Breville BTA730XL vs BTA830XL – How to Choose?

Breville toasters are immensely popular in the United States due to their low cost and high quality. The Breville BTA730XL and BTA830XL toasters are among the best on the market. If you come across these two toasters, this comparison will assist you in determining which one is superior. Let us take a look!

Breville BTA730XL vs BTA830XL

Breville BTA730XL vs BTA830XL – Comparison Table:

FeaturesBreville BTA730XL
Breville BTA730XL vs BTA830XL
Breville BTA830XL
Breville BTA730XL vs BTA830XL
Color OptionsBrushed Stainless SteelBrushed Aluminum
Build MaterialBrushed Stainless SteelDie-Cast Aluminum
Variable Speed ControlYesYes
LED IndicatorsYesYes
1 Touch LoweringNoYes
Removable Crumb TrayYesYes
Total Settings55
FunctionsA Bit More, Lift & Look, Bagel, and FrozenA Bit More, Lift & Look, Bagel, and Defrost
Wattage1800 Watts1600 Watts
Voltage120 Volts (60 Hz)120 Volts (60 Hz)
Capacity4 Slice4 Slice
Weight5.5 Pounds8.25 Pounds
Dimensions8.1 W x 16.1 D x 7.6 H (Inches)7.7 W x 14.9 D x 7.5 H (Inches)
Warranty1 Year1 Year
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Breville BTA730XL vs BTA830XL – Similarities

Crumb Tray

The Breville BTA730XL and BTA830XL toaster come with a crumb tray that has sliding features, which means you can slide out the crumb tray and clean it easily without any hassle.

Cooking Settings

There is no difference in terms of cooking settings between the Breville BTA730XL and BTA830XL toaster. Both the toasters come with a total of 5 settings for precise toasting of bread, bagels, and other food items of your choice.

Slice Capacity

The Breville BTA730XL is no different from BTA830XL in terms of slice capacity. Both come with a slicing capacity of 4, which means you can toast 4 slices of bread or bagels in one go.

While most of the standard toaster only comes with 2 slice capacity, Breville offers you 4 slice capacity for the same price.

Control Panel / Display

There is no display in the Breville BTA730XL or BTA830XL toaster. This is due to the fact that both of these are affordable toasters and do not come with any high-end features like an LED panel.

However, there is a premium control panel that is easy to use in both of these Breville toasters. You can choose from different cooking options by pressing the button. Further, you can cancel the cooking cycle by pressing the Cancel button.

There is also a selector which lets you toast your bagels at optimum speed. There are 5 different variable speed settings to choose from.

LED Indicators

Both the Breville toasters come with LED indicators. There is a toasting progress indicator that lets you identify when is the time to take out your bagels or bread from the machine.


You get one year of warranty from Breville on both the Breville toaster against any manufacturing defect or malfunction. If you find out any, you can request for replacement from Breville.

Breville BTA730XL vs BTA830XL – Differences

Colors Options

There is a little difference in terms of color options. The Breville BTA830XL comes in a Brushed Aluminum finish, whereas the BTA730XL comes in a brushed stainless-steel finish.

Depending upon your specific choice, you can choose between the two toasters. Apart from one single color, there are no other options available.

Power Output

In terms of the power output, there is a slight difference between the Breville BTA730XL and BTA830XL toaster. The Breville BTA730XL comes with 1800 watts of power output.

In comparison, the Breville BTA830XL comes with a power output of 1600 watts. You cannot tell the difference in output in a practical toasting process. However, there is a minor difference.

Both the Breville toaster operates on the same frequency and voltage supply. The Breville BTA730XL and BTA830XL operate on 120 voltage supply at 60-hertz frequency.

Housing Material

The housing material of Breville BTA730XL and BTA830XL is slightly different. The Breville BTA730XL is made up of stainless steel, while the BTA830XL is made up of high-grade aluminum.

Breville BTA730XL vs BTA830XL – Pros and Cons

Breville BTA730XL
Breville BTA730XL vs BTA830XL
Breville BTA830XL
Breville BTA730XL vs BTA830XL
● Slightly higher power output
● Lightweight and portable
● 5 Cooking settings
● Stainless steel build
● More power efficient
● Extra-long slice capacity
● Variable speed control
● 1-Year warranty
● High energy consumption
● Heavyweight design
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Breville BTA730XL vs BTA830XL – Which One is Better?

The Breville BTA730XL is a better option as it comes with better features. Moreover, it is much more affordable in comparison to the Breville BTA830XL toaster. The Breville BTA730XL toaster comes with better power output, and it is also light in weight which makes it easy to lift and change the position in the kitchen.

Moreover, it is made up of stainless steel material which lets it last for years.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Know When it’s time to replace my toaster?

First of all, ensure that the toaster is toasting bread properly. Make sure it is toasting the bread evenly on both sides. Also, check there are no signs of wear and tear. This will help you decide whether it’s time to replace your toaster or not.

Are Breville Toasters Reliable?

Yes, Breville toasters are one of the best in the industry. Breville produces long-lasting and highly reliable toaster that lasts for years without any issues.

Can You Put Aluminum Foil in Breville Toaster?

No, you should not cover the Breville toaster with any aluminum foil, as it can cause overheating problems and may damage the toaster.


In short, both the Breville toaster are excellent choices to have in your modern kitchen as both of these toasters offer excellent specifications for a reasonable price. We recommended you to chose the BTA730XL model as it comes with excellent features at a lower price than the BTA830XL model.

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