LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM135 – Which Foot Massager is Best?

LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM135 – How to Choose?

LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM135

If you get tired of working all day on your feet, then you need to get a Foot Massager yourself. There are numerous varieties of foot massagers available on the market, but the LifeLong LLM99 and LifeLong LLM135 are two of the most popular, with comparable costs and features.

So below, we have compared the LifeLong LLM99 and LLM135 to help you find out which one is the best for you.

LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM135 – Comparison Table:

ProductLifeLong LLM99
LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM135
LifeLong LLM135
LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM135
Power80 Watts80 Watts
ColorDark BrownBrown
Build MaterialRubberPlastic
Voltage220 to 240 Volts220 to 240 Volts
Modes of OperationManual and AutomaticManual and Automatic
Adjustable Seating PositionYesYes
Timer15 Minutes15 Minutes
Warranty1 Year1 Year
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LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM135 – Similarities


One of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a foot massager is its power. If you get a foot massager with sufficient power, you will receive an effective massage.

Both the LifeLong LLM99 and LLM135 foot massagers have a reasonable power output of 80 watts. Both foot massagers are powerful enough to massage your tired legs.

Color Options

When it comes to the color options, then the LifeLong LLM99 and LLM135 offer only one single color option. You will get a Dark Brown color option with the LifeLong LLM99. On the other side, you will get a Brown color option in the LLM135. Both of the foot massagers look very similar in color and pattern.


The LifeLong LLM99 and LLM135 foot massagers are highly comparable in terms of features, and the same goes when it comes to the display. Both massagers come with an LED display.

You will be able to check different activities on display. However, the display will show you the speed and the mode only in digital form.


The LifeLong foot massagers’ biggest feature is their motors. The LifeLong LLM99 and LLM135 both have four motors. Each foot massager comes with two motors. This may not be the case with other regular foot massagers, as they typically only have two motors.

For each foot, you will get 2 motors to massage your feet so that you can get the best massaging experience.

Massage Modes

Apart from the motors, both the LifeLong foot massagers have multiple massaging modes which you can use to massage different areas of your legs.

For instance, both the LifeLong foot massagers have kneading, vibration, and rolling massage. Using different massage modes, you can get extreme relaxation and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

On top of that, both of the LifeLong foot massagers can be operated in two modes. The first mode is manual, and the second mode is automatic. In automatic mode, the message will massage your feet automatically.

But in the manual mode, you will be able to change and customize different settings according to you for the best massage experience.

Adjustment Options

Both the LifeLong foot massagers have few adjustment options. You will only be able to make minimal adjustments.

You will, for example, be able to change the seating posture, the timer, and other basic features. However, you will not be able to change the speed of the massage. As a result, this is a disadvantage of these two massagers.


When it comes to the timer, then there is a feature called Auto-Shutoff timer. This will automatically shut off the machine after 15 minutes of use. If you want, you can disable this feature as per your need.


You will get a one-year warranty with both of the LifeLong foot massagers. If you face any technical issues or faults in the machine, you can contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM135 – Differences

There are not many differences between the LifeLong LLM99 and LLM135 foot massagers. You will find only 2 basic differences in the LifeLong LLM99 and LLM135 foot massage, based on which you have to make your decision.

Build Quality

The first major difference between the LifeLong LLM99 and LLM135 is their build quality. While both of them have a similar quality, the place where you will place your feet have different types of material used in them.

The LIfeLong LLM99 comes with a rubber material which is better for massage. On the other side, the LifeLong LLM135 comes with soft plastic, which is not as good as LLM99.


While the LifeLong LLM99 and LLM135 have all the basic massaging modes like kneading, rolling, and vibration, there is one mode that is missing in the LifeLong LLM135, which is the heating mode.

The heating mode provides amazing relief to the calves, so it should be available in the LifeLong LLM1135, which is a major downside of this foot massager.

LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM135 – Pros and Cons

LifeLong LLM99
LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM135
LifeLong LLM135
LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM135
● Easy to use
● Rubberized material
● Regulated movement
● Ideal for pain relief
● Tilt option is available
● Long power cord
● Classy and stylish design
● A must have for elders
● Vibration strength is average
● Not ideal for thin legs
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LifeLong LLM99 vs LLM135 – Which is Better?

In our opinion, the LifeLong LLM99 foot massager is a better choice. This is due to the rubberized material used in the LifeLong LLM99 foot massager, which is far more comfortable than the soft plastic used in the LLM135.

Furthermore, the LifeLong LLM99 has a heating option that the LLM135 does not, which is another disadvantage of the LLM135. Thus, the LifeLong LLM99 is a superior option.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you adjust the heating in LifeLong LLM99?

No, you cannot adjust the heating in LifeLong LLM99.

Can you use these foot massagers while lying in bed?

Well, it depends from person to person. If you are comforting to use them while lying in bed, then there is no issue.

Do you get a free demo with LifeLong LLM99 or LLM135?

No, a free demo is not provided by the brand.


LifeLong is a well-known and well-recognized brand in the foot massager industry. When it comes to choosing the best, the LifeLong LLM99 is a significantly superior alternative in terms of features and usefulness. With the LifeLong LLM99, you get a heating mode as well as a rubberized material that feels more comfortable.

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