gives you more speed than the other.

Color Accuracy & Print Quality

The Epson L3150 is the older model between the two printers, and thanks to updates to Epson L4150, the printer prints with more quality every time. The colour accuracy of the Epson L4150 is also significantly improved for more realistic and clear prints that make every task easier with beautiful colours.


As a newer model, the Epson L4150 offers better Wi-Fi coverage and is easier to set up than the older version. Many people in the past had problems finding Wi-Fi or connecting to the Epson L3150, which made the upgraded model more convenient for everyone.

Cartridge Capacity

You can print a total of 7,500 pages with a single Epson L3150 cartridge, beating the 6,000 pages capacity of the Epson L4150 in colour mode. However, for black and white printing, the Epson L4150 has the largest capacity of the two devices. So, you can choose between the two Epson printers depending on the colour usage.

Epson L3150 vs L4150 – Pros & Cons

Epson EcoTank L3150
Epson L3150 vs L4150
Epson EcoTank L4150
Epson L3150 vs L4150
● Offer fast connections
● More quality and colour accurate prints
● Ideal for black & white printing
● The scanner works very well
● Paper tray holds 100 pages
● Better for colour printing
● Comes with a compact design
● You can connect with any smart device
● Cheaper in comparison
● Spill-free cartridge
● No Auto duplex setting
● More expensive
● Printing from phone decreases speed
● Quality is lower than other
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General FAQs

Q. Is the ink included with the printer?

Yes, you get ink cartridges to start right away.

Q. What is the scanner speed?

The main scanner takes 11 seconds for a black and white scan and 28 seconds for a colour scan.

Q. Can the printer print on heat transfer papers?

Yes, both printers can print on heat transfer papers, but you must use separate inks.

Q. How much does the ink cost?

Genuine ink costs 300-400 rupees on average.

Epson L3150 vs L4150 – Which one’s the best?

After comparing the Epson L3150 vs L4150, the second and newer model is the clear winner. The Epson L4150 is fast, easy to use, and takes very little time to print documents in any colour setting. The Epson L3150 was lost because during testing we found problems with Wi-Fi, print speed, and quality on the first printer making the other device better for consumers.


People who need a good printer with speed, accuracy, stability, and many connectivity options can choose the Epson L4150. The price may be higher than other models, but you get upgraded performance from the Epson L4150 so you can print efficiently in the office or online store. One case where we recommend the Epson L3150 to users is when you need to print a lot in colour pages because the printer is more cost-efficient in this setting.

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